Tips for twisting the hoop correctly

In order for your waist to become slim and beautiful, there is a beautiful, simple and effective way - the usual hula hoop hoop. With it, you will not only make your figure more attractive, but also strengthen the cardiovascular system, as well as the respiratory system. In addition, torsion of a hoop will help get rid of excess calories and improve your health. Against the background of such classes, coordination improves, flexibility, skin tone develops.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to twist a hoop. But it does not matter. We will help you find the answer to this question. In order to correctly perform the exercises with the hoop, you need to stand straight, feet shoulder width apart, while the toes of the legs are slightly outward. Your weight should be evenly distributed over the entire foot. Now take a hula hoop in your hands and fix it at the level of the belt, while you will find yourself inside the hoop. Release the hoop and at the same time begin to rotate it. To do this, make circular movements of the hips and waist. Your body will be fully involved in the work, from legs to neck. Tighten the muscles of the hips, waist and abs evenly during spins.

Before you turn the hoop, you should decide which hula hoop should be used. In order to make a thin waist, a plastic hoop or light metal made of them is hardly suitable. But at the initial stage, lightweight plastic or aluminum hoops are quite suitable. Over time, it will be possible to switch to heavier models. Here, collapsible hoops are very suitable, which not only can be adjusted in diameter, but also fill their hollow area with sand, thereby making your hula hoop heavier.

There are several important points that you may find useful before turning the hoop. First, first identify the problem areas of your body - these are the waist and hips. Further to start, start doing exercises with a metal hoop, gradually moving to a heavier hula hoop. There is another option - a hoop with a massage surface on the inside. If you are going to twist a hoop in order to lose weight, then do not forget about a special diet with which your exercises will become more effective. Refuse sweet and fat, drink plenty of water. So you cleanse the body of toxins and toxins, which means that your weight quickly normalizes.

In no case do not exercise on a full stomach, twist the hoop should only be in a hungry state. Do not overload yourself during class. If you don’t know how much you need to twist the hoop, the answer is this: you should start with a five-minute workout, gradually increasing the time to half an hour.

Twist the hoop in the problem area. This means, if you decide to make the waist thinner, then twist the hoop with it, holding your legs together. So you transfer the entire load to the stomach and sides. The movements should be smooth, the hula hoop should rotate clockwise. Do not make sudden movements so as not to damage the back.

Now you know how to twist the hoop. But in order to comprehensively lose weight, in addition to such exercises, gymnastics for the legs and arms should be done. In the mornings it’s very useful to run and do gymnastics. Engaged in this mode, you will certainly lose weight, your figure will become slim.

Many are interested in the question of whether it is useful to twist the hoop. Of course, useful. You will not only lose weight, but also become healthier. Although, unfortunately, there are some contraindications for such activities. This is pregnancy, as well as diseases associated with the gastrointestinal tract. If you decide to twist the hoop, it is best to consult a doctor before that if you have any contraindications for such exercises. If they are not, then feel free to start these pleasant and effective workouts. Peppy and energetic, you will always feel just fine.


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