DIY console: step-by-step instructions with a description and photos, necessary materials, design

Making furniture with your own hands is considered a creative and interesting process. Everyone can create stylish and budget products. The master has the right to independently choose an interesting design for furniture, equipping it with interesting details and high-quality fittings. The easiest way to do it yourself is a console that fits perfectly into the living room interior.

Variety of models

Narrow Room Product

If there is an old table that has lost its former appearance, then it can be used as the main raw material. This option attracts many masters because it requires a minimum of tools and financial investments:

  • Sections of beautiful fabric 130 cm wide.
  • Rectangular table (IKEA or ISALA is ideal).
  • Screwdriver, pencil, jigsaw, aerosol glue, sandpaper, sharp scissors, one metal corner, two self-tapping screws.

The prepared table must be cut lengthwise into two even parts. All edges should be cleaned with sandpaper. If a table with removable legs, then you need to securely fix two of them. On the back of the console you need to fix the corner (in the center). The edges of the table are pasted over with ordinary masking tape to prevent glue from entering. A piece of tissue prepared in advance is sprayed with the agent in an aerosol. There should be no bubbles on the surface. Excess fabric on the sides of the countertops is cut with scissors. After the glue dries, you can carefully remove the adhesive tape. The free part of the metal corner is screwed to the wall as firmly as possible so that there are no gaps.

A sophisticated console for a classic interior

The use of cinder block

From this material you can make a console with an original design with your own hands. To work, you need a minimum of materials: two durable wooden boards and four cinder blocks. This option is quite simple, since it takes only 30 minutes of free time to make it. On two sides they put on a cinder block, on top lay lacquered boards. Then the actions are repeated again. You can put your favorite books on the middle board, but on the top shelf it is better to put frames with photos, candles and flower pots.

Cinder block console

Aristocratic model

This option is in greatest demand. Using a minimum of materials, you can make a console with your own hands, which will become an adornment not only for the living room, but also for the room of a young fashionista. The wizard will need:

  • Paint roller and brush.
  • Old console or chest of drawers.
  • Plain gift paper with an interesting pattern.
  • White paint.
  • Sandpaper.
  • Wallpaper glue.
  • Scissors.

It is necessary to polish the surface of the chest of drawers and remove all the accessories. The product is cleaned from dust. On all surfaces you need to apply two layers of paint. From gift paper, it is necessary to cut a workpiece to the size of the countertop with a small margin. The product is glued to the chest of drawers. All air bubbles must be removed by running a rag from the center to the edges. Excess paper should be cut off and the outline highlighted with white paint. It remains only to fasten the fittings and the product is ready.

Sophisticated console

Compact and sophisticated

From improvised materials, you can make a console with your own hands, which will look harmoniously in any interior. For work, you will need an old dining table, two bars and paint on wood. All actions correspond to the standard scheme, but some differences are present:

  • It is necessary to shorten the legs quite a bit, since the bedside console is low.
  • Cutting the table should not be carried out along, but across.
  • Those products that are painted in a bright, plain color look more aesthetically pleasing.
  • The console is attached to the wall not with corners, but with a pair of wooden bars. They are fastened together in advance and screwed to the wall. From above, the prepared bedside table is simply β€œput on” on the bars.
Simplified model

Transformation of old boxes

Long cracked and shabby dressers are considered an excellent material from which you can make stylish home furniture. For a good example, you should study the numerous photo consoles. With your own hands you can build unique products from standard wooden boxes. For the manufacture of furniture you will need:

  • Boards for the frame.
  • Two boxes of plywood.
  • Wood screws.
  • Primer.
  • Screwdriver and drill.
  • Strong board.
  • Paint.
  • The circular.
  • Glue on wood.
  • Furniture Clips.

First of all, the master needs to polish the boxes and cover them with paint. Using a circular it is necessary to make the necessary parts and frame. The blanks are fastened with screws and glue. All irregularities are carefully filled with putty. After complete drying, the product is coated with a primer and paint. Crates are placed on top of the frame and fixed with glue, self-tapping screws.

The original model from the old chest of drawers

The offer of Sarah Dorsey

You can make such a console table with your own hands in just a few hours. The technology is in great demand in different parts of the world, since both sawn parts can be used at once. One blank can be used as a stylish TV stand, but the second can be installed as a bedside table in the living room.

Working process:

  • You need to take the old round table and remove all paint or varnish from it. Sand all irregularities carefully to apply a thick coat of primer.
  • An electric jigsaw is ideal for cutting worktops.
  • The edges need to be sanded and painted in the desired color, which will harmoniously fit the interior of the room.

This is a great option for transforming the old table into two original consoles.

A budget option

Experienced craftsmen know many do-it-yourself console manufacturing options. From PVC and old kitchen furniture you can build interesting products. It is best for beginners to make multifunctional products from suitable-sized cabinets, which are necessarily combined into one, long design. A solid board is necessarily filled from above. A small bar is attached to the back of the table. The board itself can be rough and unpolished. If desired, it can be ennobled, thereby constructing a less weighty and bulky product. If the master has the necessary skills, then you can use all your imagination to create a truly original console.

Stylish console made of wood

Variety of materials

For the arrangement of personal housing, you can use different types of furniture. The living room console allows not only to emphasize the existing design, but also to create an additional corner for placing personal items, flower pots or cosmetics. In order to make a product made by yourself do as long as possible, you need to choose the right consumables. In factory conditions, pine, oak, ash, mahogany, and beech are most often used. Of course, such furniture is not cheap, which is why not all citizens can buy it.

Product for classic design

To save the family budget and get quality furniture, it is best to choose veneer products. This material is absolutely safe for humans, well resists the negative effects of moisture and mechanical damage. The surface of the plates can be decorated at your discretion: stick the laminate, pour quality polymer, use a PVC film. Not only the amount of expenses, but also the durability of the console depends on the choice of a specific material. Among the finished furniture, stone models were very popular: granite, marble, turquoise. These materials are durable and expensive. The forged product will fit perfectly into the classic interior. From thin rods, refined turns are obtained.


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