Holidays in Corsica: interesting places, beaches, description of hotels, reviews of tourists

Corsica is an amazing place, empty of hotels, crowds of tourists and noisy, beach parties. Holidays in Corsica, according to tourists, is really charming. And, most importantly, with an affordable price. No, even with a rather low one. Here you can hear the waves of the sea, the sound of the wind, enjoy the sunrise and sunset. Here real miracles take place that you will not find on any peninsula of the whole world.


Corsica is famous not only for its magnificent beaches, but also for its colorful sights, preserved for years. There are special places created by nature, they are amazing and pristine. There are places created by people, stored for many centuries and having a deep meaning. Corsica cannot be revealed in one vacation alone, but in order to get to know it as closely as possible, it is worth considering 10 great places without which the peninsula will not reveal all its mysteries and secrets.

Holidays in Corsica, reviews


One of Corsica's most popular beaches is Polombadzhia. It stretched almost 2 kilometers, and its coast is covered with surprisingly golden sand, without any impurities. At first glance it seems that the shore is shining, because the grains of sand lie so densely next to each other, as if they are united together, creating simply incredible beauty. The water is truly transparent, has a delicate blue tint, the bottom is visible from the shore itself. And if you look closely into the distance, you can consider all the marine inhabitants of coastal waters. Popular types of recreation are available in the center of the beach, and anyone who wants to retire can walk to the south side of the coast and enjoy solitude among such incredible beauty.

Corsica, beach holidays

Customs trail

A special road that stretches along the coast of Corsica. The customs officers of the island caught smugglers precisely with the help of this path, for many of them it was significant. Along the path stretches the village of Machinaggio, a special place in which famous French politicians stayed and lived at one time. One of them was Napoleon Bonaparte. In the village you can find the church of Santa Maria, known throughout the world. It contains many ancient manuscripts and icons.

Corsica (island) - recreation


The small town in which Napoleon Bonaparte himself was born. So many years have passed since the reign of the great commander, but in this town the inhabitants preserved his estate and opened a museum in it. Of course, the house is often restored, but they try not to change anything, maintaining its condition in its original form. Entering the room, you can make sure that even the walls tell about how the Bonaparte family lived.

Corsica - holidays with children


A special city of Corsica, because all the houses and buildings here are located on the branches of rocks. When you look at all this from the side of the water, it seems that the buildings literally soar in the air. The cliffs are located quite interestingly, because there are many grottoes and bays under them, on which local residents will gladly conduct a tour and tell about the biggest secrets of the island.

Holiday Village, Corsica


The largest port in Corsica, where you can see incredible ships. Bastia was once the capital of the coast, in 1380 the island commanders had to defend it. The bastion withstood the attack, and the enemies failed to get inside the towns located on the territory of the Bastia. Bastia is a large port, numerous towns are located on the territory, each of which is outlandish in its own way. For example, Terra Vecia is a city with narrow streets that do not drive cars, only bicycles. You can not ignore the numerous number of chapels, each of which has its own peculiarity.

Cliffs of Calanche

This is a phenomenon that nature itself created on the island of Corsica. Locals believe that this place is one of the most romantic along the coast. Tourists recommend looking at the cliffs during sunset. Rumor has it that they become bright red, a little scarlet. And if you look closely, between the two rocks you can see the heart. The love that the world made.


If someone loves mysticism, he should visit Filitosa, the most mysterious and paranormal place of Corsica. In this place, once upon a time, witches and sorcerers performed ceremonies. Rumor has it that sacrificial rites were often held. On the territory of Filitosa there are huge statues and various bas-reliefs. They do not destroy them not in order to keep history, but because they are afraid to do it. After all, the elders say that when the statues collapse, the whole world will collapse.


When you relax in Corsica, this piece is worth going to history buffs. Here preserved parts of the castle, built in the XI century. The whole tower has survived completely, which can be viewed both from inside and outside. Do not get around on Erbalung and the church of St. Catherine, which has remained unchanged since the XV century. Not a single war destroyed it, therefore the place can be considered both holy and historical.

Train Balane

The Balane train is a feature of Corsica, because with the help of the train they conduct wonderful excursions. Only by train can you ride among the deserts and nature, which is not touched by the hand of man. See ethereal beauties, enjoy incredible landscapes and understand how the world was before a person settled in it.

Holidays in Corsica

Saint Florent

A special noisy night town, gladly opening the doors for tourists who like to stroll at night. Saint-Florent is a real attraction, because there are nightclubs that you will not find anywhere else around the world. There are delicious cocktails, bartenders who can create shows, and girls whose dances can be watched endlessly. Corsica is an unusual place on the planet that combines comfort with fun!


Tropics, palm trees, sea. These are the three components of relaxation on the island of Corsica. The most convenient thing in this choice is that you can easily fly from Paris to Corsica by plane in just 1.5 hours. The area is quite reminiscent of Thailand! Here the same white sand, turquoise water. True, unlike Thailand, the temperature varies within 30 degrees, therefore, in Corsica it is not so hot. In addition, there are no plants on the island.

Locals believe that nature is the property of everyone. That is why all the magnificent beaches in Corsica are free. True, to explore them all, and summer is not enough. Near Propriano, Ajaccio, Porto-Vecchio, and this is the south of Corsica, you can find fabulously beautiful beaches. They can also be found in the northern part, near Cape Cap Cors, as well as in the center.

Unfortunately, public transport does not go to many beaches. The best option is to rent a car and travel with a guide. But you can also cross the ship, having arrived independently to Nice. Corsica's beach holiday includes many places for swimming and sunbathing. But still the most popular are the following:

  • Pallombaggia;
  • Santa jullia;
  • L'iles Lavezzi;
  • Saleccia, Lotu;
  • Algajola.

And no matter what the beach, an amazingly clear sea, an ocean of emotions and a great mood await anyone.

Holidays in Corsica, reviews of tourists


There are quite a lot of recreation centers and hotels in Corsica. The most favorite among travelers are:

  1. La Florentine. The best hotel in terms of price / quality. The hotel has 3 stars. Air-conditioned rooms with a fridge in the room and a minibar. Hotel facilities - free parking, Wi-Fi, pool, bar, lobby, rooms with beach views. The hotel has 20 rooms. Among them are non-smoking apartments. Located in Saint Florian.
  2. Hotel Palazzu. The hotel has a certificate of quality. Therefore, this is the best option for a holiday in Corsica with children. Room prices range from 5200 to 13000 rubles. There are 14 rooms in total. They include air conditioning, a microwave, a refrigerator in the room, and a minibar. Hotel facilities - free parking, Wi-Fi, restaurant, bar, lobby, pool, and breakfast for an additional fee. Room types: with kitchenette, non-smoking, for people with disabilities. Located in the Gallery.
  3. Residence Motel Aria Marina. Three star hotel. The hotel services include laundry, free parking, Wi-Fi, bar, lobby, pool. The rooms are equipped with air conditioning, microwave, refrigerator. The price is in the range of 6500-18300 rubles. The hotel has 29 rooms. Room types: luxury, with kitchenette, family. Located in Propriano.
  4. Hotel Cala Di Greco. Four star hotel. The hotel features: swimming pool, free parking, Wi-Fi, bar, lobby, dry cleaning, laundry, multilingual staff. The rooms have air conditioning, refrigerator, minibar. Room prices - from 13500 to 49000 rubles. Room types: deluxe, non-smoking, for people with disabilities. There are 14 rooms in total. Located in Bonifaci, South Corsica.
  5. Hotel Stella di Mare. Three star hotel. Room prices - from 6500 to 13200 rubles. Only 60 rooms. Of these, there are non-smoking rooms for people with disabilities. The hotel has a swimming pool, free parking, Wi-Fi, restaurant, bar, lobby, breakfast included in the price of the apartment. Location - Ajaccio.


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