How to make a parrot or toucan from a tire?

Today, many accessories for the garden are sold in stores, but they have a rather high cost, and in order to fully equip your summer cottage, you will have to pay a pretty round sum.

how to make a parrot tire
But there is a great alternative - to do everything with your own hands from improvised and already useless materials. Successfully used plastic canisters and bottles, caps from them, already damaged dishes and some old things. And the most interesting crafts are obtained from ordinary tires, as they play not only a decorative role. They can be used as a cache-pot or swing. They make children's sandboxes and entire sports towns. Let's consider one of the examples - the parakeet. How to make a parrot tire? Yes, such that flowers can be grown in it, and used as a swing.

To do this, you need the following things: an old shabby tire, a strip of iron or a clamp. Two washers, a nut with a bolt, wrenches and a drill with a drill. And, of course, a sharp knife, preferably for cutting rubber and any remaining paint for outdoor use. Now the process itself is how to make a parrot out of a tire.

The first thing you need to do is mark the tire with chalk. To do this, it is visually divided into three parts. A curved rectangle is drawn on one of these parts. With a sharp knife (preferably wetted constantly with water) on tires from two sides, symmetrical cuts are made along the side ring by 2/3.

how to make a parrot out of a tire
The side and tread are cut at a distance of 1/3. In the larger side, a triangular cut is made and the side part is separated. It turns out that the drawn rectangle on each side is completely cut out. It turns out a blank, which turns out, and as a result, the body of the bird appears before you, from which you can make a parrot and a toucan. We consider further how to make a parrot from a tire.

Take a piece of the side and cut out the beak from it. On its workpiece, the smaller side must be cut in the middle along. The length of the cut should be slightly larger than the height of the beak. Now we insert the beak into this section and press the halves against it with the help of a clamp. We take a drill, make a hole where the eye of the parrot will be, insert a suitable bolt, and use the washers and nuts of the half of the head and tighten the beak.

tire parrot
It remains to give the head the desired shape. To do this, part of the tire is cut from both sides, the head becomes narrower and the appearance of a parrot looms. What else is needed to answer the question of how to make a parrot from a tire?

And it remains on the opposite big side to decide on the tail. Rather, with the way it will look. Here is how your fantasy will work. You can cut one whole tail. And you can cut strips and make them of different lengths, you get a magnificent tail. Now the inner round strips of handles are pulled together by a clamp, which can be replaced with a rope or wire. And for these pens a parrot from a tire is suspended in any convenient place. We take paints, color the product, draw the eyes, beak and feathers of the bird. And when the paint dries, you can hang the parrot to a permanent place, and put a pot of flowers inside. Or you can just pour earth into it and plant ampelous flowers. Although any plants look great there, the fern is especially good in the parrot.

Here the process is over. Now you know how to make a parrot from a tire and you can place these birds all over your area. By the way, to make a toucan, you only need to cut out the corresponding beak and make the tail of the necessary shape.


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