Rainbow manicure: step by step instructions, photo

Summer trends guide girls to bright colors and a life full of impressions. Nail design is no exception, so more and more nail art with an unimaginable combination of colors amaze and delight the eye. This summer, rainbow manicure is the top coating, it is often done by both nail salon workers and home craftsmen.

how to do rainbow manicure

The good news is that making such stains on the nails is very simple, and you don’t even need to be able to draw, so anybody will cope with this task.


In the application method, the rainbow is very similar to ombre, but there are still some differences in it. Before you make a rainbow manicure, you need to prepare the tools that you may need.

Lucky. You can use varnishes with those colors that are at home, but if you are planning to make a rainbow on your fingers, then you need to take orange, red, blue, purple, yellow, green and blue. 5 fingers can fit 6 shades, so you can exclude the blue tone from the list, without it, the violation of the color scheme will be minimal.

Next, you need a white varnish, which will act as the basis.

If you make a manicure with gel polishes, then you need a base and top, if usual, a transparent varnish that will serve as a fixative.

Still need cotton swabs and discs, sponges or a regular sponge that will need to be cut into several parts, nail polish remover or remover. Adhesive tape is optional.

How to make a rainbow manicure at home: step by step instructions

Before applying any varnishes to the nail plate, you need to do a manicure. Each girl chooses for herself a more convenient form of how to put the cuticle in order. Some people like classic edged, others like European not edged. Before removing the cuticle, the nail is filed to a comfortable length, the free edge is shaped. Only after this should steam hands and remove excess skin.

how to make a rainbow manicure at home

Then the base is applied and dried in a lamp. If you use ordinary varnishes, then the base can be skipped and immediately go to white. In order to create a bright rainbow manicure , you must first apply white color, this step should not be skipped. You can apply white in one layer, there will be nothing wrong. Further, if it is a gel polish, it must be dried in a lamp.

Before applying the tone, it is better to paste over the nail with adhesive tape, because after applying around the nail there will be varnish on the skin, it will need to be removed. It is not necessary to glue it; you can remove the excess with acetone and a cotton swab.

Next, take the prepared sponge and cut it into 5 parts. The size of each segment should be slightly larger than the nail plate. In order to get a rainbow manicure, it is necessary to apply varnish on a sponge. For each piece will go on two types of varnish. Varnishes are applied close to each other so that there are no gaps. Arrange the colors of the varnishes as they go in the rainbow. For example, you can start with yellow and orange colors that smoothly turn into red.

rainbow manicure

After the sponge has been prepared, immediately apply it to the nail and transfer the varnish with soaking movements. It is important to ensure that the joint of two varnishes is vertically in the middle of the nail, so that there is no displacement to the side or oblique, because then the effect will be completely different from what we would like.

Keep an eye on the arrangement of flowers, because they should smoothly transition into each other, resembling a real rainbow.

Color sequence

In order to get a beautiful rainbow manicure, you can use the combination of colors that are presented in the article.

Apply red and orange to the thumb, and orange should be on the side of the nail that is closer to the index.

Orange and yellow are applied to the index finger. Yellow and green - on the middle finger. Green and blue - on the nameless. Blue and violet - on the little finger.

The second hand should repeat the colors of the first.

rainbow manicure photo

After both hands are ready, it is necessary to remove the adhesive tape and clean the finger of the remnants of the varnish with a cotton swab. Dry the nails in the lamp, if necessary, and cover with a top or colorless varnish.

Unusual french

If you want your nails not to be striking at the same time, and look relevant, a rainbow-colored manicure will do. In order to make the perfect β€œsmile” line and get an interesting color, you need to take a beveled flat brush, visually divide the nail into two parts and paint each one with different colors, while the shades should fit snugly together.

rainbow french manicure

Next, the brush is thoroughly cleaned of paint, and the gel is smoothly pulled onto each other, thereby creating an interesting effect. You can also decorate the nails with additional patterns, but for this one rule must be observed: they put a smile line, then dried in a lamp, and only after that we draw patterns.


Using glitter, you can create a perfect bright rainbow manicure, a photo of which in the future should be uploaded to a social network so that everyone around you knows what beautiful nails you have. With the help of small sparkles, a flickering effect is created, which will be ideal for summer nail art.

In conclusion

The warm season is ideal to try something new and bright, so you can not be afraid that your multi-colored nails will attract everyone's attention. On the contrary, the brighter the nails, the more interesting your image will be.

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