How to quickly find a tutor in English

To find a tutor and English courses I was helped by a message board.

It happens that in the shortest possible time you need to learn something, learn or understand. In my case, it was English. It so happened that in childhood I did not digest the teaching of foreign languages. But then, when childhood was already very far away and work requiring knowledge of the language was very close, there was a special need for learning English. But how to study it? For books and the Internet, I did not immediately agree. Learning a language requires a living person "teacher" or at least an assistant. There were two choices at that time - courses or tutor.

Then the question fell - where to find all this. After asking the English teachers at the school where my son is studying, I realized only that the teachers had enough trouble in the school and apparently there wasn’t enough time for tutoring. Yes, then I was looking for a tutor, the courses did not suit me. Having found out from friends and colleagues at work, I still found several tutors, but they did not suit me according to some criteria. Firstly, many tutors worked only with school-age children. Secondly, almost everyone lived too far from my house. But then one day a friend advised me to a bulletin board on the Internet. I didn’t particularly explain it, but simply gave the address of the site where this bulletin board is located.

Then I came home and went to this bulletin board, it was called "Caravan of Services." And indeed, there were a lot of different services here. I immediately saw the choice of the services I needed. In chapter " tutoring services "I immediately found a service filter where I indicated all the necessary parameters (Place of residence, study program, age group). Having seen the list of resumes and analyzed them, I found a good tutor with normal experience. Immediately we discussed my situation by phone, the tutor (by the way , girl) immediately recorded me for a certain time. At the first meeting, we decided when and what time I will go to English classes in the future. I will not describe the learning process. I can only say that studying at home with a tutor is somewhere half about As my knowledge of the language progressed, I was given different homework assignments as well as different literature. At one point, the tutor advised me to go to English courses (before that I persistently did not want to enroll there). The main difference in the courses is work in group, a very useful thing for learning. Why, I think there is no need to explain. The tutor offered to choose the desired educational course myself. And then I remembered the "Caravan of Services." I found decent English courses at a very low price. It was important for me at that moment, since my finances were directed to the family and to training through a tutor. Now I know English. With the help of this, it turned out to go to a serious increase.

Sometimes people ask if I know good tutors. Yes, I could give them the number of that tutor, but with 75% certainty I can say that if they called him they would say “Oh, but you don’t suit us, I'm sorry.” I give them just a link to the bulletin board so that people can choose their own tutor according to their personal requirements. And I really understand them

Article author: Konstantin Varlamov ( )


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