Master class gel polish: French, New Year's manicure. Design Ideas. How to choose gel polish?

There are only a few days left until the main night of this year. On the eve of the holidays, each girl seeks to do a manicure, pedicure, and build cilia. After all, I want to be the most beautiful on New Year's Eve. Today in the article we will talk about how to make high-quality and beautiful manicure with gel polish, shellac. Have a nice reading!

New Year's design of nails with gel polish. Master Class

There are many interesting and beautiful options for New Year's manicure. However, we have selected for you the top 3 unusual and festive designs. Manicure masters provided step-by-step instructions for applying gel polish. A master class in French, New Year's manicure, which will give your image elegance and femininity.

  • First of all, it is necessary to make a cut manicure using a special machine or tools for manicure.
  • Then, with the help of an orange stick, the cuticles should be moved away.
  • After you can file a little nails in order to give them a beautiful shape.
  • Before applying the base, you need to do several steps. First, you need to align the nail plate with a buff, and then treat with a degreasing agent. The last action is the application of a primer.
  • Next, you need to apply the base (it is better to use rubber). In order for the varnish to spread evenly, turn each nail down.
  • After we send the nails, it is dried in a UV lamp for a minute.
  • Then you should choose the main coating for French manicure. It is better to use the most natural shades: cream, pale pink, peach, beige.
  • It is necessary to coat the nails and send them to dry.
  • Next, you need to choose sparkles. For the French New Year's manicure, gold, silver, red are suitable.
  • After that, it is necessary to glue the special tape for the French manicure on the nails evenly. At the top of each nail should be a little top-coat.
  • Then, with a thin brush, glitter should be applied to the nail plate and sent to dry. You can make a straight line, or you can stretch the sparkles a little.
  • The last stage is top-coating and drying.
  • At the end of the manicure, you should again degrease the nails.
French manicure with sparkles

Cheeky red. Manicure Ideas

French manicure is suitable for girls who want to look feminine and romantic on New Year's Eve. And for those ladies who want to attract the attention of others to themselves, a bright and bold red manicure with sparkles is suitable. We bring to your attention several options. In the first photo, a beautiful cherry color harmoniously combines with silver sequins. Most often, many girls prefer to make all nails monophonic, and one with sparkles. Such a design always looks elegant and bright. You can also draw on the nails a variety of New Year's drawings. For example, snowflakes or a Christmas tree with a garland.

Beautiful manicure with snowflakes

For the fair sex, who prefer minimalism, they can choose a muted wine color with golden sparkles. This combination looks expensive and luxurious.

Gold manicure

New Year extravaganza

What color combination can be considered a win-win? Of course, black and gold. Such a design, as in the first photo, will suit any outfit. The manicure itself will look rich and luxurious.

Black manicure with gold

If you want something original and unusual, then you can draw New Year's Eve fireworks on your nails. Such a manicure will be appreciated by all the people around you.

Manicure with salute

How to choose gel polish? Master Class

Do you quickly get gel polish off your nails? So, you have chosen a low-quality tool. There are a few simple rules to help you get a good product.

  • Before buying, you should pay attention to the shelf life of the varnish. An expired product will obviously not stay on your nails for a long time.
  • Be sure to look at the composition of gel polishes. If it contains a plasticizer, then this indicates a good heat resistance of the product.
  • Remember one rule: in a varnish there should be no acids or be contained in a small amount. Otherwise, this can lead to destruction and exfoliation of the nail plate.
  • In the first places should always be a substance called "oligomer". Its high content in the product indicates that the gel polish will stay on the nails for a long time.
  • Choose varnishes from only trusted brands.
  • Remember that expensive varnishes will always be much better than cheap.
Gel polish


Manicure masters give some tips to help you make a quality manicure at home.

  • Be sure to degrease the nail plates and apply the primer. This will help the base coat bond with the nail.
  • Use a special brush to paint over the varnish under the cuticle.
  • When specialists conduct master classes, Cody gel polish is considered one of the high-quality products. Therefore, it is better for beginners to buy varnishes of this brand.
  • After applying the gel, it is necessary to turn the nails down so that the varnish spreads evenly.


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