Chandelier repair: recommendations of professionals

When a chandelier breaks down, many people immediately buy a new one. But you can use another option. For example, repair the chandelier yourself. This method is much cheaper. All you need is to know all the subtleties and secrets of repair.

Checking the operation of the switch

The first cause of the inoperative state of the chandelier is a problem with the switch. Professional electricians convince us of this.

DIY chandelier repair
According to them, this is the most important element that supplies power to our facility. It will be really a shame if the repair of the chandelier begins, when the whole problem was in the faulty switch. So, first you need to get to the terminals. To do this, using a screwdriver or manually remove the keys and frame. Then you need an indicator screwdriver. After disconnecting the device, check the phase. The switch is considered operational if it changes at the terminals.

Light bulb inspection

They also need to be carefully checked. Experts in this field assure: it happens that with a large power surge they fail. When using conventional parts, check the integrity of the filament. Energy-saving models are checked using a tester or by screwing into another lighting fixture.

Ceiling chandeliers of the modern type have special fuses in their configuration, which should also be checked. If they burn out, then a replacement must be made. Moreover, the fuses must comply with the technical parameters. Information about their characteristics can be found in the documents issued upon purchase of goods.

Wiring repair

This is another important point. The wiring condition affects the operation of the chandelier. In order to inspect the object, it is necessary to turn off the power and remove all the decorative elements that impede access to the wires. After that, a thorough inspection is carried out.

ceiling chandeliers
According to experienced electricians, signs of damage are browning. This indicates that a short circuit has occurred . Therefore, it is necessary to repair or replace it. First you need to purchase 4 plugs, which can be found in any hardware store. Then disconnect the twisted wires and solder the purchased plug to each of them. After that they can be interconnected. Accordingly, we can conclude: if the cause of the breakdown is similar to the above, repairing the chandelier with your own hands does not take much time and effort.

Features of replacing LED devices

Professionals say that doing this is not difficult. The first thing to check when repairing LED chandeliers is a transformer through which electric current is supplied. For these purposes, you will need a tester. If everything is in order, then go to the next test, which concerns the operation of the LEDs. Using a 9-watt battery and a resistor, each individual diode is checked for operability individually.

LED chandelier repair
This is done to identify a non-working item. If it is detected, a closure is carried out. Repair of chandelier lamps is completed. Then the whole structure is assembled and hung in its original place.

Repair of halogen chandeliers

A fairly common problem with the loss of performance of such devices are poor contacts. In most cases, the repair of chandeliers is associated with a solution to this problem. To fix it, you need to clean the contacts. First, check the correct connection of all wiring. If no damage was noticed outside, then you will have to use a tester to determine it.

Electricians also pay attention of ordinary people to the junction box. All connections must be in perfect condition, that is, the output voltage must comply with technical standards. A tester will also help to find something wrong. If during measurement the device shows zero, then the transformer should be replaced.

Other problems

The main malfunction is the incompatibility of many types of bulbs with old models of lamps.

LED chandelier repair
It happens that a screwed-in energy-saving part does not work. Therefore, you should prepare for the repair of the chandelier. But you can try one more thing. Experts suggest that you do not need to spend a lot of effort to screw in a light bulb. It's all about the base. As a rule, in many products it is made of soft brittle material, which is subjected to any strong mechanical stress. In halogen lamps , circular contacts are specially provided.
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With this arrangement, it will be difficult to disable them. Some types of halogen bulbs can be screwed endlessly. But such movements also have a limit. Having reached it, the glass begins to rotate relative to the base. All this is due to contact problems. The thread on modern bulbs is usually short, and it does not reach the bottom. In this case, repair work is carried out with the contacts.

How to solve such a problem?

First of all, you need to make sure that the chandelier is inoperative. The phase must not go beyond the cartridge. If this happens, then turn off the power in the electrical panel. Further, as electricians with experience assure, it is necessary to perform such actions:

  1. A screwdriver bends the contact. The main thing is not to overdo it. The contact should not be in an upright position, but slightly at an angle.
  2. If a moon-shaped contact is provided in the base, then the work will be complicated. In older models of lighting fixtures, it is located vertically. To do this, gently lift one of the contact petals up. In some cases, they can be straightened.

Why are all the above activities needed? Their meaning is to provide contact between the base and the bulb. As a rule, it must be checked several times in order for the bulb to start working. It is necessary to monitor the integrity of the cartridge. If it breaks, then it is necessary to replace it.

Chandeliers with remote control

Today, there are many automatic devices. They work with the remote control. Repair of Chinese chandeliers comes down to checking this device, it does not hurt to inspect the power supply. The next procedure is to check the integrity and operability of the lamps. To do this, the chandelier is turned off for 15 minutes.

repair of chandeliers
Then, using a cloth, they unscrew the light bulb and examine it. After that, they deal with a transformer. If all the previous elements are in working condition, then the problem lies in the electronic control unit. It’s easier not to bother with its repair, but to buy a new one at any hardware store. When replacing it, it is necessary to mark each wire so that it can not be mistaken during the reverse connection.

Crystal Chandelier Repair

Professionals involved in electricity for many years, say that the most common cause of failure of such lamps is the spallation of the main elements.

repair of chinese chandeliers
Most people try to fix the problem with glue. But no matter what the master, the crack will still be visible. Therefore, this method will not work right away.

Ceiling chandeliers can be repaired with special silicate glue. How is the procedure carried out? Before starting work, prepare the surface of the crystal. The breakaway piece is washed with water or a soapy solution, wiped and dried. Then the surface degreases. Such preparatory measures are necessary so that the connection is strong and no puncture is visible.

Glue is applied to the surface of the crystal element and connected to the chandelier. Remains of excess mass should be removed with a cloth until it is dry. After completing the work, the chandelier must be left for a while so that the parts are completely stuck together. Everyone can repair a crystal chandelier. Therefore, if it breaks, you do not need to throw it away and immediately buy a new one.


If the chandelier breaks, then be sure to try to repair it yourself. It will cost you much less than buying a new one.

halogen chandelier repair
Repair must be started by checking the circuit breaker. Here it is worth paying attention to the presence of phase in the terminals. Then we inspect the bulbs. Energy-saving models are checked using a tester or by screwing into another lighting fixture. Then the wiring status is checked. If the result is positive, it is necessary to determine the state of the contacts in the base. If necessary, replace some parts. In fact, the procedure does not take much time and significantly saves money.


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