What to do with old tires? Reception of old tires. Tire Recycling Plant

And did anyone think about where to put the old tires, which are no longer needed and have nowhere to apply? Today, the environmental issue is very acute, and such material as rubber decomposes for several hundred years, which causes irreparable harm to our planet. So what to do with old wheels and how to solve this problem?

What to do with old tires?

Before answering the main question of this article, it is worth understanding the understanding of what rubber is, why you need to think about how it can be recycled, and how it can harm.

what to do with old tires

In order for the car to move and ride on the road, it needs wheels, the main element of which are car tires, consisting of several parts:

  • sidewall;
  • tread;
  • pad layer;
  • side part;
  • frame.

The main materials used for wheels are rubber and cord (special fabric or metal, consisting of strong longitudinal and transverse threads).

Every year, motorists, car repair shops and service stations are faced with the problem of where to rent old tires for money or for free, so as not to harm nature. After all, everyone knows that rubber decomposes for more than 100 years, and tire dumps occupy vast areas. If you burn rubber, then when burning it releases toxic substances that enter the air that people breathe, a vicious circle is obtained.

Not so long ago, people began to wonder if tires can be given a second life and what can be made from them. After all, there are factories for the processing of paper, metal, old unnecessary clothes and plastic.

Reception of old tires

In every major city today there are points for receiving tires, which are then transported to a specially designed landfill or for recycling.

For example, in Moscow there are no more than 10 such places, since this direction for recycling is only developing. You can take them to the address: Beregovoy proezd, 3 to the Avto Legion company or to Yuzhnoportovaya street, 7 to the Shinservice company. In other cities with millionaires, there are also several points.

where to rent old tires for money

If in Europe you can bring car tires and they will pay you, then in Russia you will not be able to find the answer to the question of where to rent your old tires for money, or you will get a minimum amount of 100 rubles. for one wheel.

An innovation in the processing of steel began not so long ago, and the state has not yet established a rule at the legislative level that every motorist should give tires after their use, and the centers for receiving rubber do not work on an ongoing basis.

Disposal Methods

How can you use old wheels in the future if you do not create a flower bed from them? There are several ways to recycle old tires, and the most popular of them is crushing rubber and turning it into crumbs. The conversion can be carried out in two ways: the first using high temperature, the second using cryotechnology, the essence of which is to create a fine-grained powder with preserving the chemical composition of the material.

rubber crumb

After the raw material is processed, it, for example, can be used in the manufacture of roofing materials or for car mats. There are plenty of options, but much has not yet been implemented, which has a bad effect on the environment.

What to do next

After the processing of old tires, rubber crumb is obtained, which is used in several types of production:

  • rubberized asphalt;
  • flooring, for example in gyms or on playgrounds;
  • running and pedestrian zones;
  • building materials.

Farm Use Options

Probably everyone imagines what the flower beds from old tires look like. This is a creative approach to decorate your garden, besides the wheels can be obtained for free.

recycling old tires

But if they are not used to create a beautiful garden, then there are still options for use in the household:

  • for example, from rubber, you can make a mini-pool for children or even for adults, depending on the size of the wheel. Or use it as a barrel where water will be stored, because rubber is a durable and flexible material that serves for many years;
  • the second option is to create unusual swings, many have seen such patterns more than once;
  • someone even creates an unusual chair and does not ask a question about where to put the old tires, but simply applies imagination, thereby protecting nature.

You can list the options for using car tires for a long time: flower beds, a small table, a swing, ottomans, an armchair, interior decoration and much more.

Is it possible to create a processing plant

According to scientists, more than 3 billion tires are thrown away annually as second-hand goods. Based on this, we can conclude that the tire processing plant is a very promising business, which will also help save the environment.

In Russia today there are only two plants, their work capacity is 40 thousand tons per year, and of course, this is not enough.

reception of old tires

The main advantage of such a business is that the material can be obtained completely free of charge, and the resulting rubber crumb can be resold to further production. The niche of this business is free, and there are almost no competitors. But why is nobody trying to make money in this direction?

Disadvantages of the business:

  • large initial investments;
  • it is necessary to select raw materials with the same chemical composition.

Difficulties arise not only with this, but also with the fact that you need to find a large room that will be removed from the living area. You must officially register your activity and collect the necessary package of documents, including obtaining an opinion from the sanitary-epidemiological service. The next stage is the purchase of equipment and the selection of personnel, and according to the preliminary business plan, this activity can pay off in 8 months.

But what are the risks:

  • interruptions in the supply of raw materials;
  • problems with the sale of material;
  • breakdown of technical equipment.

Interesting Facts

It has been said several times that rubber is a material that decomposes over decades and harms the environment. But not everyone knows that in order to get one tire, you need to spend more than 30 liters of gasoline.

tire processing plant

What other facts are there about this product?

  • Each year, more than 5 tons of tires become unusable and only 20% are disposed of.
  • But if you recycle one ton of tires, you can get half a ton of material, from which new wheels can then be made.
  • The authorities of the Russian Federation do not yet care about creating many collection points and building processing plants, as a result of which the tires are in a normal landfill, which leads to environmental pollution.

After reading the material, perhaps many will no longer have a question about where to put the old tires. Everyone will think about how to save nature and our planet from an environmental disaster, and will take the used wheels to the delivery points where car tires can get a second life.

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