Contextual Advertising: Basics, Secrets, Tricks

Currently, one of the most flexible and effective ways to promote a site on the Internet is contextual advertising, the basis of secrets, whose tricks are aimed at the most complete achievement of goals. The effectiveness of this type of advertising is so high that it can not even be compared with other types of advertising presented on the global Internet.

The effectiveness of this interesting type of website promotion is explained by the very features of contextual advertising, among which, first of all, its targeting. This rather bold statement can be convincingly illustrated by the following example.

A regular paper ad pasted in a public place on the board can be read by many people, one or two people may be interested in the information contained in it, almost all subscribers see newspaper ads, but in most cases they don’t even read these ads. As for advertising on radio and television, it is so annoying that at the time of displaying the ad unit, most viewers simply go to the kitchen to make coffee or switch the program. But contextual advertising is shown only to those Internet users who may be potential buyers of the advertised product or service, that is, they initially show a certain interest in them.

Contextual advertising, the basics, secrets, the tricks of which we will now analyze, are actually very effective, but they are much more complicated than other types of online advertising, but this complexity seems to be very justified, since it increases its targeting. So in the settings of an advertising campaign, you can specify the regions whose residents will be shown an ad unit (the so-called geo-targeting) or exclude ads from showing on certain sites or entire resource groups.

In addition, and this is the main thing, contextual advertising, the basics, secrets, the tricks of which allow this to be done, are shown to those users who are interested in the advertised goods or services presented on the websites of advertisers, that is, this type of promotion of goods or services is the most effective way to attract potential consumers.

What, in fact, is contextual advertising, the basics, the secrets, the tricks of which we understand? This is a small block of textual information embedded in a web page. Its most important feature is that contextual advertising is thematic, that is, it necessarily corresponds to the theme of pages visited by users. In other words, if a user in Yandex enters the search query “African Elephants”, then in the contextual block on the right side of the page “Mercedes” or gophers will not be advertised - the user will see only ads in one way or another connected with elephants.

The contextual advertising market in the Russian part is pretty well developed, but the most effective and well-known systems are Begun, YandexDirect and Google AdWords. The use of precisely these contextual advertising systems, provided that the advertising campaign is correctly configured, gives a quick and very effective result, which will undoubtedly be expressed in increasing brand popularity and brand awareness and / or significant growth in sales volumes.

The contextual advertising market is constantly developing and improving.
Is there the best contextual advertising that should be used to promote goods or services? Of the three systems common in Runet, the concept of "best contextual advertising", perhaps, falls into all.

The most interesting and most effective form of advertising on the Internet always works. Its competent use will achieve unprecedented results!


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