How to build drip irrigation from a plastic bottle yourself?

Each owner of a summer residence tries to make his own plot not only beautiful, but also functional. If you want to organize a garden or a garden near the house, then all plants will require additional hydration. Drop watering from a plastic bottle is the way out of this situation, and it is quite simple to make it.

drip irrigation from a plastic bottle
The advantage of the presented system is the simplicity of manufacture, installation and low cost. A significant flaw can be called that it is quite difficult to automate the design, so the bottles will have to be filled manually. If you bring hoses to each plastic element, you will have to somehow connect them into one design. Moreover, you still have to turn the water on and off from time to time.

Drop watering from a plastic bottle can be surface or underground. The second option is characterized by the fact that holes are scrolled in the side walls and the cover of the element, and the container is buried near the root of the plant. However, in this case, it is necessary to take into account the type of soil. For example, clay earth can clog holes very quickly. To organize an irrigation system, a sufficiently large container, designed for 3-5 liters of liquid, should be used.

how to make drip irrigation

Further, the soil drip irrigation from a plastic bottle is done as follows: the bottom is cut off at the container, which is not necessary to throw it away - it will protect the water from rapid evaporation. The rest of the bottle is corked down. In this case, it is necessary to make several holes in it. Bury the bottle carefully so as not to damage the roots of the plants. It is better to install the container during transplanting. In order for the lid to not clog underground, a bottle should be wrapped in a nylon stocking. Since water is consumed rather slowly in such a system, it is possible to fill the tank once every few days. Bury it at a slight angle (45 degrees).

Surface drip irrigation from a plastic bottle is built much faster and easier. To organize it, you will need a support to which you can attach a container above the plant. The bottle should be hung with its neck down, and holes should be made in the cork or periodically unscrewed a little.

do drip irrigation do it yourself
The advantage of such a system is that the water can warm up.

It is not difficult to make drop watering with your own hands . In order for all beds to be supplied with water, you can build a simple structure with crossbars on which slingshots are installed. So that the soil in places of irrigation is not washed out, it is necessary to lay a small piece of oilcloth slightly sprinkled with soil under the places where the drops fall. This design is ideal for plants such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers.

Thanks to this construction, you can not only create the most comfortable conditions for the growth of vegetables, but also save money on the construction of a professional irrigation system. Moreover, you can easily use the improvised means that are at each cottage. That's the whole answer to the question: "How to make drip irrigation?"


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