Hierophant, Tarot: meaning. Hierophant, Tarot: meaning and interpretation in the layouts

Humanity's interest in predictions is not diminishing. On the contrary, the desire to know the upcoming changes, both on the scale of entire countries and continents, and for each individual person, is rapidly growing. For divination use a deck of tarot cards. In it, each picture has its own meaning. Hierophant (Tarot) is among the main lasso. It is an important map that identifies the milestones of future change. The Tarot deck is used for games and predictions, acts as a pleasure in reading future events in large groups and at private parties for any category of people and various social layers. As part of the lectures on the study of the direction, they organize benefits, lunches and friendly parties. Even tarot parties are created.

World celebrities had a hand in creating a large number of varieties of maps. Some decks made in the decoration are particularly colorful. They become the subject of desire for collectors and connoisseurs of real works of art. More than one hundred varieties of maps are represented in the world: from the classic versions of Spain and Egypt to the highly artistic interpretation of Salvador Dali and occult masters such as Osho and Eteilla.

Miniature pictures attract secret predictions. Modern researchers of the direction, in particular, the English Cavendish, describe the world of Tarot as a reality that does not correspond to reality. Sometimes it does not lend itself to full understanding. Colorful medieval landscapes are the backdrop on which amazing tiny figures live their lives: the Royal couple with the accompanying courtyard, the Jester with colorful bells, looking for the victim Death, Hermit, Hierophant. The meaning of tarot cards on relationships and love, life, work, health are interpreted depending on the combination of these pictures in the situation.

Hierophant Tarot meaning

The mysterious origin of the cards

The emergence of the concept of tarot refers to mysterious facts. Accurate information about the origin has not yet been established. To explain the varieties of maps put forward numerous theories. According to the research of Kurt de Gebelin back in 1780, it is assumed that the cards are a variation of the ancient Egyptian Book of Thoth. He belongs to the category of early eminent rulers, who throughout his life invents and classifies a system of signs and hieroglyphs. According to legend, the priests of Egypt use the layout of the pictures to confidently predict future events and control the power. To find solutions to the state, religious scale, the problems of the universe are the senior lasso, which includes the Hierophant. Tarot, the value of "yes-no" on everyday issues gives power to the minor Arcana.

Cards are given powerful power. Therefore, when Egypt enters the stage of decline, the priests hide the pictures of the senior lasso from the robbers - barbarians, fearing that they will fall into the hands of great knowledge. Representatives of the junior deck are in the hands of gypsies using the fortune-telling deck. The doctrine is gradually spreading in Europe due to the nomadic life of this nation. An incomparably large contribution to the study of the history of fortune-telling and the origin of the Tarot is made by the master of the occult direction of France, Etail. He devotes part of his life to restoring each of the seventy-eight lasso and determining its meaning. His theory of the origin of pictures also refers us to the Egyptian book mentioned above, consisting of 78 tablets.

hierophant tarot meaning

Images of plates are traditionally applied to the vertical surfaces of the gallery - dungeons in some Egyptian temples. With the fierce defeat of the Alexandria Library by Caliph Omar , the Book of Thoth remains the only surviving publication. According to Etheil’s theory, the masterpiece falls into the hands of Roman and Greek warriors, then spreads around the world. There are many theories and interpretations of the origin of the cards, but the main thing is the importance of the pictures themselves, to which the Hierophant belongs. Tarot explains the meaning and interpretation of symbols in different ways depending on the alignment. The deck is a good and timely help in resolving issues of everyday life, religion, family and interpersonal relations.

Tarot Symbols

The standard deck is still used in fortune telling in southern Europe. Modern truncated cards for the game are its derivative. The collection contains the same kings, aces, ladies, jacks. Tarot decks are distinguished by a different number of characters. There are European options, maps of Spanish gypsies, ancient symbols and Marseille copies. They are all quite different.

For example, the Marseille Tarot has 78 pictures, of which 52 are ordinary playing cards. A new symbol for each of the suits is added to them, namely the picture of a knight. It is located between the jack and the queen. The suit is represented by four options: two black and one edge. The suit of clubs is called wands, worms are called bowls, peaks are represented as swords, and tambourines are indicated by pentacles or discs. The difference from the usual deck is to add another twenty-two pictures with numbers. Each of them has its own original name. These cards are independent of suit.

Modern decks consist of paper-based pictures. Whereas the original records in the Book of Thoth are made of metal, bone, later the material is leather. An important place in the deck is given to the Hierophant card. Tarot gives him a special meaning when divining for future events.

Hierophant Tarot meaning in relationship

Description of the Hierophant map image

The symbol is presented in the form of a male figure on the throne, dressed in the clothes of a priest. On some maps, a man is a young man - a priest with a young attractive face. Other artists present the figure of a clergyman in the form of a venerable old man with a thick beard. A wise brow is crowned by a crown, a scepter is depicted in his hand. Clothes and a wand are painted quite varied. It depends on what religious beliefs the deck manufacturer belongs to.

The second hand is captured in a wave. This is a blessing gesture that he bestows on two or three lesser worshipers sitting at his feet. Their poses symbolize humble reverence. The priests appeal to him with their heads bowed. It was they who were fortunate enough to turn to the Holy One and with a shudder accept the blessing. For many of us, the Hierophant, the Tarot, is associated with the high priest. The meaning of the card corresponds to the authority to which believers obey. The priest advises each person options for salvation and performs a sacred mission: clarifies the foundations of belief. The bodies and souls of mortals are freed from unclean thoughts, grow stronger for godly deeds on earth.

General interpretation of the Hierophant card in the upright position

Each lasso plays an important role in interpreting the layout for future changes. A symbol that has not been turned upside down has the following meanings for a person who wants to know the future:

  • Confidence and success in the near future, sympathy and mercy of people around.
  • The approaching marriage is becoming successful. It notes trusting relationships.
  • An early court session will end with a positive effect.
  • In a married life, the Hierophant predicts love, kindness, and a community of interests: Tarot is positive in relationships. The map indicates warmth and understanding.
  • For creative people, it tells of an approaching rise, requires an increase in the search for truth.
  • Believers receive a blessing for the service of religion.
  • The card says that a person goes his own way and does not become dependent on other people.

The picture of the Priest speaks of the morality of a person, a penchant for religious beliefs, the presence of virtue, and the possession of a remarkable intellect. The card that is drawn out prompts the person to insight and discover the truth. She speaks of the established “bridge” between the divine manifestation and the human person. In more ancient interpretations, the role of the card allows us to talk about the appearance in the life of a truth seeker of a reliable guardian angel that helps in the positive ending of any undertaking.

If the Hierophant appears in the layout, Tarot interprets the meaning of the card in a different way. The picture speaks of the emergence of reliable friends, inclined to commit good deeds, the possibility of an early marriage. The symbol indicates advice. It can also be interpreted differently: a person will meet a faithful mentor or the questioner himself will give recommendations to another person. It all depends on the layout of the remaining characters.

Tarot card value hierophant

Map Priest is interpreted by fortune tellers as an indicator of calm, tradition and obedience. A person observes moral and social rules, which gradually leads him to fulfill his desires. The hierophant points to the spiritually mature qualities of a person, her wisdom, authority among those around him. The appearance of the picture in the layout allows us to confidently judge the imminent achievement of truth, an understanding of the environment, the possibility of gaining new knowledge. Depending on the environment of other characters, it determines the appearance of new acquaintances, friends, a return to traditional values.

About such qualities as condescension and tolerance are indicated by the loss of the Hierophant (Tarot) card. The value, in combination with other symbols of the deck, indicates that the person willingly shares true knowledge, applies the experience of other people's mistakes in order to avoid his own. The questioner enthusiastically follows the chosen idea and faithfully serves his cause.

Value upside down

The card, which fell upside down, indicates events that are completely opposite to the previous interpretations:

  • Good deeds bypass the questioner. He gets into non-traditional situations. All advisers who fall in his path try to deceive him.
  • Man possesses irresistible conservatism, unwillingness to change and learn new truths.
  • Excessive kindness towards people will ruin fate. The desire to agree with everyone leads to enslavement, surrender of desires and weakness of spirit.
  • A person needs constant approval and recognition of others, the priority of extraneous opinions leads to the loss of authoritarianism.

The person is distinguished by increased hypocrisy, gives others and receives bad advice from them, allows friends to use kindness for selfish purposes. In addition, problems in relations with relatives are gradually increasing. Such unpleasant events are foreshadowed by the inverted Hierophant, Tarot. The value for personal relationships is determined by the hypocrisy of the second half, unwillingness to make concessions and contact. Having met an inverted image in the layout, the person subsequently encounters the lie of others, stubbornness. The questioner himself has a lack of insight, gullibility. Higher providence departs from it and does not help in difficult situations. The map promises the appearance of a hypocritical crowd with its false principles, which takes in the ranks of those who sacrificed principles for the sake of connecting with it.

The inverted Priest personifies callousness and pedantry. It portends the emergence of situations where the letter of the law is valued bypassing universal principles. Based on this judgment, situations arise when the court case has an ending unfavorable for the questioner. Some nationalities interpret the incorrectly located map as a harbinger of an individual who has stumbled and betrayed higher ideals.

In some interpretations, the Hierophant has an inverted prediction. Tarot defines its meaning as the dissent of a subject who uses unconventional methods to achieve goals, sometimes completely immoral. He is angry that conventional methods do not lead to the desired result. Moreover, on the way of the individual there are people who have fallen morally, who give a person bad advice. The card is a symbol of slander, disgrace in the eyes of others, the appearance of false facts regarding the financial situation. Excessively free behavior, ignoring generally accepted morality, false views on the universe lead to exclusion from the understandable surrounding space and entry into low spiritual spheres.

hierophant tarot meaning yes no

Career alignment

In the upright position, the picture portends the emergence of useful connections and assistance in career advancement. Employees will give recommendations and substitute a reliable shoulder. A person has an education and fully uses the knowledge gained to achieve the highest results in work. A bright personality is revealed. The map indicates a responsible type of character: a person shares his knowledge and experience with colleagues.

Positive moments, key, correctly directed events are predicted by Hierophant, Tarot. Meaning: work and professional activities are in the positive sector. You are successful, active and full of new ideas. The value of the Tarot card Hierophant encourages more active participation in research, experiments. But he warns against dispersal in several areas of activity, work on projects to which the soul does not lie.

The symbol in the inverted position has the opposite meaning. The career ladder with rotten steps is predicted by the Hierophant (Tarot). The value of the card indicates that people around at work doubt the moral character and decency of the person asked. Backstage intrigues and betrayals arise, leading to a loss of authority among colleagues, and in some cases among subordinates or superiors. The map speaks of a thoughtless attitude to the matter and the lack of thoughtfulness of serious moments.


Unfortunately, the appearance of the symbol in an upright position indicates poor human health. But the ailment will recede if the individual approaches the treatment seriously and does not let its development drift. Rather, the manifestation of the disease is temporary. With the right treatment, recovery promises to be quick and successful. The iron character helps restore the body, and any ailment is defeated in such a mood.

The inverted Hierophant Tarot says otherwise. Meaning: Health is on the verge of destruction. Since the questioner is a suspicious and narrow-minded person, he cannot ensure the proper nature of therapy. And this leads to grave consequences.

The interpretation of the card in a love story

The inverted position of the picture indicates unfavorable and false relationships in the home circle. There is no trust in the pair, which leads to constant quarrels. If there is a question about the upcoming wedding, then it breaks down due to inflexibility and failure to fulfill promises. If one of the spouses behaves inappropriately or does not comply with his duties, then the card indicates this.

A different state of affairs is foreshadowed by a directly located sign - Hierophant, Tarot. The meaning in love is determined by positive aspects. Between partners, a high level of mutual understanding and trust is achieved, which develops into a strong and reliable marriage. The High Priest himself protects the spouses and directs their views towards the correct value system. If we talk about the events that a person wants to know, then the appearance of a card promises a fast wedding.

hierophant tarot meaning work

Fortune telling

In the upright position, the symbol will indicate a highly spiritual person striving for the improvement of his personality. The individual is a wise adviser and sensible mentor. The map shows that a person successfully works in the field of medicine, pedagogy, religion. He is a mature, authoritative person. It is not affected by distorted moral values ​​and immoral directions of the state of mind.

The inverted Hierophant (Tarot) indicates quite another. Significance in relations with others comes to a standstill due to the conservatism of personality, cunning, hypocrisy, the desire to fake events under their negative perception of the world. Such a person constantly needs to be sucked and falsely praised of dubious character traits.

Fortune telling of the year

If a Hierophant falls to a fortuneteller, the Tarot value for a year determines the following: the next 365 days will pass under the auspices of higher forces. A person will necessarily think about the meaning of life, will comply with generally accepted laws of morality. A year is a long time and a great time for new knowledge, getting an education, increasing opportunities and expanding horizons of activity.

The High Priest devotes 12 months to revising man's views on the worldview, replacing the values ​​received from the family and imposed on him by upbringing. Dogmas are not obsolete. Their manifestation is carried out in the framework of modern society. These principles are not imputed to a person by force. A person feels and internally perceives all the changes of his new thinking, sets the desired priorities.

The value of the Tarot Hierophant card is instructive. It gives advice to the individual to be more tolerant of the mistakes of those around him, to help with the necessary advice, to be moderately merciful. The manifestation of true human qualities directly determines what the individual will achieve in the coming year.

Hierophant Tarot meaning and interpretation

Personal life will be marked by a period of prosperity and will bring a person many joyful moments. Perhaps the conclusion of a marriage or the emergence of promising in this regard, dating. The fortuneteller’s financial situation will be at its best only in the case of legitimate profits. The game is not by the rules will result in collapse. In a state of health, periodic deterioration, changes in age or ailments of a passing nature occur.

Hierophant Tarot: the meaning of Ryder

The map image has a gray background. The interior in the picture is stone, hard. The cross in the priest’s hand dates back to the early Christian period. The clothes are presented in three colors: white, blue and red. On his head flaunts a papal tiara of yellow color. The cleanliness of the papa's steps is marked by the white color of the shoes with ties. Two students knelt before him. One has roses in his hands, the other presents white lilies to the teacher. The priest symbolizes the blessing of religious instruction.

If you have Hierophant Tarot, there is also significance to the situation. The map in the layout symbolizes the successful completion of the work, a blessing for new knowledge. The meaning of the picture shows that a person creates everything with the name of God on his lips, acts according to strict canons. It is assumed that the person of the fortuneteller is independent, not subject to the manifestation of the dark sides of the soul. All processes in human life are established within the framework of normal relationships.


Tarot cards awaken a person's hidden interests in secret things. Their significance suggests that only thoughtful work brings sweet fruits. The hierophant warns of the appearance of excessive pride in the heart from the greatness of the deed, suggests the correct behavior. Taking up a deck of cards and wanting to look beyond the veil of the future, a person must be confident in his thoughts and consider them correct. Having received the answer in the situation, it is impossible to make hasty decisions. It is necessary to correlate the results of fortune-telling with an internal understanding of the situation.

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