What is good shilak manicure?

Most women visit beauty salons, signing up for manicures, pedicures, haircuts, and more. Classical procedures will never lose their relevance. However, like the appearance of fashionable and stylish hairstyles, the world of manicure is also very looking forward to the appearance of new products. More recently, a trendy novelty has appeared in beauty salons to create an excellent and modern manicure.

The novelty is called shilak manicure (Shellac) and at the moment only few, and not all beauty salons have heard about it yet. However, those salons that have the opportunity to recommend this type of manicure claim that it is especially beneficial for women who cannot afford to visit the salon often because of their constant business employment. In fact, here lies one of the features of such a manicure - it's not for nothing that they call it permanent, because it lasts, retaining its original appearance, for about two weeks.

Shilak was developed by Creative Nail Design (CND) , which specializes in the production of cosmetics for nails, hands and feet. Shilak gel is a hybrid of varnish with a liquid structure, but the coating will be hard and durable. It is very comfortable to wear, because it does not weigh down the nails, which reflects its hybridity - in this case, this is a combination of the lightness of the varnish and the stability of the gel.

At first glance, shilak manicure is a regular manicure with a standard varnish coating. However, the procedure does not use varnish, but shilak gel, with which you can simulate nails. Like applying a regular varnish, the shilak coating is carried out in a standard way (the procedure consists in applying the base layer, after which the colored varnish is applied in two layers, then the last fixing layer), however, in this case, each layer must be dried under the light of an ultraviolet lamp. The resulting monolithic layer will not be erased and will not have chips, and the luster and appearance of the manicure will last a long time, preserving the luster and shape.

Shilak manicure has another significant plus - it makes the nail plate more durable and solid. In addition, this coating can be used as a basis for applying conventional varnish. As soon as he gets bored, he is removed with a nail polish remover, while the shilak will not have any damage either in shine, in the number of layers, or in strength.

Koenno, like other procedures, Shilak manicure also has its drawbacks, some of which have already been named:
- the procedure is not carried out in all beauty salons,
- its cost is quite high, so still preference is given to classic types of manicure,
- at home, the procedure is not feasible, salon specialists also know how to remove shilak, therefore, to apply the gel and to remove it, you must consult a specialist.

Such a disadvantage as a high cost is compensated for by a long repetition of the procedure. I already mentioned above the stability of the coating, as it turns out, repeating the usual procedure several times during the time that Shilak could hold out, it takes more time, nerves and strength.

"How to remove the shilak?" - using a special liquid, even if this procedure is carried out in the salon, but there is no need for long-term cutting off of a thick layer of gel or acrylic used for nail extension.

Nevertheless, shilak gel is gaining increasing popularity among women, therefore it is possible to assert with confidence that the advantages of the coating cover all its shortcomings. It is especially pleasing that there is no need to be afraid for damage to the coating immediately after the procedure, since prolonged drying is not required. The latest, but very important, shilak is completely hypoallergenic, so it can be used by anyone.

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