Perseverance is ... How to develop perseverance in a child?

Perseverance is the ability to concentrate on something for a long time. It is difficult for young children to sit still for a long time without being distracted. Curiosity and activity prevent a preschooler from focusing on any one lesson. But in order to subsequently not have problems with learning at school, it is necessary to accustom the child to discipline from an early age. Perseverance is an important condition for success. If the baby does not know how to concentrate and maintain patience, it will be difficult for him to master the material. Constantly distracted and switching to other classes, it is impossible to achieve positive learning outcomes.

Perseverance is

Develop perseverance

Parents are often confident that perseverance is a feature of their child’s temperament. But this quality can also be an acquired skill. To teach the baby not to be distracted is difficult enough. This requires a change in lifestyle, daily routine. In addition, this quality is not immediately developed, but appears with age. To develop perseverance, you will need patience, endurance. You must try to change the attitude of the crumbs to the events that occur around, and for this you need to adhere to certain rules.

The conditions necessary for the development of perseverance

How to teach a child perseverance and what needs to be done? In order to achieve success in the development of such a useful quality, it is necessary to take into account important points.

Fit for age

A kid who is three years old is unlikely to be delighted with learning foreign languages. He likes outdoor games, classes with the designer or drawing. During classes, you need to remove all unnecessary things from view, turn off the TV. Even adults find it difficult to focus on activities that are completely uninteresting for them, and for an active kid it is even more difficult.

Completion of work

Thinking about how to instill perseverance to the baby, first of all, you need to start with yourself. Adult behavior is an example for crumbs. In order to teach the child to complete the work begun, you need to adhere to this and the parents. Do not take on something new without completing the previous lesson. If this is cleaning, then it should not be done halfway. If a meal, then it should be full. Make it clear to the child that the performance of any tasks should be of high quality. Remember to praise and criticize less.

How to develop perseverance

Calm and patience

You can not scold the child for being interested in something else during the current lesson. Young children do not understand this. To instill perseverance by force will not work. Such methods will only lead to the fact that the baby will get stress, and this will aggravate the situation even more. A calm parental attitude will benefit and help cope with restlessness.

No hard limits

Kids who are three or four years old are very curious. Everything that surrounds them causes an irresistible interest. Do not limit access to new knowledge. From the age of five it is already possible to require the child to be assiduous, at this age he can already concentrate.

Exercises and Activities

How to develop perseverance in an overly active baby? Classes and exercises are very useful for such children, for which concentration and concentration are necessary.

Games with puzzles, designers, mosaics require perseverance. To get a good result, the child needs to make a lot of effort. For active children, this is a difficult task, but the result will please.

How to teach a child perseverance

You can do reading with your child. Listening to a fairy tale, the baby concentrates on what he heard, presents the plot and characters. You need to read often. It relaxes and soothes. To make it easier for crumbs to represent heroes, it is worth choosing books with illustrations.

You can play with a child in a puppet theater. Let the kid choose the plot and the role that he likes best.

Finding differences is also a good way to learn how to focus. You should not expect everything to work out right away. At first, the baby can not do without the help of parents. But over time, this occupation will captivate himself. It is important that the task was selected according to the age of the child, so as not to go hunting excessive tasks.

Creative activities. Not every child likes to draw, but you can use alternatives. You can offer something to sculpt, make an application, a mural, you can do weaving. Children really like to draw with finger paints. You can spread a large sheet of paper on the floor and allow the baby to leave traces of pens and legs, draw colorful patterns. This will entice the restless crumb for a long time. You can find many other interesting activities that will help to accustom perseverance, and, in addition, contribute to the development of fine motor skills of the fingers.

How to work out perseverance

Labor is what helps to develop patience and a desire to achieve results. How to increase perseverance in this way? Invite your child to help you with the housework, and each time praise and focus on the results of his efforts.

Be prepared for the fact that not everything will be done the way you want, maybe after such help you still have to work hard or collect broken pieces. The main thing is not to give vent to anger, so that the baby does not lose the desire to help you.
Support the initiative of the child. Sincerely praise for the effort, help to complete the task correctly.

Some useful tips

A strict daily routine is an important condition. The kid must understand that this is necessary.

The child needs active games in the fresh air in order to be able to run, jump and shout freely. You need to be more often in nature, in parks.
Offering a child games that require concentration, it is better to break tasks into pieces. Pay attention to those activities in which the baby is more interested.

How to instill perseverance

It is important to limit watching TV shows and computer games. It is better to offer your child activities that will bring more benefits.

It is necessary to accustom the baby to discipline. Even a small child is able to lay down his toys.

What you should not do

How to develop perseverance and not harm the baby? You can not criticize and blame the child for the fact that due to excessive activity, he is not succeeding.
Do not scold the kid for the fact that he ruined something in the process of completing the task. For example, he dropped something, broke it, broke it. It is better to pay attention to what he did, what he achieved.

Curiosity should not be prohibited. Thus, children learn the world. And if the result of this knowledge was broken glass, then the task of the mother is not to let the baby cut himself, and not scold him for the broken item.

Of course, the baby may not succeed. Parents should reassure him, make it clear that not always everything works the first time. Allow the baby to rest before he gets down to business again. Help your child become more confident, say that he will surely succeed.

How to increase perseverance

Do not forget: the best example for children is their parents. If they are patient, bring what they have started to the end, fulfill the promise, then the baby will certainly learn all this.

To instill perseverance in the baby is not an easy task. But patient and understanding parents, having shown imagination, are able to achieve success in this difficult matter.


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