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The problem of a lack of money is familiar to everyone firsthand. Sometimes we can deny ourselves something and reach the salary. But there are times when you have to urgently seek additional funds. This is especially true of the situation when a loved one falls ill, one does not have to choose here. It remains to ask for money from relatives or friends, or contact the bank. In the first case, you may be denied, in the second, consider the application for a very long time. It remains to use the services of a microcredit organization.

microclad reviews

Fast and reliable

If you don’t have time to collect numerous inquiries, and you need money right now, then MicroKlad can be an excellent choice. Reviews of her work can be found very different. Those who could not give the money on time often remain dissatisfied with the persistent calls of managers. On the other hand, if a person gives money on time, then he does not have any claims to the company. It turns out that you just need to mutually comply with the terms of the contract.

Pitfalls: are they?

There are many different rumors about the activities of MCOs. Say, they wind up additional interest, force to sign a general power of attorney for the property, drive a person into debt and take away his property. And they come to your home, threaten, beat, and much more.

But if you look at things realistically, then we have before us the usual microcredit organization called "MicroKlad". Reviews emphasize that you can borrow money very quickly, literally within 15 minutes. Moreover, you are spared the need to go somewhere and collect documents. All you need is a computer and a bank card. All negative reviews boil down to the fact that a person did not fulfill his obligations.

microclad customer reviews

15 minute deal

Where can I instantly get the required amount of money? Friends may not refuse you this, but it may well turn out that they will not have the necessary amount. It is for such situations that there is a company MicroKlad. Reviews confirm that there is always money. The application is reviewed within 30 minutes. If they make a positive decision, then after 15 minutes the money will arrive on the card. You can safely go to the ATM. And if this option is inconvenient for you, the courier will bring a loan to your house.

Company Feature

Today the market is saturated with companies that offer money at interest. These are pawnshops and MFIs, MCOs and banks, private individuals who give loans. What is the difference between MicroKlad? The reviews emphasize, first of all, that the company gives out money in all convenient ways, eliminating the need to wait in lines, and just spend time visiting the office. The speed with which applications are considered is also very pleasant. Finally, it is necessary to recognize and not too high interest that accrues for the use of money.

MFO MicroKlad LLC is a fast-growing company that, despite high competition, continues to issue loans to individuals on favorable terms.

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How to get a loan?

So, you urgently need a certain amount, and you decide to seek help from MicroKlad. Customer reviews suggest that you only need to go to the official website. And you can do this from any device, from a phone or laptop. Then follow a series of simple steps:

  • Fill out the application on the official website of the company, indicating the required amount and terms of the loan.
  • You will need to fill in personal data, phone and mail.
  • Choose the method of receiving money that suits you.
  • It remains to wait a little approval. Usually no more than 10 minutes.

Company requirements

Unlike banks, they will not check the credit history, place of work and salary. It is your task to assess the level of income and the ability to pay on time with debt. If there is any doubt about this, it is better to solve the financial problem in a different way. So, to whom does MicroKlad give money? Customer reviews speak of high loyalty. The requirements indicate the age of 21 to 70 years, as well as citizenship of the Russian Federation. No more information will be requested from you.

microklad reviews


This is one of the most important points that you need to study before concluding a deal. You can apply for a loan from 1,000 to 30,000 rubles. It is very convenient if you urgently need a small amount of money, and you are very limited in time. Visit the site, apply for a loan, and you can immediately use it.

The loan term is up to 30 days, this is the maximum period for which a loan can be issued. MicroKlad, reviews and opinions of people about which may differ significantly among themselves, does not imply a long-term loan. To do this, it is better to contact the bank. The interest rate may vary, depending on the information provided by the borrower (having a permanent job, children), as well as on the status of the client. The site provides information that the rate is from 1% per day.

Loan terms

Let us dwell on this point, since it is very important. Feedback about MicroKlad sometimes suggests that customers called the company and asked for deferred payments, but they didn’t meet them. And only constantly called and threatened. In fact, there are developed contract renewal schemes that work. Of course, you will need to pay interest for the time that you have already used the money.

If necessary, a microloan can be repaid earlier, when you have the right amount. In this case, the percentage will be recalculated based on how many days have passed since the receipt of the loan.

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How can I get the money?

This is one of the biggest advantages of the MicroKlad company. Reviews about loans note that with a shortage of time, this is a real salvation. You can get funds without leaving your home or work, choosing the most convenient way to get money.

  • The most popular is the transfer of money to a bank card. To do this, inform the card account to which funds will be received.
  • Electronic money. It can be Qiwi, Yandex, WebMoney. This payment method is very good for those who plan to pay with the money received for online purchases.
  • Cash can be collected directly at the company’s office.
  • The courier will bring them to your home at a convenient time.

Credit repayment methods

The MFO MicroClad company also took care of this. Reviews say that you can pay off your debt in a variety of ways. This is a transfer from card, from card to card, by electronic money, through the Kiwi terminals. This allows you to repay the loan at any time of the day, without leaving the house. This is a very important point for many busy people, since an office visit is not required.

microclad loan customer reviews

Main advantages

I would like to emphasize that the material of the article does not pursue advertising purposes. Each person should decide for himself whether he needs a loan. In some cases, this is a necessity. And if you are able to fulfill the terms of the contract, then the overpayment will not be too large. If not, then it’s best to choose other options for solving material problems.

But often, customer reviews of MicroClad loans are considered an excellent solution to many problems that may arise. High efficiency of processing the application helps out, in just 30 minutes you already have the money. The failure rate is minimal, in 99% of cases a positive decision is made. You will not need any documents and guarantors, only passport data. In this case, you can get a loan around the clock and seven days a week.

Contract renewal terms

If you cannot pay off your debt on time, the bank may provide an opportunity to extend the loan period. This operation can be performed in your account, no more than seven times a year. In this case, it will be possible to pay interest for the actual period of use of the loan. That is, the company is ready to meet you, giving you the opportunity to pay off your loan. Feedback from the debtors of MicroKlad sometimes asserts the opposite, but apparently for the reason that after the delay they begin to avoid communicating with managers.

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Debt restructuring

It should be noted that these are special conditions for emergency cases. To do this, you must definitely come to the office and write a statement indicating one of the reasons. Among those considered may be:

  • The death of the borrower.
  • Accident (serious illness, trauma).
  • Disability of the borrower.
  • Loss of work in the presence of dependents.
  • Gaining the status of the sole breadwinner.
  • Conscription in the army.
  • Imprisonment in prisons.

Each of these cases is documented and examined individually. Payment of the debt can be postponed or “forgiven” to the client if he died, and close relatives could not be found.

Late fees

MikroKlad, reviews of which sometimes contain a lot of negativity due to active attempts by the company to get its money back, acts in accordance with the contract. Is it worth repeating what happens this way through the fault of the client himself. Even if it comes to a combination of circumstances. A person should weigh his risks and always have a fallback option in order to pay off debts on time.

In case of delay, MFIs will really try to collect debts from you in different ways. Managers will diligently call the abandoned phones. If a person does not get in touch, the search for his relatives, visits to work begin. Of course, there is nothing pleasant about this. If after 30 days the debt is not repaid, the company sues and collects its money. In this case, the credit history goes bad, a person will not be able to get a loan or a loan. Think in advance if you need such consequences. Of course, in the event of a lawsuit, you will have to pay legal fees besides the main debt.

Instead of a conclusion

Is it worth it to cooperate with the MicroKlad company? Feedback from a loan in this MFI is called simple and convenient, although today there are several dozen similar companies, the conditions and interest rate in which may be even more pleasant. Therefore, do not rush to sign the contract. Carefully evaluate your capabilities and the need for a loan.

The second point concerns the situation when you cannot repay the debt on time. In this case, you must definitely call the office and talk about your difficulties. Of course, no one will write it off, but they will consider options for prolonging the contract. In general, if you need money urgently and for a short time, then it is quite possible to use the services of this company. The conditions specified in the contract, employees comply. Another thing if they do not suit you. Then you need to immediately refuse to conclude a transaction.

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