How to write to yourself in "VK"? A way to send messages to yourself

No matter how trite this sounds, modern people living in their virtual world lack regular communication. And here a lot of social networks come to the rescue, such as Odnoklassniki, Facebook, Twitter, and, of course, VKontakte. These are the most popular sites, in the open spaces of which you can find many interesting personalities, useful information for leisure and work. Sometimes it becomes necessary to keep some records and links in order to revise them in the future and not to lose among the huge stream of unnecessary information. Many inexperienced users of social networks ask a simple question about how to write to themselves in VK. We will consider in the article several different ways to save attached documents, records, links, multimedia and video in our messages.

what can I write in VK

The role of social networks in the life of modern people

As shown by numerous studies and statistics, in social networks registered many solvent individuals from all over the world from the age of 18 years. That is why VKontakte is becoming such a valuable website for many people starting their own business. In social networks, it’s easy enough to promote your own website. After all, if you leave your link here or create a certain group, people can get acquainted with your best practices. Often there is a need to keep some idea in your messages. And in order not to lose information, newcomers to social networks are trying to learn how to save interesting links, videos, audio and files of other formats on their computer’s hard drive. But without ancillary programs, this is quite difficult to implement. Isn’t it easier to learn how to write yourself in VK and save all the necessary materials online?

VKontakte structure and usability: blocks, control menus, items

how beautiful to write VK

Before proceeding with an explanation of what you can write in VK or how to do it, you need to consider the structure of the website itself . VKontakte contains a header with a logo, search and quick control buttons, a working area and a cellar, which indicates the site developer, the ability to change the language to any other available, and some additional buttons for partners and other users.

For us, the main goal will be to understand the structure of the working part of the VKontakte site. It consists of a menu in which there is also the “My Messages” item that we need, a block of main content, and, more precisely, walls where news, recordings, multimedia are placed — anything.

VKontakte is considered one of the simplest and most convenient sites for users. Even recently registered users will quickly understand its structure and all the subtleties.

How to write a message "VKontakte"?

To send yourself a simple text message in "VK", you first need to log in. To do this, enter the username and password for your account.

how to write vk empty message

The site automatically redirects you to the page of news and updates. We, in the control menu, which is located on the left in the working area of ​​the site, go to the "My Messages" item. A dialog box will open in front of you. Let's look at an example of how to write “VK” an empty message.

how to write yourself a vk message

For a deeper understanding, consider what actions need to be performed:

  1. In order to send a message to yourself for the first time, you need to enter your exact name and surname in the search bar of the dialog box that opens, as indicated in the account.
  2. Below, in the search results, you will see a thumbnail of your avatar with the signature of the first and last name. Click on the account and go into a dialogue with yourself.
  3. Now you can send yourself a text message.

A way to post to your posts

Since the beginning of the development of the “white” way of website promotion, many users of the VKontakte social network began to create their own groups, add various news, promotions, interesting materials, posts and posts to them. But how to forward such a record to your friends or how to write to yourself in VK so as not to lose such useful material? Under each entry there are two icons: a mouthpiece and a heart. To send an entry to yourself in messages, you need to click on the mouthpiece icon, in the window that appears, select the audience, in our case, put a check mark next to the item "Send by personal message", and enter your name and surname in the search line. After you select yourself as the recipient, you can safely send the record. But remember, if the administrator wants to remove this news from his group, all information will also be deleted from your message.

Manage selected messages

how to write to yourself in vk

Sometimes it becomes necessary to send in your messages part of an important correspondence with a certain person. And here the question arises of how to write to myself in VK, and is this possible? Yes, everything is feasible. To do this, go to the necessary chat, click on the mouse to select important messages, and then click on the "Forward ..." button in the dialog box. Next, enter your first and last name in the search bar or, if you have already sent messages to yourself, select a dialogue with you. When it opens, you will see attached forwarded messages under the text box. After pressing the "Enter" key on the keyboard in your messages will appear all the selected correspondence. In addition to this function, highlighting messages, you can delete them, mark them as spam, mark important ones.

Send attachment to your messages

In order to send a Word document, archive or multimedia to your online messages, you need to open your dialog box, go to chat with yourself, and near the button to send emoticons and an empty text line, move the mouse cursor over the "Attach" link. In the drop-down menu you need to select the desired item, whether it be a document, audio recording, video, card or photo. The attachment window will open. You can select already saved materials on the page or download new files from your computer.

One can only admire the social network "VKontakte" and tell everyone that it is simple, convenient, and designed so beautifully! Writing “VK” to yourself is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.


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