"The Enchanted Wanderer" - a three-deck, cruise ship

“The Enchanted Wanderer” is a motor ship that is far from young. It was built in 1956 in Germany at the Wismar shipyard. Such motor ships are designed for river cruises and work on passenger lines. In the old days he wore such

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names like “Taras Shevchenko”, “Andrey Vyshinsky”, “Sergey Kuchkin”. The ship is assigned to Nizhny Novgorod, but belongs to Kazan Shipping Company LLC. It is leased from LLC “Fairway”. And the tour operator involved in cruises of the ship is Latti LLC, St. Petersburg. In 2002, the ship underwent a complete modernization, at the moment it is equipped with all necessary modern navigation equipment. And in 2011, a complete reconstruction and regulation of all watercraft was made.

Today the Enchanted Wanderer is a reliable and safe ship. On board he can take up to 197 people. Three-deck vessel, mainly used for river cruises. "The Enchanted Wanderer" - a motor ship having rather large

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dimensions. Its length is almost 100 meters, its width is 14. It can reach speeds of more than 23 kilometers per hour. Tourists during a river cruise can use single and double cabins with amenities or luxury rooms. The total number of rooms for guests on the ship is 95. On board the ship there is a huge selection of establishments, many fun and events are offered that can provide travelers with a good rest. There are several bars, two restaurants, a dance floor, a music salon, animation, a reading room, a souvenir shop, a cinema hall and a video library. Each vacationer will be able to find a suitable way of spending time for him.

With financial capabilities and desire, you can rent the “Enchanted Wanderer” motor ship on an individual tour. Navigation 2013 near the ship was mainly

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on the route Moscow - St. Petersburg - Moscow. This route is a visiting card for foreign tourists coming to Russia for the first time, and therefore is very popular. So do not be surprised if you will speak mostly non-Russian on your deck in neighboring cabins. “The Enchanted Wanderer” is a motor ship that attracts foreign and Russian tourists with affordable prices, while ensuring a fairly high quality river cruise. Surprisingly, high prices for vouchers can even be for motor ships that are lower than the “Enchanted Wanderer”. The cost of the cruise will be even cheaper if you are not traveling for the first time. The tour operator offers a well-designed and cost-effective system of discounts for tourists on each subsequent trip.

Want to make an unusual trip? Choose the ship "Enchanted Wanderer". The motor ship runs every two weeks. But the routes can change, for example, the ship quite often runs from Nizhny Novgorod to Uglich via Moscow. Can go on a tour to Valaam or to Kizhi. The cruise on the ship “Enchanted Wanderer” can be ordered by contacting the tour operator directly.

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