What reviews does Rostelecom receive from customers? Internet and television from the provider: tariffs, quality of services, technical support

Choosing an Internet service provider is not an easy task. Especially for modern users. After all, human life without the Internet is already unthinkable. Access to the World Wide Web is required to be 100% guaranteed. Users have their own requests and plans for using the Internet. Someone needs high speed, some do not feel the need for it. Therefore, you have to choose a company that offers network access services on weekends. What kind of reviews does Rostelecom receive in this area ? Internet and television, as well as the provision of telephone communications, are all services that the provider offers. But is it worth it to use? What are the pros and cons of service should you pay attention to first of all? How responsible is Rostelecom? Does it serve customers well and fast? Numerous reviews will help determine all the answers. Fortunately, there are enough of them to objectively assess the situation.

Description of Activities

To begin with, it’s worth figuring out what activities Rostelecom is engaged in. In Russia, this organization is known to many. Therefore, it is worth understanding what services it offers. Perhaps, among them, everyone will be able to find something useful for themselves.

reviews Rostelecom Internet and television

Regarding activities of a positive nature, Rostelecom receives reviews. Internet and television are two main areas in which the organization is currently developing. But her possibilities do not end there.

Now Rostelecom allows you to receive the following services:

  • Internet connection (home);
  • sale of modems and devices for home Internet and TV;
  • home digital television;
  • telephone behavior (landline);
  • mobile connection;
  • interactive tv.

In addition, each potential client has the right to receive advice on certain issues. For all services, not only carrying out, but also maintenance is provided. A fairly wide range of features. There is a possibility of checking the speed of the Internet. But more on that later. First, you should study the basic services of the provider. What do customers say about them? After all, all companies have advantages and disadvantages!


What reviews does Rostelecom receive? Internet and television are the two main areas that are actively promoted in Russia by this company. Positive opinions about the organization are expressed because it is widespread throughout the country. In other words, Rostelecom is a well-known communications service throughout Russia.

You can already use the services of the corporation because of its scale. These are not scammers at all. Rostelecom is a sustainable organization that will not be abruptly closed. Pretty stable and competitive. So, as many potential clients believe, they will not be left without the Internet, television and telephone.

Rostelecom tariffs for Internet and television

Rostelecom branches are available in every city, even in the smallest village. And therefore, it is worth trusting this company. On the one hand, this is indeed so. But what specific proposals attract the population? How good is customer service? And what is needed to conclude a service agreement? Only by understanding all this, can we fully talk about the integrity of the organization. But widespread distribution throughout the country is a definite plus, allowing us to believe in the quality of service.

For private homes

Rostelecom also receives positive opinions for some of the opportunities offered to residents of private sectors. What is it about? The thing is that with the help of this organization you can conduct the Internet in a private home. Rostelecom is actively practicing in this area.

It is very problematic to calculate the cost of the service. After all, it depends on many factors. For example, from:

  • region of residence;
  • specific place of residence;
  • selected rate;
  • the number of connected services.

Many people pay attention to the fact that in a private house, especially one that is far from transmission lines, it is very problematic and expensive to carry out the Internet and other services. Regardless of provider. Nevertheless, Rostelecom offers humane rates. The cheapest way is to carry out the Internet when living in a private sector or community - then the cable laying will be calculated taking into account everyone who wants to connect the Internet to a private house. Rostelecom is, as many say, great opportunities. What other features are worth paying attention to?

About internet tariffs

For example, on suggestions regarding Internet connectivity. This service interests the population more and more often. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to this feature.

technical support Rostelecom Internet

Rostelecom receives positive reviews for it. Internet and television are often offered for joint connection. About similar packages a bit later. First, it’s worthwhile to figure out what proposals can interest those who are interested only in access to the World Wide Web.

Much depends on the region of residence. But in most regions, the following Internet packages can be distinguished:

  • "Internet up to 55 MB / s."
  • "Internet up to 100 MB / sec.".
  • "Internet up to 300 MB / sec.".
  • "Basic over the telephone line up to 10 MB / sec.".
  • "Game".

Which one to choose? It all depends on the user's preferences. All tariff plans operate on a fiber optic line, which for many residents seems very convenient. If necessary, as many say, you can buy Wi-Fi equipment and use the Internet with the possibility of night acceleration without any problems. This innovation is currently offered in most regions.

Numerous reviews indicate that Rostelecom is really pleased with its offers. The conditions for the provision of each tariff help to select the maximum compliance with the client's requests. Very pleased with the price of Internet services.

What are they like? It has already been said that various tariffs are set in different cities. But at the moment, as customers emphasize, you can accordingly focus on the following prices:

  • 450 rubles;
  • 550;
  • 700 rubles per month;
  • 359;
  • 850 rubles.

Not too much, especially considering that network access is unlimited. This means that the user has the right to surf the Internet for as long as he wishes. And download data without restrictions. The cost of services will not change.

Cable television

Now it’s worth considering the second option of services - Rostelecom cable television. A relatively new service, but it is in demand among modern users. Especially when it comes to package offers.

Cable type television, as already mentioned, is one of Rostelecom's specialties. You can choose a rate based on your queries regarding channels. There are suggestions for those who require a minimum. There are also “detailed” tariff plans that allow you to connect about 200 channels on favorable terms. Such a choice, as noted by customers, pleases. You can easily select the most advantageous offer from the point of view of a potential buyer. And do not overpay.

Internet in a private house Rostelecom

At the moment, Rostelecom cable TV offers 2 services: Interactive TV and Interactive TV 2.0. In the first case, access to television is provided without numerous bonuses. The second offers 2 weeks of free use of television. And, if the client does not like the service, he has the right to stop working with this service without paying anything.

Most customers post mostly positive reviews about this feature. After all, home television "Rostelecom" allows you to watch TV on any gadgets. Just connect to the set-top box. In fact, the company allows not only to watch TV programs on TV. And it pleases many.

TV Rates and Opportunities

What should be paid attention to those who want to connect a television to themselves, but without the Internet from Rostelecom? There are quite a lot of offers. Among them, there are those that suit lovers of sitting by the screen, and not the most enthusiastic TV people.

In any case, Interactive TV now offers the following tariff plans:

  • "Your starting" - 122 channels.
  • "Your Optimal" - 148 channels.
  • "Your Advanced" - 182 channels.
  • "Your Premiere" - 200 channels.
  • "Your maximum" - 220 channels.

The quotations for these offers are set accordingly:

  • 320 rubles per month.
  • 420.
  • 520 per month.
  • 620.
  • 1700 rubles.

Additional package offers are also provided that do not leave customers indifferent. Among them are:

  • "Your Perfect HD" - 18 channels with HD quality, 299 rubles.
  • "Your Cinema 2.0" - 15 additional channels with domestic films, 135 rubles.
  • "Adult 2.0" - 3 erotic channels, 200 rubles per month.

The proposals from Rostelecom do not end there. You can select additional packet channels. They delight many. The company "Rostelecom" television (a list of channels, a package of additional services and the exact prices should be found on the official website of the organization in each city) works fine. The image is clear, the equipment is provided at the conclusion of the contract, failures and malfunctions are practically not observed. Most customers are happy to work and set-top boxes, and the Internet to the fullest. Just what many need! Quality and reliable performance at affordable prices, as well as incredible additional features.

cable television Rostelecom

It is worth noting that Interactive TV 2.0 offers similar tariff plans. But at the same time, as already mentioned, 2 weeks you can not pay for the service - people can check how interactive cable TV suits them. And this, as noted by numerous reviews, pleases many.


It is also worth paying attention to the fact that Rostelecom offers its customers a telephone connection. Both stationary and mobile. Only unlike all other offers, the corresponding equipment is not provided free of charge. Rostelecom takes responsibility for laying a communication cable (or selling SIM cards), as well as for providing communication services.

Rostelecom has both per-minute and unlimited tariffs. It is the latter in the case of a landline telephone that is in great demand. Typically, the cost of such a connection costs 490 rubles. This is a monthly phone charge. Additionally, Rostelecom does not charge a fee for connecting and maintaining home telephony services.

By the way, the home and mobile phone works stably, as customers say. Under severe loads, as well as bad weather conditions, some malfunctions are observed, but no one is safe from them. Therefore, in the field of telephony, many indicate that Rostelecom works best. In most cities, the way it is. So, you can easily pay attention to the company. Most likely, this provider will offer something that many people will like.

Package offers

Now Rostelecom’s tariffs for Internet and television are clear. It is worth paying attention to the innovation. It makes many potential customers think about connecting. What is it about?

The thing is that offers "Rostelecom" package "Television, telephone, Internet." This means that when you connect it, the client receives all the listed services and pays for them together. In terms of cost, it is more profitable than with a separate connection of these capabilities.

Which of the package offers most often interests users? At the moment, Rostelecom distinguishes among the most common option packages:

  • "Maximum benefits" (up to 55 MB / s, 100 MB / s, 300 MB / s).
  • "Game + TV".

The first point is worth considering in more detail. After all, “Maximum Benefit” provides for several options. Depending on the speed of the Internet, the cost of the offers will depend.

  • "Up to 55 MB / s." - Internet with the appropriate speed, Interactive TV on 122 channels, pay 710 rubles per month.
  • "Up to 100 MB / sec." - 100 MB / s Internet speeds, "Interactive TV" 122 channels, plus the prefix "Standard" for 1 ruble per month.
  • "Up to 300 MB / sec." - the corresponding Internet speed for the latest technologies, interactive television on 122 channels and the set-top box "Standard" for 1 ruble.

But “Game + TV” is an offer for World Of Tanks players. It implies an Internet connection of up to 350 MB / sec., And also allows you to watch Interactive TV with 122 channels, equipment rental (modem and set-top boxes for 1 ruble per month). Plus, it provides a premium account in World Of Tanks, a 100% crew and an elite tank in the game. Many emphasize that this is the proposal that interests most active users. From now on, Rostelecom’s tariffs for Internet and television are understandable. What about customer service and technical service?

Rostelecom Package TV Phone Internet

Customer service

In these areas, as many say, there are no particular complaints. In any case, customer service is pleasing. Everything passes quickly and without problems. Employees will always help you choose the tariff or option package that best suits your needs. The only thing that is a little annoying is regular calls from the company with offers to change the tariff for a newer package. It bothers some.

To conclude an agreement, Rostelecom (Internet, television or telephony - no matter what proposal is being discussed) will require only a passport. And the address of the place of residence. The employee will check the possibility of connecting the apartment / house, and then enter into an agreement in 2 copies. It also indicates the contacts for communication with technical support.

Connection of services is fast and high quality. Technical support of Rostelecom (Internet or TV connected - this is not so important) will provide advice if necessary. And it will help to establish the network.

About technical support

Special attention, as users say, requires a technical support service. Despite the fact that many use the services of a provider, it is possible to get high-quality consultation by phone without any problems. Or call an employee of the organization without paying home.

Why does technical support get mixed reviews? Rostelecom (Internet or TV connects - it doesn’t matter) offers multichannel telephones for communication with the support service. This means that you have to talk with a robot voice. And, as customers say, getting through to a live operator is very problematic. This is the only nuance of service that does not suit many.

The rest is good technical support. Rostelecom connects television and the Internet to the client on its own, it helps to set up the equipment without any problems, and absolutely free. And it pleases!

It does not leave you indifferent that you can even contact technical support via the Internet. Employees quickly respond to questions sent, and also call back using the feedback form to their customers.


From now on, it is clear what types of television packages Rostelecom offers in various cities. Other offers from this company also became known. It works stably, although under certain conditions there are failures. And in television, and in the work of the World Wide Web.

Internet check Rostelecom

It is noted that while working with TV on several gadgets, the Internet and phone (subject to a packet connection), there may be malfunctions in the operation of these functions. All this is due to the heavy load on the system. They are actively fighting with her.

Reviews Rostelecom (Internet and television - the main areas of the organization’s development at the moment) generally earns positive. All offers are profitable, communication works better than most competitors. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the services that the company offers. Among the additional features are:

  • parental control;
  • Internet check by Rostelecom;
  • acquisition of antivirus.

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