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Forms of business communication are quite diverse in modern public life. Both business entities and commercial relations enter into business entities of certain forms of ownership, as well as ordinary citizens.

Business Communication: Discussion Topics

forms of business communication

Modern social and economic conditions have prompted the organizational and commercial activities of citizens. This fact highlights the need for training in various linguistic forms of business speech. In this case, we are talking about the need to increase the competence of persons in linguistics.

Competence in this area of ​​communication is directly related to success or failure in any business (for example, science, production, art or trade). As for people who work in the field of management (managers, entrepreneurs, production organizers), the forms of business communication for such professionals are an important component of their professionalism.

Thus, business communication is the most widespread form of social communication. It is represented by the sphere of administrative-legal, commercial, diplomatic and economic-legal relations.

The ability to successfully conduct business negotiations, the competent preparation of the text of the document, the ability to conduct workflow are important components of the professionalism of a person who has to make decisions.

Thus, low-level speech culture is closely related to the level of effectiveness of negotiations and meetings. In this regard, often the paralysis of laws drawn up in this way does not contribute to their implementation.

The specifics of business communication

Entrepreneurial Americans position business as the ability to talk with partners.

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At the same time, partners can be both various business entities and ordinary people. The language of business communication is a fairly effective tool for the interaction of social regulation and the interaction of economic interests. Often people can enter into business relations for legal registration of a certain interaction in any field of activity. The ideal result of such legal registration and interaction is partnerships, which are built on the basis of mutual trust and respect.

Another specific feature of this concept is its regulation. In other words, submission to certain rules and restrictions.

Types and forms of business communication

These rules are determined by certain types of business communication and their forms, as well as the degree of formality, tasks and goals facing the interacting entities. In this case, the interaction of such concepts as “speech culture” and “business communication” is of no small importance. In this case, we can talk about traditions and social norms of behavior that are recorded and formalized as a protocol and exist in the form of norms of social behavior, etiquette and restrictions in the time frame of communication.

The main types of business relations

culture of speech and business communication

The following forms of business communication are known:

- in the form of speech - written and oral;

- based on the direction of speech between the listener and the speaker - monological and dialogical;

- depending on the number of participants - public and interpersonal;

- from the point of view of the presence or absence of the apparatus - direct and indirect;

- based on the position of the interlocutors - contact and remote.

These forms of business communication contribute to the formation of the characteristic features of business speech.

The main types of business speech

The most common are two such forms as written and oral business speech.

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Such forms of business communication are systemically different varieties of the Russian language. If written business speech is an official style of communication, then the oral form is a hybrid style education.

The language of business communication in a dialogical and monological form has some differences. So, if monologue business speech can be attributed to book speech, then the dialogical form of speech is spoken, which is reflected in the syntactic features of speech. The latter type of business speech refers to interpersonal communication, and the first to public speech.

Remote (sending by mail or fax, as well as a telephone conversation) is an indirect communication. Its main difference from contact is the presence of increased attention to the intonation of the interlocutors during oral communication. Also characteristic features of this type of communication are brevity and regulation, the inability to use various gestures as a carrier of information.

Business Communication Tools

The culture of speech and business communication quite successfully uses the genre varieties of oral and written communication. In this case, a written type of speech is represented by business letters and other documents that fix social and legal relations (contracts, agreements, agreements and other related documents). Oral speech, through which the norms of business communication are implemented, is represented by meetings, business negotiations and consultations. And meetings and conferences are a special type of protocol communication, where monologues predominate, in which there is no written nature. Also monologue business speech can exist simultaneously in oral and written forms.

Business areas

business communication standards

The scope of modern business communication is expanding significantly. So, its constituent parts are: advertising and socializing. Moreover, the success of any business entity depends on the ability to present their positions in a favorable light with the creation of the interest of any partner, which will contribute to the formation of a favorable impression.

Thus, in addition to the usual monologue speech, prepared and unreadable speech in the form of presentations, opening remarks at official meetings is quite active in business communication. Label texts and congratulatory letters can also be included here.


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