How to wash a mouse pad and whether it can be done at all

Over time, any mat becomes dirty. And this is not happening because we rarely wash our hands. Many dust particles are floating in the space of the apartment, which, time after time, settling on the plane of the rug, rub into it by moving the mouse almost in layers. We notice that the cursor sometimes skips, the mouse began to slow down on the rug, and even its appearance leaves much to be desired. It's time to wash. But how to wash the mouse pad correctly? And in general, can this be done?

A bit about washing, rugs and their diversity

Wash washing discord. As well as rug rug. The manual process involves washing up things with hands, that is, a kind of pressing them, grinding. Of course, this method is not suitable for the rug. A washing machine is also not an option. No matter what the delicate washing program is on, not every rug can endure such a mockery. And having endured this “abuse”, it will take its natural form for a long time. And will she accept it at all?

But then how to wash a mouse pad? The terms “washing” or “cleaning” are better for a rug. You can wash it. And washing is not recommended. Our article will tell you exactly how and what to wash mats made of various materials.

Wash mat

Fabric mouse pad

A frequent regular on our computer table is a fabric mat with a base made of thick rubber, which provides the accessory with a tight grip on the surface of the countertop. In principle, you can wash a mouse pad of a similar variety with linen. But the water temperature should not exceed 30 ° C, and after washing it is immediately advisable to spread it on a towel, covering it with its other edge from above, and put bending on top so that the mat takes its original shape.

But it is better not to be too lazy and just wash the accessory in the bathroom or in a large basin with a flat bottom by hand. For this, both laundry soap and ordinary shampoo are suitable. How it's done:

  1. Soak the mat in warm soapy water for an hour and a half. It is best to use laundry soap.
  2. Then we drain the initial water, put the mat on the bottom of the pelvis, add a little water, soap it with three soft washcloths, washing off all the soaked contaminant. If desired, the process can be repeated.
  3. After accessory, rinse (rinse) under cold running water. You can not squeeze. To dry, you just need to put it on one edge of the towel and, covering it with the second, place on it a chopping board with a couple of books on top. When the main moisture is absorbed into the towel, you can dry it on any flat surface. After drying, the mat will again be like new.

Washing mats made of plastic and aluminum

Aluminum mouse pad

Since washing the mouse pad from the materials voiced in the title does not work out physically, we will clean them. This is done as follows:

  1. Again, at first we soak everything in the same slightly warm water with soap. Do not wash the plastic with excessively hot water. Depending on the quality and durability of the plastic from which the accessory is made, it can either lose its shape or become embossed. Such a rug can no longer be fixed.
  2. Plastic is best washed by Fairy or any other dishwashing detergent. It will save him not only from the pollutant, but also from fatty deposits, which in the form of invisible sweat and dead tissue settle on the upper surface of the accessory. We clean everything with the same soft washcloth or a new sponge for washing dishes.
  3. Rinse under cold running water and lay to dry on a flat surface. The process is completed.

My leather mat

Leather mouse pad

How to wash a mouse pad from leather? The latter is better not to wet completely, but to limit to wet cleaning using wet wipes and skin care products. Wet skin, and even more so washed in a typewriter, will never be as smooth as before. It is worth remembering and not committing rash acts.

Other rugs

Backlit mouse pad

How to wash mouse pads that contain gel pad, backlight, and other electronics? The answer is no way. Only the cleaning indicated in the section for washing leather rugs, otherwise not only the electronics will fail, but the accessory itself will lose its former gloss. Glass mats can be cleaned using special tools for cleaning windows.


All contaminants on dense surfaces are perfectly cleaned with a damp cloth dipped in soap. Before washing, pay attention to what your mat is made of, and think about the question of whether it is possible to wash the mouse pad from such material in general. If so, visually consider what means will be safe for him.

And if you are not sure whether the product will harm your “carpet”, try first from the corner. If everything is fine, you can continue. If something suspicious is happening - the picture is washed off or the surface itself is dissolved, return to the soap. This is the most harmless and effective tool for rugs of all types.


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