How to make money on Photoshop: the best ways, convenient options, freelance

Every year, free employment is becoming more popular. For some people, freelance is just a side job, while for others it serves as the main source of income. You can earn a lot - this is writing articles, watching ads, completing tasks of various difficulty levels, however, the most popular are digital photo processing services and the creation of various advertising products through specialized software. The most popular software is Photoshop. It has a large number of tools and good functionality that opens up almost limitless possibilities for users. Let's try to figure out whether it is possible to make money on Photoshop and what ways to monetize your skills with it exist. We will analyze in detail the main aspects of this type of business so that you can derive maximum profit from it.

A few words about the graphics editor

how to make money on photoshop

Before you figure out how to make money on Photoshop, let's first say a few words about the program itself. Its main purpose is to create and edit bitmap images, however, thanks to a wide range of tools, the software allows you to perform many tasks. The vast majority of users use Photoshop to edit photos and improve the quality of their images, but with it you can also combine different pictures, overlay the background and various effects, create three-dimensional pictures and much more. In short, this program allows you to professionally engage in graphics. At the same time, the demand for designer services does not decrease from year to year, therefore this niche has always been very attractive for those who want to earn extra money.

The main ways to profit

Let's look at them in more detail. So, you have mastered the graphic editor well, you can draw beautifully and have great creative potential, but how to make money on Photoshop on the Web? In fact, there are a huge number of ways, the most common of which are the following:

  • development of company logos;
  • creation of advertising layouts;
  • Photo processing;
  • participation in competitions of young designers;
  • restoration of old images;
  • texture creation;
  • training in working with a graphic editor;
  • development of additions to Photoshop;
  • creation of copyright works for resale.

Each method has certain advantages and disadvantages, so if you are interested in how to make money on Photoshop, you should definitely consider them. So that you can choose the most suitable area of ​​activity for yourself, then we will describe in detail each of the options for earning.

Logo design

how much can you earn on photoshop

So what do you need to know about this? How to make money on Photoshop on the Internet? Experts recommend creating logo for business and trademarks. This is due to the fact that the cost of such work is quite high, as well as the demand for the service, and the time it takes to complete such tasks is relatively small. At the same time, every year more and more popular graphics in the style of minimalism. Therefore, you do not have to spend a lot of time coming up with something bright and original. To date, the average cost of such a service is estimated at 10,000 rubles, which, you see, is very good.

However, if you want to make stable and good money, you can’t do without self-education. You will have to study specialized literature devoted not only to working with a graphic editor, but also to the development of logos. Also, to attract new customers, it is recommended to create your own portfolio so that they can familiarize themselves with your work. If you can prove your skills, then your business will flourish.

Creation of advertising layouts

how to make money on Photoshop knowledge

How can I earn a lot of money on Photoshop? Advertising is a gold mine that provides simply endless possibilities. In our country, business is constantly evolving, firms produce new products and offer services that need to be positioned in the market for them to be sold. If you are good at Photoshop and have a developed imagination, then a great option for making money is to develop advertising layouts and other products. At the same time, you can work both through the Internet and offline. In the first case, you develop advertising banners for websites, and in the second - colorful booklets, vibrant signs, flyers, business cards, billboards, layouts and much more.

How much can you earn on Photoshop by developing promotional products? It all depends entirely on your skills. The time spent on work is also up to you. On average, it takes up to 5 hours to create an original layout. The cost for such work starts from 6500 rubles. Therefore, you should not stop there, but you need to constantly improve and learn something new.

Photo editing

Many novice photo editors are wondering how to make money with Photoshop. The answer is quite obvious - editing digital photos. This program was originally developed for these purposes. When it was created, the needs of professional photographers were taken into account, so this software remains one of the most powerful ones on the market.

Nowadays, there are a huge number of photo studios in which there are qualified photographers, but they lack a competent staff that can bring photos to perfection. Therefore, if you are one, then almost all roads are open to you.

Participation in events for young designers with cash rewards

If you definitely have creative talent and you work well with a graphic editor, but after a long search you still could not find where to make money on Photoshop, then you can try yourself in various competitions. Yes, you will not have a stable income, but this option is quite good as a side job. As a rule, the prize pool is small - it starts from 500 rubles. But it’s worth mentioning right away that you should not count on an easy victory, since in addition to you, a huge number of other designers will take part in the competitions. Therefore, when creating your own work of authorship, you will have to give everything 100%.

In addition to this, in addition to money, you can win various useful literature, the cost of which can reach very substantial amounts, a video course or other useful things. Such contests have another big plus. You can hone your own skills and gain good experience. Potential customers who will offer you promising and highly profitable work may also like the tasks you completed.

Restoration of old images

can i make photoshop

How can I make money on Photoshop? Another way is to restore shabby, faded photos. Compared to conventional editing, this process is more complex and time-consuming, but your reward will be much higher. In addition, this type of activity is also attractive because it does not require in-depth knowledge of a graphic editor, so it is perfect for beginner designers who are still at the training stage.

Many people would like to bring old pictures back to life, and with them the memory of the happy moments of their lives and dear people, and you can help them with this for a fee. This kind of work is not too complicated, but it requires a certain amount of time, so be prepared for fruitful work.

Texture Creation

Answering the question of how to make money on Photoshop for the development of drawings, it is immediately worth noting that this type of activity is one of the most difficult in graphic design. It requires a well-developed imagination and imagination, as well as solid experience working with Photoshop and knowledge of all its functions and tools, but it is also considered one of the highest paid. If you do your job efficiently, you will be able to independently set prices for services, and you will be willingly paid.

The main drawback of texture development is the high level of competition. A lot of designers work in this niche today, so in order to have a constant income, you need to monitor the quality of the work being created. Only keeping it at a high level will you be able to form a permanent customer base that will generate stable income.

Photoshop Add-ons Development

It has already been described above how to make money on Photoshop, but there is one more method that cannot be ignored. If you know how to work well with a graphical editor, and also have knowledge in the field of programming, you can get a good profit from the sale of various useful applications for Photoshop. For example, brushes, actions, styles, gradients and plugins that expand the basic functionality of the program are very popular in the market. By developing them, you can get very good profits. On average, one add-on designed for beginning designers sells for $ 10-20, while the cost of professional-level products can reach several hundred dollars.

Graphic Editor Training

where to make money on photoshop

Many people think about how to make money on the knowledge of "Photoshop". The answer is very simple - to conduct lessons and master classes for beginners. Tutoring and teaching various disciplines has always been a very popular activity, so if you can teach something, then why not make money on it?

You can profit from your own knowledge in different ways. For example, some designers launch their own website, which hosts and sells video tutorials. As a rule, they are combined in several categories, designed for users with different levels of training. Others open a forum where they share experiences and give advice, and the profit comes from advertising. However, these options are too time-consuming, because you must constantly monitor the information resource, publish new entries and shoot videos. In addition, the income level directly depends on the popularity and traffic of the site, so you have to work hard on search engine optimization and its promotion on the Web.

If you don’t have enough experience or don’t know how to make money on Photoshop via the Internet, then tutoring will be the best option for you. Most specialists in any field choose his name. It is not necessary to teach at home. You can conduct online training via Skype.

Development and sale of copyright works

how to make money on photoshop on the Internet

None of the above ways to make money using the graphics editor "Photoshop" does not give a 100% guarantee that you will always have orders. Therefore, to ensure a stable income for yourself, you can create your own works, which will then be laid out on specialized online sites for sale. At the same time, anything can be used as a product: design for websites, 3D images, processed photos, collages and so on. The main thing is to determine the area that works best for you and work in it.

Legal formalities

This aspect should be given special significance. It's no secret that any type of activity that brings a person income requires registration with the tax office. As for the provision of design services, it will be enough for you to issue an IP. This will require the following documents:

  • passport;
  • statement of established form;
  • receipt of payment of state fees.

When registering a business, you will need to indicate 10, 11, 20 or 91 OKVED. Each of them allows the manufacture of advertising and the provision of services related to it. As for the tax system, the best option would be the simplified tax system, which involves the payment of 6 percent of net profit. You do not need to obtain any permits, since the use of Photoshop for commercial purposes is not subject to licensing.

A few words need to be said about the equipment. To use all the features of a graphical editor and develop complex design projects, you will need a powerful computer with a powerful graphics card. This is where the financial investments in starting a business end.


how to make money on photoshop

This article gave a detailed answer to the question of whether it is possible to make money on Photoshop, and also lists the most common and effective ways. To increase your potential profit, you should not concentrate on one thing. You must provide a comprehensive range of services. In this case, you will constantly have orders and you will be able to live solely through your activities.


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