Goose shot in spring. What shot to shoot goose and duck?

Why do people hunt geese? What is this bird like? Geese belong to the family of ducks, the order of Anseriformes is a genus of waterfowl. They have a very interesting beak: at the base its height is greater than the width, and it ends with a fingernail with sharp edges. On the sides of the beak is framed by small teeth. The goose neck has an average length - it is longer than that of ducks, but shorter than swans. Their legs are quite long, and there is a spur on the bend of the wing.

This bird has highly developed fluff and feathers. Males almost do not differ from females: they are somewhat larger, and at the beginning of the beak they have a bone growth.

As a rule, all geese make mumbling sounds and gaggle, and when irritated and in danger, hiss.

Goose hunting

According to the ESB, in the early twentieth century, the industrial significance of geese for the Russian non-grain-bearing north was impressive. Only goose down and feathers could be found on sale, but meat, as a rule, was consumed locally by industrialists. The law, which was passed on February 3, 1892, prohibited the hunting of geese from May 1 to June 29 in European Russia. But the Arkhangelsk province, some parts of the Vologda, Vyatka and Perm provinces were not banned.

Geese are shot in the spring on the morning and evening dawn, when they fly from the swamps where they spend the night, fly to the fields where they feed, and vice versa. On the Ob River in spring, a huge number of geese fly. And the industrialists have already erected huts and shoot them at the bird, which is attracted to their shelter by goose stuffed animals (munchuki).

goose shot in spring

What does a summer goose hunt look like? During this period, exclusively young geese are hunted: the feathers on the wings have not yet grown. Sometimes, of course, there are also old gander, which in the summer molt and cannot fly. In general, molting geese usually stay together on small lakes, communicating in streams with large lakes, where they feed. Industrialists surround these ducts with nets: they drive a bird into them and with the help of dogs and boats they get them in a huge amount.

The summer goose killed is salted in barrels. In the tundra, the bird is buried in holes dug in the ground to the frozen layer: it is taken out only in winter and hung out in the open.

In the fall, the goose prepares for departure: it is shot in the same way as in spring, at dawn and sunset. Very often they approach flocks at a distance of a shot on horseback or in a cart. Interestingly, the goose is less afraid of horse riders than walking people. Many people ask what shot goose shooters recommend hunters? As a rule, during goose hunting, large fraction or small buckshot is used.

Sixth goose feeling

So, let's try to figure out which shot to shoot the goose and the duck you need? It is known that in many regions of Russia it is only allowed to hunt waterfowl until December 31, and in Belarus until December 12. As a rule, the gambling mood of hunters is overshadowed by ruthless statistics: out of a hundred people hunting goose, only ten can achieve the goal. Therefore, every nuance, especially the selection of fractions, is very important for a successful hunt.

Before figuring out what kind of shot the goose shoots with shots, hunters recommend that you understand that the goose is a strong, large bird, strong on a wound. But among the feathered at the same time - one of the most cautious, cunning, observant and smart. The goose determines with a sixth sense whether a person is dangerous or not.

what shot to shoot a goose in spring

It is almost impossible to get close to a goose flock. Therefore, the most effective type of hunting is camouflaged hiding. If the shooter needs to lure a goose flock, he uses stuffed animals and a decoy. Noticing the silhouettes of the "geese" grazing calmly on the field, the flock will certainly fly up and wish to join them.

The approaching school of hunters are greeted with a shotgun. How to make a successful shot? Will there be many wounded animals? These nuances are directly dependent on ammunition and ammunition.

How to choose a fraction?

So, we continue to study the fraction on the goose. According to the laws of hunting, shooting must be conducted at small and medium distances. The most comfortable distance in this case is considered to be a distance of up to forty meters. Long range shots are fired from 45-50 meters. And 55-60 meters are called the ultimate distance. Of course, a goose can also be killed from a distance of 70 meters, but many will call such a successful shot an ordinary hunting success, and not a pattern.

By the way, goose hunting is complicated by the fact that it is very often necessary to shoot a bird insensitive to wounds when it is already in the air. For a killer volley it is necessary to take a large fraction. But the laws of physics say: the larger the fraction, the less fractions are placed in the sleeve. We have a small number of pellets, which means we have not so many chances to get into the goose. Note, the task is not for those whose nerves are naughty. Nor is there a clear solution to it. Therefore, to select a fraction for a goose in the spring is not so important. Indeed, a lot depends on weather conditions, shooter skills, equipment, range of the shot.


Everyone knows that it is convenient for hunters to shoot from a distance of 30-40 meters. Here is the shot on the goose in spring You can use both the medium and the largest, having a powerful damaging effect. In general, the researchers found that if you use fraction number 0000 for a thirty-five meter distance, an average of thirty grains fall into the target (760 mm in diameter). To knock a goose, two or three pellets are enough: they must fall into the front of the bird.

than to shoot a goose in spring

It should be noted that geese are extremely cautious, they do not always fly close to a hitch. Quite often, the hunter has to shoot at long distances and limit. Studying statistics, you can see that when firing a shot number 0000 at fifty meters, the number of hits is reduced to an average of twelve shots. This is not enough for a confident hunt.

When choosing a fraction for a goose in spring, it is necessary to remember the maximum distances (over 70 m). After all, even with a long-barreled powerful rifle correctly equipped with cartridges, only one, by force two pellets No. 0000, falls into a bird (300 square cm) at such a distance. And it is possible that this will be a killer hit. Hunters must remember that the smaller the fraction, the greater the chance of hitting the target, but the lethal force is reduced.

Is there a recipe for geese hunting?

Have you ever tried to get an answer to the question, what shot to shoot a goose in spring? Even professional hunters have different opinions on this subject. What, how to shoot, whom and where - each shooter has his own answer. In fact, the classic recipe for goose hunting does not exist. But many still manage to draw certain conclusions. It is interesting that, unlike the spring, the autumn goose is full and has an impressive supply of fat. He will not take too much risk for the sake of food. Therefore, shooting at extra long distances is popular in the fall. Some hunters catch geese at a distance of more than a hundred meters.

Consider how to shoot a goose is recommended in the fall. The sharpest ones are the zero numbers of the fraction, as a rule, these are No. 0000, No. 000. But there is no special alternative for ultra-long range shooting. Such a hunt is rather important for the soul: a little blood and a lot of shots. Thirty to forty shots account for an average of four geese.

how to shoot a goose

If the hunter can get closer to the pack at least 50-60 meters, then he will use a smaller fraction. Interestingly, voluminous scree with a large number of grains significantly increases the amount of production.

You ask, what shot to shoot a goose? In spring or fall - during the hunting season, fractions No. 1, 0, 00 are enough. With a successful choice of location, excellent camouflage, the use of decoy geese and stuffed flocks, the flock can easily run into a hitch.

What ammunition to use?

We continue our conversation about what shot to shoot a goose in the spring. The hunter must remember that for firing at 25-30 meters, fractions No. 3 and No. 2 are sufficient. If you follow this advice, the number of geese killed will increase significantly. Of course, wounded animals will appear, which will have to be sought out and selected.

Interestingly, most shooters consider the number 1 and number 0 to be exemplary. In this case, the temptation to open fire on distant targets, leaving wounded animals, disappears. Indeed, it is almost impossible to break through a goose feather cover at such a distance with this buckshot. But at close range, this charge is quite effective. By the way, you can still equip a couple sets of cartridges with different shots, and decide on the spot which ammunition to use.

Cartridges for goose hunting

Of course, we will further find out which fraction is best used on the goose. It is not easy to get this bird in spring - every hunter should remember this. After all, geese are very careful and fly high, and they have a high speed. As already mentioned, out of a hundred people, only seven to ten are able to successfully catch geese. Cartridges for hunting this bird are the most controversial.

Sometimes at an impressive distance the shooter has to open fire with large shots. First, we specify the criteria for distance. The normal distance is called the path at 35-40 m, the longest - 45-50 m, the ultimate - 55-60 m. As a rule, questions do not appear to fruitful shooting at normal distances. On woodcock use buckshot No. 8-7. No. 6-5 and No. 4 are usually used for large-sized waterfowl. No. 6-7 is usually taken for small birds (tweet, grouse). With long-range shooting, the situation is complicated. Here the requirements for the quality of cartridges are increased.

what shot to shoot goose and duck

Usually, in this case, carry out a personal sighting of certain numbers of the fraction. And the cartridge needs to be worked out at a given distance under the desired number of buckshot.

Now we will find out what kind of shot you can shoot a goose in the spring. We create shooting statistics: we attach a piece of paper with the silhouette of game on sheets of targets with a diameter of 760 mm. Having fired, in addition to accuracy, sharpness, stability, uniformity, we also fix the number of holes.

Today, it is often advised to use cartridges with a container for goose hunting. This, of course, is not an easy task! An experienced shooter can have about a dozen of them. Therefore, choosing the best container is quite difficult.

Most batches made by small enterprises do not stand up to criticism. Some of them have wrong skirt diameters, others do not match the material, there are containers with insufficient volume, and for many the cuff edges are reduced. But in the end, it is impossible to realize a heapy and sharp battle over long distances. Many recommend that you tinker and equip cartridges exclusively only on the goose.

Range Shooting

Unfortunately, we have not yet figured out how to shoot a goose in the spring. What do experts advise? Consider the recommendations of professionals on firing at maximum distances (55-60 m) from a standard shotgun with a large shot.

Some experienced hunters claim that opening fire at 60 m, it is better to increase the accuracy without a container. Although the process is completed along the entire stem channel with coarse shot No. 3 and higher, mixed with starch.

Wads containers give excellent accuracy and sharpness at positive temperatures with fine (up to 40 mm) buckshot. This is due to the fact that sometimes wads in quality and structure do not correspond to a specific trunk channel, its narrowing, fractions, and so on. That is, in fact, not every wad increases the firing range.

what fraction on a goose in spring

Back in the 60s, the question was urgent: how to shoot a goose in the spring. The gunsmiths conducted tests to determine the long distance at which game can be hit. It turned out that a successful shot from a twelfth-caliber gun (narrowing the barrel 1 mm and a length of 750 mm) is done at a distance of 60 meters. The most effective charge for this distance is fraction 3.

Of course, every hunter can experiment and independently choose a fraction for a goose. Spring awaits the bold innovative shooters. But the conclusions of specialists need to be paid attention to.

Golden mean

It is known that the sharpness of the battle of buckshot No. 000, 0000 is the highest. A shot is capable of hitting a goose over long distances. But what is the cost of success? In the charge, the number of fractions will decrease, which means that more deposits will appear. The area of ​​the goose body is 300 square meters. see. Having made ten shots on a 100-meter shot from a 12-caliber shotgun with a mass of 32 g No. 0000 (43 pellets), you can hit once with a single shot.

A simple calculation says: to knock out four geese, you need to use 36 rounds. And these hits will not be lethal. The result, as you see, is unimportant ...

How to find the golden mean? First things first, it is not necessary to arrange competitions for the range of a shot during a goose hunt. A successful shot from a distance of 60-70 meters, as a rule, is a surprise. Indeed, after 35 meters the accuracy of buckshot every five meters is reduced by 10%.

So, if the accuracy of the shooter is 75% at a 35-meter distance, then at a 70-meter it fluctuates within 5%.

Interestingly, coordinating a large-diameter fraction is easier if you push the felt wad to the muzzle narrowing, and fill the barrel with one layer of muzzle.

Slaughter shot

Yes, it’s very difficult to pick a fraction for a goose. Spring is the hunting season, and you need to carefully prepare for it. We already see that only two buckshot numbers can be placed tightly. If this option fails miserably, the container will have to be picked up.

In general, geese across the ocean are fired from Magnum rifles no further than 55 meters with a shot of 56 g (No. 2). If an ordinary shotgun is used at this distance, only 1-3 grains will hit the target. For Russians, it is considered normal if 4-5 grains reach the goal. In order to shoot a goose, a couple of grains is enough. But they must be deadly. Therefore, arrows shoot cartridges in advance. To determine the breaking power of the buckshot, a plate is placed under the sheet at the sighting. On it you can see the sharpness of the battle.

Goose Cart Equipment

Equipping cartridges for goose hunting, the mass of gunpowder is calculated according to the recommendations on the package. A cartridge with a shot number 1, 0, 00 is considered quite effective. For example, shooting a shot number 0 from a distance of 60 meters, you can make 27-30 holes in a circle. Of course, in addition to fractions, it is necessary to have a plastic shutter and a sleeve, gunpowder, chewed. The shooter should pay special attention to the shutter: it is necessary to tame the shutter very carefully.

Interestingly, the new hunters have already figured out a little how to select a fraction for a goose? Spring and autumn will give you a lot of prey if you are ready for the hunting season! Some seasoned shooters recommend using Sheinin's shotgun wad for 12th and 16th calibers. It is also necessary to have felt salted wad, a couple of cardboard pads, 1/3 fiberboard and 36 grams for MT21 mixed with starch. The termination of these materials is carried out by an asterisk.

goose fraction in spring

For goose hunting, starch must be present in the cartridge to improve cushioning. An obturator is used for better obturation. An asterisk is needed so that cardboard does not interfere with the departure of the shot. Professional hunters very often sprinkle buckshot with potato flour - it turns out a wonderful and cheap concentrator for choka. In general, when you are going to hunt geese, you need to pay attention to every "trifle". Most of all when shooting long distances (up to 60 meters).

Of course, the goose and duck fraction are selected very carefully. But for the hunt to succeed, you need not only to cunning with cartridges, but also to properly disguise yourself, be able to lure a bird, and study its habits. You need to be able to accurately determine with your eye the distance to the target.

By the way, to determine the distance beyond the accuracy of a shot is very simple. When the goose is within the deadly 60 meters, with the gun raised, its length will be approximately equal to the width of one barrel. If the bird's silhouette is much smaller, then it makes no sense to shoot - the distance is more than 100 meters.

Spring shooting

What fraction on a goose is used in spring - professionals will tell. They already know that the gray, the goblin, the capercaillie are approximately the same size. But the white-faced is a little smaller. If you plan to hunt for game birds, you can charge the cartridges with an identical fraction - this way you can get capercaillie and other birds. But, of course, with a flying range of buckshot, you must provide for the distance of flight. Experts also always say that it is better to slightly outweigh the gunpowder than underweight. Just in spring, shots are most often fired at a flying goose: the arrow seems that the bird is very close. So the accuracy of the buckshot and the power of the shot will not hurt.

What number of fractions on a goose in the spring are used, we considered above. I would like to add that if you shoot at a goose in the water, then you need to try to beat in the side or behind, since the bird has a thick sternum.

In general, spring goose hunting has the only feature - it is recommended to use skradok, profile and stuffed animals. Thanks to these devices, you can very close to the flock, aim well, choose the correct position of the bird and shoot.

We already know what size of a fraction on a goose in spring needs to be chosen, and therefore we will study the technique of a shot. If a hunter shoots a flying bird, then it is necessary to aim at its side. After all, the goose body is very impressive and it is not difficult to get into it: buckshot will certainly break through it and hit the desired organ. If the hunter shoots after the bird, then the chances of knocking it out are halved. If a shotgun is loaded with coarse shot, it is practically impossible to hit.

To make a successful preemptive shot, the hunter needs to shoot. After all, only then will he be able to determine that the goose is flying at great speed, although from afar it will seem to him that the flight is slow. If a shot is fired from a distance of 30-35 meters on a goose flying low above the ground, a half meter advance will be enough.

Well, we figured out how to shoot a goose. Goose hunter reviews are always great! Many trust troubles to experienced rangers, and leave themselves the pleasure of communicating with nature. Very often, duck and goose hunting is ordered from professionals.

I would like to clarify: if the bird takes off and has not yet gained speed, you should always aim at the beak. Many often observe geese flying by, which are far away, at an altitude of 40-50 m. At the same time, they fly at a decent speed, so the shooter must take a few more meters ahead.

But what about duck hunting? This type of hunting is almost always carried out using decoy. It is very important to correctly apply the buckshot to small game (small ducks, teal, gogol and others): fraction No. 7 is suitable here.

Well, that seems to be all! Have a good hunting!


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