How to whiten underwear at home effectively?

A set of white underwear is the love of many women, and not only. It attracts with its elegance and tenderness, sexuality and innocence. In the summer, such a kit becomes indispensable, because it is ideal for light, light sundresses. Unfortunately, many women have noticed that over time, such things change their original appearance. But how to bleach underwear?

how to bleach underwear at home

Features of snow-white linen

Many women want to learn the secret of how to preserve the bright whiteness of underwear. The use of purchased whitening products does not always give the desired result. And folk ways can even ruin things. But how to whiten underwear at home correctly? After all, often the details of underwear are made from delicate and thin fabrics that need special care.

A few tips to help you keep your kit whiter:

  • Housewives often use bleach. But remember, the frequent use of such funds adversely affects the tissue. As a result, the product will wear out quickly. Some bleaching agents may leave yellow spots on the fabric.
  • Do you want to keep the original color of linen as long as possible? Do not wash it with colored items. Even if they do not fade.
  • Choosing a special tool for bleaching tissue, you should study the composition well. So you can find a good bleaching agent at a bargain price.
  • When washing white things, our grandmothers added a little blue to the water. This method helps to cope with yellow stains on the fabric.
  • Want to keep the fabric structure? Use a fabric softener in addition to bleach during each wash.

bleach white underwear at home

Purchased Whitening Products

In supermarkets you can find a wide variety of whitening products. But not all of them can be used to wash delicate items. Only oxygen products can carefully and efficiently bleach a set of underwear. Compared to chlorine bleaches, they do not corrode tissue. They are used not only for hand washing, but also for machine washing. Such oxygen products perfectly bleach white bras and panties.

How to bleach synthetics underwear at home? It is best to use special bleaching agents marked “for synthetics” for such laundry.

In stores you can find special products with an optical effect, on the packaging of which it is said that they bleach fabrics well. Reflective particles are present in such products. They only create a whitening effect. Such a tool gives a quick result, but temporary. These bleaches are well suited for a clean and new kit.

bleach underwear at home effectively

Delicate underwear

Who doesn’t like lace? But how to bleach at home underwear from such a delicate fabric? The main rule is to use a proven, high-quality whitening product. In stores you can find not only products for whitening delicate fabrics, but also powders for restoring color, which are used for colored items.

Experts advise that liquid concentrates be preferred over dry powders.

How to bleach lace underwear? Wash this kit in full accordance with the instructions. Otherwise, you will get a completely different result, which is unlikely to please you.

In warm water, it is necessary to dissolve a liquid agent or “pill”. Underwear should be left for several hours in such water. After it is rinsed well and sent to the washing machine for washing in a gentle mode with the addition of bleach.

how to bleach lace underwear

Synthetic fabric whitening soda

How to bleach synthetic underwear if it is not possible to purchase a special bleach? You will not believe, but such a tool is in every home. For synthetics, you can use baking soda. It will quickly return the whiteness to your underwear.

To prepare the solution, it is necessary to prepare water, baking soda and ammonia in a ratio of 2: 2: 1. The mixture is slightly warmed and mixed well. Soak a white kit in such a solution. After a few hours, it is rinsed and washed at temperatures up to 40 0 C.

how to bleach synthetic underwear

For washing, it is better to use detergents in liquid form. They gently act on tissue. In addition, particles of conventional powders may remain in the folds of the fabric. It is they that cause irritation of delicate skin.

Boiling cotton and linen

How to whiten underwear at home? Many experienced housewives will immediately answer: by boiling, if the linen is cotton or linen. Only under this condition can this old and proven method be applied. Synthetic, silk fabric or lace underwear washed by such an aggressive method, simply deformed.

how to bleach underwear

To boil, you need to choose the right dishes. Do not use copper, iron pots or buckets. Linen made from linen or cotton should be boiled only in galvanized or enameled dishes.

To whiten white underwear at home by boiling is very simple. Pour clean water into the container, add a little bleach and washing powder. You can add a little ammonia (ammonia). Now you can put underwear in the water and turn on the fire. The contents of the container should be stirred periodically. The duration of this procedure is 1 hour. After the thing you need to rinse well. This method is economical but time consuming.

Folk ways to whiten underwear

How to bleach underwear at home using folk remedies? In the house of each mistress there are the necessary components. And in terms of quality of whitening, such products are often not inferior to purchased expensive drugs.

  1. On a coarse grater, rub a piece of laundry soap or dissolve it in hot water. In a separate container, potassium permanganate is bred to a light pink state. The liquid is added to the basin with soapy water. The linen is soaked in this solution for at least 5 hours, tightly covering the container with a lid.
  2. Things must be washed. Hydrogen peroxide and 50 ml ammonia are added to 5 liters of water. The solution is heated almost to a boil and the laundry is lowered into it. In this state, it should be several hours. Carefully ensure that all parts of the laundry are immersed in water.
  3. Half a glass of washing powder and 100-150 grams of soda should be added to water. In this solution, you need to boil the laundry for about 30 minutes.
  4. You can restore the color of linen by soaking it for several hours in a special solution: 5 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide are diluted in 2 liters of water. Soak your laundry periodically in such a solution, and bleaching will not cause any difficulties.

how to bleach underwear


Effectively bleaching underwear at home is simple. The main thing is to study the composition of the fabric, choose the right tool or method of whitening. In this case, your linen will always be snow-white.


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