Raspberry manicure: ideas

An absolutely normal desire for any girl or woman is an impeccable appearance. However, making your image perfect is not so easy, because you should immediately take into account all the nuances. One of these points is the right manicure. Especially when it comes to bright and saturated colors.


Raspberry color is one of the brightest. Therefore, it immediately catches the eye. A girl who decides to make a crimson manicure should understand that he will not fit all clothes and will not be appropriate in all establishments. Therefore, you will need to carefully think through the image.

raspberry manicure
Raspberry manicure, the photo of which is presented in the article, is best done for any holidays and celebrations. At the same time, this tone should also be present in clothes, so that the image is harmonious. If several colors are combined in a manicure at once, then one should also be more careful. The raspberry shade looks best with white, yellow or black.

Combined manicure raspberry

First of all, a girl who is going to paint her nails should be cared for a little.

  • First, you need to remove the old coat of varnish, if any.
  • Secondly, align the length of the nail plates.
  • Third, remove the cuticle.

The last action requires more attention. Indeed, to remove keratinized skin areas, skill is needed. To make the skin more supple, it is recommended to make a hot bath for the hands. Then you can proceed with the removal. For those who are not the first time involved in this procedure, you can use manicure tweezers. Girls who are just starting to master a manicure business, it is better not to risk it. Simply slide the skin to the bottom edge of the nail. You need to do this with a special stick with blunt ends.

When all preparations are completed, you can proceed to the manicure itself. In addition to ordinary varnish, it is recommended to apply two layers of a colorless product on the plates. The first is applied to clean nails, it nourishes, strengthens and evens out the plates. The second time the nail polish is needed at the very end to fix the finished nail art.

raspberry manicure photo
To make a combined raspberry manicure, you will need:

  • yellow and raspberry varnish;
  • semicircular stencils;
  • white and red rhinestones.

Three nails on each hand, namely large, index and medium, are painted in raspberry color. Nails of ring fingers are painted with yellow varnish. When the layer dries, you can begin to manicure on the little fingers. On these fingers it is necessary to make a lunar french. That is, paint the bottom line of the smile in one color, and the rest in another.

Choosing a color for a smile, you should cover them with nails on the little fingers. When the layer has dried, the bottom edge should be covered with a stencil. After you need to paint your nails with another varnish. Carefully removing the stencils, you must wait until it dries completely.
Now you can proceed to decorating nails on the ring fingers. Taking white rhinestones, you need to lay out a figure in the form of a drop. You need to start from the bottom and focus on the center. In height it will be enough to lay out four decorative pebbles. Having finished with them, you should take one elongated red rhinestone on each nail, and place them in the center of the nail plate. Thus, an unusual raspberry manicure is obtained.

Bright French for those who do not like pastel colors

To make a french, you will need to cook:

  • black and raspberry varnish;
  • stencils for french manicure.

crimson manicure
There is nothing complicated in creating a jacket. The main thing here is to wait for each layer to dry completely. Initially, the nails should be coated with raspberry varnish. Then they need to stick stencils so that only the tips of the nails remain free. After that, black varnish is applied . Then the stencils are carefully removed.
Such a raspberry manicure looks very impressive, and black color dilutes the saturated shade, holding it back a little.

Manicure "Raspberry"

A very original idea for nail art is the image of raspberries. To create it, you will need:

  • white, raspberry and green varnish;
  • dots;
  • thin brush for manicure.

White varnish will serve as the basis. Therefore, at first the nails are covered with it. When the layer dries, you can begin to create berries. Having dipped the dots in raspberry varnish, you need to put several points in a row on the bottom of the plate. Then, in the following, there should be one less point. Thus, in the end you get real raspberries. When the drawing has dried, you need to take a brush and, dipping it in green varnish, paint one or two leaves on the berry. "Raspberry" can be decorated as one (better nameless), and all nails.

Pattern manicure

Even the most unusual patterns can be easily repeated if you know the technology of their application. To create an original manicure with a pattern, you will need:

  • raspberry and golden varnish;
  • thin brush for manicure.

raspberry manicure
First, the nails are covered with an even layer of raspberry varnish, which in this case acts as a base. When the layer dries, you can start drawing a pattern. It can be absolutely anything, depending on the skills and preferences of the girl herself. The simplest is the combination of several wavy lines into one curl. To make the pattern look more complex, you can add several peas to it, applied with the help of a dot or a simple toothpick.

Little conclusion

Now you know how to make a manicure in raspberry tones.

raspberry colored manicure
The color itself makes you start to fantasize and experiment in creating nail art. The main thing is not to be afraid to try. Then the raspberry manicure will turn out to be stylish and unique.

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