How to make a do-it-yourself folding fishing chair

The main activity in fishing is waiting for a bite. And to do it is much more convenient and pleasant sitting in a self-assembled fishing chair. There are more than enough drawings of them on the corresponding resources, and the variety of species allows you to choose the most suitable option that meets your own preferences.

Features of fishing chairs

With your own hands you can assemble various models and using various materials. But their main characteristics remain unchanged. Among the qualities that chairs are required to possess are the following:

  • Sustainability . The chair should be stable regardless of the relief of the coastal strip.
  • Durability . The design must support the weight of the fisherman, and not break after the first use.
  • Small size and weight. Putting a bulky and heavy chair even in a personal car can be problematic. And in those cases when you need to walk a certain distance, any person seeks to lighten his burden. And heavy or large stools are unacceptable in such a situation.

do-it-yourself folding fishing chairs

Since it is planned to assemble a fishing chair with your own hands, its design should be simple. Therefore, it is better to give preference to simple schemes, which everyone will be able to collect.

Design options

Before deciding how to make a fishing chair with your own hands, you need to decide what kind it should be.

The simplest option is a stool. These are the most lightweight and compact models that are convenient to carry. And the technology of their manufacture is simpler than other options.

do-it-yourself fishing chair

A fishing chair with a back will be more comfortable. It is a little more difficult to assemble it with your own hands than the previous version. However, it will allow you to relax your back with prolonged sitting, which is also important for any fisherman.

The most convenient option is a chair that has both a back and armrests. Sitting on it, the fisherman will not experience muscle tension. True, such models have a lot of weight. But if you drive a private car to the fishing place, then this is not a problem. One of the modifications of this model can be considered a folding chair. You can even lie down on it.

Experienced fishermen often prefer a drawer chair. You can sit on top of it. And inside he has a place for storage, where you can hide appliances, tools or catch. This option resembles a home locker. Only on top does he have a seat. In order not to get up every time you need to look at the contents of the box, the box can be arranged in the form of a drawer drawer.

Materials used

You can assemble a fishing chair with your own hands using various materials. The use of improvised raw materials will significantly reduce the cost of all work.

Often you can find wooden chairs. Wooden blocks of various sizes are used both for the manufacture of the frame, and for the preparation of the seat, back and other elements.

do-it-yourself folding fishing chair

Metal pipes are widely used as supports. They can be combined with wooden or fabric seats. For cutting out the seat, pieces of tarpaulin, leather and other durable fabrics are used. There are also elements made of plastic. It is a durable yet lightweight material, ideal for making fishing chairs.

Do-it-yourself constructions are assembled using fasteners. The base is assembled, as a rule, using self-tapping screws, bolts, screws, staples.

Stool with four plastic supports

Very convenient to use are the self-assembled folding stools for fishing, shaped like a stool. The base in them is made of plastic pipes. As a seat, take a piece of dense strong fabric.

The first step is to prepare blanks. 8 parts are cut from a plastic pipe. The pieces that will serve as a support should be about 50-60 cm in length. Such pieces will require 4 pcs. Another 4 pieces will need a length of 35-40 cm. Two of them will go to the lower jumpers between the legs. They will allow you to get a more reliable and stable design. And the two will organize the seat.

do-it-yourself fishing chair drawings

Long pieces are connected in pairs. Each pair is fastened with a bolt twisted in the middle. Two cross-shaped details should turn out. They are interconnected along the edges with short elements. It should be a sliding structure. The ease of folding (unfolding) is regulated by tensioning the bolts.

The upper short jumpers are interconnected by a piece of fabric (for example, tarpaulin). It should be a seat. Between the bottom pair of jumpers, a narrower ribbon of fabric is pulled. It will be a limiter that will not allow the chair to fold.

Folding chair on metal legs

You can also make do-it-yourself folding chairs for fishing on metal legs. Their design is similar to the previous version. The only difference is the use of aluminum (or steel) pipes. It is worth noting that this option will have more weight than made from a plastic pipe. But at the same time, its reliability will be higher.

The manufacturing process itself is similar. Billets can be taken in the same sizes. The only difference is the way the individual elements are fastened together. It will be a little more difficult to work with metal. With a tool, most joints can be welded. Only at the intersection of the legs must bolts be sure to stand. Otherwise, the chair will not fold.

Wooden chair on four legs

This is another option that will help you assemble your own folding fishing chair. Drawings prepared in advance will allow you to determine the dimensions of the structure and the required amount of materials.

how to make a do-it-yourself fishing chair

4 billets are prepared from wooden blocks, which will be the supports. Two parts are interconnected by a bolt twisted in the middle of the legs. You should get two blanks that are somewhat reminiscent of scissors. Workpieces are joined together by wooden planks. They will serve as a seat. They can be replaced with fabric.

Bottoms are made from the bottom in the form of wooden beams. They will not let the chair creep.

Wooden four-legged stool with back

Similarly to the previous option, you can make your own a folding chair for fishing with a back. To do this, you will need to slightly change the design. And the following materials will be required for this:

  • Wooden supports (2 pcs.) 91 cm long.
  • Wooden supports (2 pcs.) 55 cm long.
  • Wooden seat supports 31.5 cm long.
  • Six boards of various sizes for the seat (40x4, 39x4, 36.5x4, 36.5x4, 31x4, 30x4).
  • Wooden back (40x0.7 cm).
  • Crossbars for connecting the bars (1 pc. In size 39x5 cm and 2 pcs. In size 32x3 cm).

Start work with the preparation of supports. Bolt holes are made on their outer part. On the inside, along the rail, grooves are made with a length and depth of 1.1 cm. The supports are connected by cross members. The joints are smeared with glue.

To make it more convenient to sit on a chair, a bevel is made above a bunch of long supports. The boards on the seat are connected to the bars using dowels and screws.

do-it-yourself folding fishing chair drawings

Three-legged chair

There are options for chairs that have only 3 legs as a support. Drawings are also available for similar models. Many people will like a folding chair for fishing with their own hands assembled, and even with minimal costs. Yes, and make it easy. The following materials will be required:

  • 3 legs with a length of about 60 cm (they are made of wooden bars with a circular cross section).
  • A piece of cloth in the shape of a triangle (for example, thick skin).
  • Fixing bolt with loop.
  • Long fixing bolt.
  • Washers (3 pcs. Fixing and 3 pcs. Finishing).
  • Nuts (2 pcs.).

A hole is drilled in the middle of the cut bars. The same holes are made on the upper sections of the bars. They will be required to attach the fabric to the seat. Holes are pierced under them at the corners of the fabric.

Two legs are connected by a long bolt. A bolt with a loop must be put on the bolt between the legs. With its help, the third leg will be fixed.

do-it-yourself folding fishing chair drawings

The fabric is screwed to the upper sections of the legs using decorative washers. Next, a fabric strip is attached, for which it will be convenient to wear a stool.

This stool option is very lightweight, compact. It is decomposed (assembled) without any effort. And the strap allows you to conveniently carry it. Materials for its manufacture are available. The only negative is convenience. Three legs do not give the desired stability. A small seat does not allow you to completely relax. Yes, and the life is in question. The fabric quickly enough begins to tear in the corners.


As you can see, making a fishing chair with your own hands is simple. Having chosen the model you like, you can start preparing the drawing. According to it, the calculation of the necessary materials and sizes of the necessary parts is done. And then all the elements are connected together.

The choice of model and materials depends on several key parameters. The main of them can be considered ease of manufacture, convenience and comfort during operation, size and weight. Their combination depends on personal preference. If you go fishing by car, you can choose comfort and neglect the low weight. If preference is given to hiking, it is better to choose lighter and more compact models.


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