Why do I need recycling of electronics and household appliances?

In the modern world, the concept of “electronic garbage” is becoming relevant and increasingly popular. This term is applied to a broken or outdated technology, which often ends up in a landfill.

The problem of recycling electronics is quite acute for residents of large cities, and especially megacities. According to statistics, for every European on average there are about ten kilograms of this kind of garbage, which has a very negative impact on the environment and the natural balance in general. For this reason, this article will discuss the need for recycling consumer electronics and all the rules you need to know in order to rid yourself of old appliances.

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Where to start and what to do?

It is important to understand that everything from batteries to large household appliances like a refrigerator gets under electronic garbage. If for representatives of large companies and industries the process of recycling electronics is almost completely automated: after the end of the service life, all the equipment is sent to the places intended for it, then for the ordinary citizen it remains a mystery how to get rid of unnecessary things. Therefore, often household appliances end their lives in a landfill. The obvious question is, where to hand over the electronics for recycling?


Note that in the 21st century, many stores, including the adoption of old appliances, are even ready to make a discount on a new one. Many other companies and popular brands also accept old electronics for recycling, and you can even get a small reward for that.

Explore all the companies providing these services and choose the one that suits you. In any case, if you are not indifferent to the environment, then do not carry the old computer in the nearest trash. After all, we all live on one planet, which is our common home. The process of recycling electronics is technically complicated, as it requires the extraction of all potentially harmful and dangerous substances from devices, especially heavy metals, which poison the soil and have a detrimental effect on the lives of its inhabitants.

However, it is important to consider that many materials, after proper processing, can be reused in production. By giving away unnecessary household appliances for recycling, you save the lives of many animals and plants.

Electronics Disposal Act

If the equipment that you are going to throw in the trash contains heavy metals or salts belonging to the category of hazardous waste, then you violate the laws of the Russian Federation.

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It is important to note here that any equipment contains similar substances harmful to the environment, therefore, rejecting the electronics recycling program means not only an unclean conscience for you, but also administrative, and in some cases even criminal liability.

In order not to get into trouble, check with the manufacturer where it is better to turn for processing. Many global companies independently dispose of their goods, making life easier for other companies that are concerned about environmental pollution.

What happens with hazardous waste?

When it comes to modern technology, including computers, in the course of their processing it has become possible to distinguish especially valuable metals. Among them are gold, silver and platinum. The same materials can be reused to create new equipment, while forming a closed cycle with a minimum amount of waste from production. Your devices can get a new life, but only on condition that you have time and desire for this.

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We hope you find this article useful, and you are happy to read it to the end. Remember that the safe disposal of equipment without harm to our planet is the direct responsibility of every respectable citizen.

We can make our planet cleaner, and society is much better if all together we make certain efforts. Otherwise, in a few decades, we will drown in landfills that have already invaded planet Earth everywhere. One small step for you means a huge leap for all of humanity.

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