Yoga for varicose veins: contraindications, benefits and harms, description and features

Varicose veins can occur at any age. And this disease brings a lot of inconvenience from the ugly appearance of the legs to puffiness and pain. There are several ways to deal with this disease. One of them is yoga.

Varicose veins and yoga

Before you begin classes, you must consult a phlebologist. He will determine at what stage the disease is, whether yoga is allowed for varicose veins at this stage, and what loads are put. If the doctor gives permission, then the first classes must be carried out under the supervision of a coach. Do not do it yourself. But it is the trainer who will help to correctly navigate the time of classes and the load.

If someone is not familiar with the concept of yoga, then it consists of healing postures (asanas). They help relax the body, relieve or increase the load on the desired muscles, balance the nervous system.

yoga complex for varicose veins

Varicose veins are a disease of the venous vessels on the legs. And it occurs most often either because of a sedentary lifestyle (blood stagnation occurs in the veins), or because of severe overloads (the circulatory system suffers again). Food also affects.

Yoga for varicose veins of the lower extremities is considered the best way to treat the disease. Unlike surgery, there is no long rehabilitation period. And relapses rarely occur. The yoga complex for varicose veins should be selected correctly, it is important to perform the exercises correctly.

Stage of the disease and yoga

The trainer will be able to start yoga with varicose veins only after the conclusion of the phlebologist about how badly the veins are damaged. If the muscles in the legs are in constant tension, then the appropriate complex will be selected for their relaxation. We also need exercises that will help normalize blood flow in the legs. If on the contrary, then the muscles of the legs practically do not strain. Then a completely different load will be picked up, different poses.

You can do yoga with varicose veins

In the classroom there is another important point. There must be proper breathing. With incomplete breathing, the diaphragm will be in the wrong position. Blood will not be fully supplied with oxygen. Therefore, before you begin classes, you must definitely learn to breathe correctly. The coach will help in this. He will also determine the correct hours of classes. For some, yoga with varicose veins is useful in the morning, and for someone in the evening. Proper breathing and exercise are the secret to good yoga. Many doctors advise to conduct drug therapy together. So the result will be achieved faster. Yoga classes are supervised by a doctor. He will celebrate the change. Also, the doctor will monitor changes in the load. Yoga for varicose veins on the legs requires careful monitoring. Do not treat the disease yourself.

Who is allowed to attend classes?

yoga for varicose veins of the lower extremities

Who can do yoga for varicose veins? This is determined only by the doctor. It’s not worth deciding on your own. Yoga is also useful for people predisposed to varicose veins in connection with the specifics of work or heredity. If classes are conducted to prevent the ailment, then the load will be completely different than for people with an already developing disease. The main objective of the exercises is to improve blood circulation in the legs, increase muscle tone, if they are flabby, and relax if they are overstrained. Additionally, yoga for varicose veins:

  • helps to normalize the metabolism in the body;
  • blood is saturated with oxygen;
  • fat deposits are destroyed.

As you can see, this kind of sport is good for the whole body.

Who should not do yoga?

yoga for varicose veins

Yoga for varicose veins, unfortunately, is not allowed for everyone. There are contraindications:

  • thrombophlebitis - with this disease, a blood clot may break off during exercise;
  • if the walls of the blood vessels are so damaged that it is not recommended to keep the body in one position for a long time;
  • pregnancy;
  • late stages of the disease.

Even if the patient does not fall under any of the points, then the exercises selected by the trainer must be coordinated with the doctor. Yoga against varicose veins does not combine all the poses. But only specially selected, which will not harm the weak veins in the legs. And some asanas may be available after a few lessons. For example, it is better to take yoga exercises with varicose veins, which have been tested for more than one decade. We will consider some of them later.

Yoga for varicose veins of the lower extremities. The complex recommended by doctors

Depending on whether the muscles are tense with varicose veins or, conversely, are greatly weakened, exercise complexes are prescribed. If there is a strong strain of muscles, then asanas are selected that help relaxation, for example, stretching. If they are weak, then the exercises will be aimed at strengthening them. When performing, it is not recommended to strongly strain the muscles of the legs and linger for a long time in one pose.

  1. The exercise is done sitting on the floor. Feet need to be joined in the feet and gradually pulled to yourself. At the same time, the knees are divorced and held as close to the floor as possible. Keep your back straight. In this position, you need to sit for about a minute.
  2. Take a lotus position. Only the feet should be under the knees, foot up. An inclination is made forward, without changing the main position. The back is straight. Knees can be lifted. Take this position for a minute. Then the legs change (if the top was left, then now make the right).
  3. You need to take a sitting position on the floor. The legs are crossed under the pelvic area so that one knee is on the other. Gradually, you need to go down to a feeling of tension in the muscles. Perform a minute.
  4. The most popular posture for treating varicose veins in the legs. It provides an outflow of blood on the legs. Lying on his back, the pelvis rises above his head. Hands support the back near the buttocks. The legs are alternately bent and straightened with a delay of 20 seconds. The exercise is done not once, but several.
  5. A sitting position is taken. One leg is bent, the heel is in the perineum. In this case, the knee should try to take as much as possible back. Tilts are made towards the straight leg. In this case, you need to try to grab the foot. Next, forehead, and then the chin touch the bent leg. In each position linger for thirty seconds. After the legs change.
  6. The lying position, on exhalation, we bring the left leg in a bent state to the chest. With your left hand, for the thumb we pull the leg over the head. The second lower limb lies straight. In this position, lock up to thirty seconds. Then the legs change.

Asanas for weak legs

Consider exercises for weak legs:

  1. Asana is the first. It involves the muscles of the back and hips. Accepted standing position, feet should be in contact with each other with thumbs and heels. Hands are relaxed along the body. When inhaling, the knees, hips, buttocks tighten. We linger for a while. Exhale and complete relaxation. Again, inhale, the stomach is drawn in, the chest is straightened and the neck is extended. Exhale and relax again.
  2. Exercise for weak legs. He takes up the position as in the first asana. Place the foot of the left foot on the right and quietly raise it up. Hands at this time also raise up to connect them over your head. When performing this exercise, it is important to stay on one leg, to observe proper breathing.
  3. The third asana for weak legs. It helps relieve pain and strengthens the ankles. Stand with your feet as far apart as possible. Make tilts left and right. When tilting to the left with the left hand, we reach for the foot, and we raise the right one up. Eyes look behind the right hand. When tilted to the right, the movements are repeated.
yoga exercises for varicose veins

Asanas for Tense Legs

Let's look at these exercises:

  1. The exercise is performed in a prone position near the wall. The back is on the floor, and legs are thrown on the wall so that the buttocks are pressed against the wall. Make sure that your legs do not bend. Try to pull socks on yourself. At the same time, hands should be placed behind the head without taking off the floor.
  2. The second exercise to relieve stress. Standing position, tilt so that the head touches the knees. And with your hands at this time try to get the floor behind your feet.
  3. The third exercise. Lying on the floor, focus on the palms and elbows, raise legs ninety degrees to the floor.

Asanas for reloaded veins

Consider the following asanas:

  1. First exercise. Accepted sitting position. The legs are bent and in contact with the knees. Buttocks are located between the feet. Hands put emphasis on the back. So you need to linger on time. Control breathing.
  2. The second exercise is the same as the first. Only here it is necessary to accept the emphasis of reclining, leaning on the elbows.
  3. The third exercise. Lying on your stomach behind your back, grab your legs by the ankles, and press your feet to your buttocks. The shoulders should be raised as high as possible. Lock in this position.
doing yoga with varicose veins

The time specified for performing asanas is taken individually and is prescribed by a doctor, not a trainer. Over time, it can increase and complicate postures. And do not forget that the answer to the question exactly is it possible to do yoga with varicose veins, only a phlebologist will answer. Without his advice, conducting classes is dangerous. You can worsen the condition of the veins in the legs. Additionally, you need to follow a special diet, massage, medications are prescribed.

Rules for Yoga

In general, classes are recommended in the morning. But there are exceptions. Basic postures activate the body. Therefore, it will be difficult to fall asleep if the lesson is held in the evening.

The duration of the exercise plays an important role. On average, all poses should take at least 45 minutes.

All exercises are done on an empty stomach or three hours after eating. In this case, the room should be ventilated. You also need the right selection of clothes and shoes, things should not hamper the movement.

Benefits of Asanas

The benefits of yoga are as follows:

  • swelling of the legs is reduced;
  • muscle pain is relieved;
  • psychological state improves;
  • blood circulation improves not only in the legs, but throughout the body.

When to do?

yoga against varicose veins

If yoga exercises are performed for therapeutic purposes, then it is necessary to choose the right time for it. You need to do it regularly. And if done for preventive purposes, it is advisable to do exercises at the end of the day to relieve fatigue from the legs and improve blood circulation.

Little conclusion

Now you know when yoga is useful for varicose veins, and when you should refuse to perform such exercises. We hope that this article was interesting and informative for you.


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