Mortgage with state support. Russian Agricultural Bank: mortgage terms, reviews

The housing issue is a major problem for many young families. And this is natural! How to buy an apartment / house on your own when the value of real estate is growing inexorably, and wages remain almost at the same level. The answer then is only one: get your own housing thanks to the mortgage programs of banks.

Yes, many families are afraid to get involved in this bondage. Indeed, sometimes interest rates on loans beat all the limits of what is permitted. So, some borrowers who bought housing, for example, for 3 million rubles, in the end have to pay for 5-6, or even more than millions. Naturally, nobody will want to pay such amounts "down the drain".

The state, wanting to help young families in fulfilling their dreams of acquiring real estate, has introduced a new product. It is called a mortgage with state support. Russian Agricultural Bank, not wanting to lag behind many of its competitors, hastened to introduce such an offer. What came of this, you can find out more.

mortgage with state support

Use cases

Unlike conventional loan programs, it is not possible to buy an apartment with a state support mortgage in any house. So, such a purchase is permissible only in new buildings (regardless of whether the house is completed or not), provided that it is sold by a legal entity. Moreover, it is important to note that even meeting these two requirements is not a reason to give borrowers a soft loan. After all, a mortgage loan with state support is issued only for the purchase of apartments in houses built by a state-accredited developer.

If it is understood that a mortgage with state support from Rosselkhozbank will help with the purchase of an apartment, potential borrowers can familiarize themselves with the list of buildings in their city where purchase under this preferential program is acceptable. To do this, they just need to go to the official website of the financial organization, find the “Mortgage” tab and study the material presented. The second option to familiarize yourself with the apartments available for such lending is to contact the bank branch itself.

mortgage in the agricultural bank conditions

Offer Benefits

Mortgages with state support from Rosselkhozbank are not only low interest rates on loans for real estate purchases, but also:

  • A certain rate for the entire lending period. Its size is from 11.3% per annum.
  • No loan commissions.
  • Possibility of premature debt coverage at any time.
  • Availability of confirmation of your income in the form of a bank.

Russian Agricultural Bank mortgage with state support conditions

Mortgage at Rosselkhozbank: terms and conditions

Many potential borrowers want to know, first of all, about the conditions for providing such a soft loan for the purchase of an apartment. So they are:

Interest rate

From 11.3% per annum

Loan currency

Russian rubles

Loan amount

100 thousand - 3 million rubles for the regions;

100 thousand - 8 million rubles for residents of Moscow and the Moscow region, St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region

Crediting period

Up to 30 years

Availability of own funds

From 20% of the value of real estate


Are absent

Mortgage collateral

Pledge of purchased housing


Compulsory insurance: the object of purchase, life and health of the borrower

The need for co-borrowers

Husband / wife without fail act as a co-borrower, in addition, you can attract up to 3 people. This will provide access to a larger loan amount.

Application Review Period

Up to 5 business days

Validity Period of Approved Application

3 months

Loan disbursement

One time in full

This is what Rosselkhozbank offers! Mortgages, the conditions and reviews for which are quite positive, will appeal to almost every borrower.

Interest rates

According to the preferential program of mortgage lending, a loan is provided at an interest rate of 11.3% per annum. However, if the borrower fails to fulfill certain requirements of the bank (for example, in the absence of the necessary insurance), the lender is entitled to raise the interest by 7 points. As a result, the loan will be calculated at a rate equal to 18.3% per annum. These are the conditions provided by Rosselkhozbank!

Russian Agricultural Bank mortgage conditions and reviews

Mortgage with state support: conditions for the collection of documents

In order to qualify for a mortgage from Rosselkhozbank, you should prepare and transfer the following list of documents to an employee of a financial organization:

  • A completed application form in the form of a bank.
  • ID document. This is a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation or a special document undergoing military service.
  • For male borrowers under the age of 27 years - a military ID or a certificate of registration.
  • Documents showing marital status / children.
  • Documents confirming employment and obtaining a sufficient amount of income.
  • Documents for the acquired property.

In some cases, the bank may change the list of required documents.

Russian Agricultural Bank mortgage with state support law

Borrower Requirements

So what should a borrower be in order to meet the requirements of an institution called Rosselkhozbank? A mortgage with state support, the right to receive which not everyone has, is issued only to a certain circle of people. So, potential borrowers must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Client age from 21 to 65 years. The maximum age is indicated at the time of full coverage of mortgage payments. That is, taking a mortgage of 60 years, the borrower has the right to choose a loan term of only 5 years.
  • The presence of Russian citizenship.
  • A certain work experience:
  1. At least six months in the last place of work and from a year in the last 5 years.
  2. For payees on a Rosselkhozbank card or with a positive credit history at this institution: from 3 months at the last place of employment and from 6 months of the total “working” period for the last 5 years.
  3. Clients who receive a pension on the card of this bank are not required to have 1 year of work experience.
  4. Citizens conducting personal subsidiary plots must provide an entry in the household book of the local government on their management of private household plots within 12 months at the time of applying for a loan.
  • Registration on the territory of Russia at the place of residence or stay.

mortgage with state support Russian Agricultural Bank reviews

Service option

According to the mortgage product presented, the borrower will be required to repay the loan payments in equal installments throughout the entire loan term. If you wish to repay the loan ahead of schedule, he will be required to provide a statement and ensure that the required amount is in the account by the time of the next monthly payment. A big plus of the proposal under consideration is that additional commissions and payments for early debt are not provided.

Now we know what a mortgage with state support is. Rosselkhozbank, whose reviews are mostly positive, proved itself to be the best, having offered the issuance of such a loan even to owners of personal subsidiary plots. And this is a kind of advantage in relation to other financial organizations!


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