Hearthstone: How to Get a "Bite of Death"? Where to get the "Bite of Death" in Hearthstone?

Hearthstone is one of the best card games, which in just two years has gained incredible popularity, becoming a worthy competitor to other games of this genre. It is the ability to collect cards, unusual battles with the use of class abilities, spells and skills that attract gamers so much. To achieve success, you need to clearly and competently evaluate your deck, have tactics and strategy, constantly adapt to the opponent’s capabilities and find extraordinary solutions. Opponents in the game are selected according to a ranked system, and the main goal of the game is to bring the health of your opponent to zero.

Player Classes

There are nine classes of heroes in Hearthstone, each of which is distinguished by a set of base cards, its class ability and game-playing features. It was these class differences that served as the impetus for the creation of many archetypes of decks that are successfully used for games in the "Arena" and "Rating" modes. Anduin, Valira, Jaina, Gul'dan, Thrall, Malfurion, Rexar, Uther and Warrior Garrosh are the main characters in this game. I want to talk about one of them in more detail.

Garrosh - the legendary hero of "Hartstone"

Garrosh Hellscream is one of the heroes of the cult game World of Warcraft, which was transferred to the game map. The warrior, like other classes, is very rich in various types of decks, the main of which are the cartridge-warrior, control-warrior and midrange-warrior. Cartridge warrior decks were very popular, but after the nerf of one of the top cards, the frequency of this deck in the ladder decreased sharply. In connection with the release of the latest expansion, the League of Explorers, the Fatik Warrior deck was popularized, based on bringing its opponent to "fatigue."

In practice, very few decks do not contain Death Bite cards. We’ll try to understand in more detail which cards are more advantageous for different decks, and also answer the interesting question of many Hearthstone players: how to get a “Bite of Death”?

Pros and cons
hearthstone how to get a bite of death

The "bite of death" can rightfully be called almost the most important card from the arsenal of a warrior in Hearthstone. How to get a "Bite of Death" will be said a little later. You gain an advantage by gaining pace, "Death Rattle" of this card allows you to inflict damage on the opponent’s field. It combines well with the Execution card, and is also a good activator for the cartridge warrior. The minus of the card is that "Death Rattle" applies to all creatures on the field, from which yours may suffer. But it is not difficult for a good player to collect a deck in which this card will be in harmony with others. If we judge the suitability of the card in the Arena mode, then this is one of the weakest options.

Hearthstone: How to Get a "Bite of Death"?

hearthstone death bite quarter

The card is not basic, it cannot be created, its drop from the booster is impossible. The developers of the game, Blizzard, have released several additions to the game, for each of which they created many new maps and tests in Hearthstone. How to get a Death Bite card? The answer is simple: you need to purchase one of them. It opens with passing the class test of a warrior in the Naxxramas expansion. This is the very first addition to the Hearthstone game. Death Bite - Abomination Quarter (reward for completing the quarter). It contains class tests for two heroes.

How to get a Death Bite card at Hearthstone Garrosh? He will have to fight the strongest boss Grobbulus. After passing the test, the creation of a golden card will be available, and the player’s collection will be replenished with two copies of the usual one. The ability to get additional cards by passing tests in add-ons is a great idea for the nearsards, helping to diversify game modes and attract an audience.

Warrior position in meta

how to get a bite of death card in hearthstone

Unfortunately, in the current meta warrior does not occupy a leading position. He receded into the background, despite the possibility of many of his decks to repulse the popular decks of secret paladins and midrange druids. But the composition of most warrior decks is practically unchanged, apart from special cards, judging by the presence of which we can say about the archetype of the deck. And in many of them the guarantee of victory is a good weapon, one of which is the “Bite of Death” in the game Hearthstone.

How to get a "Bite of Death" without spending real money on a supplement? The answer is simple. Each add-on can be bought for coins that are given for completing daily tasks and accumulate in the player’s account wallet.

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