How to stitch documents quickly and correctly?

The need for firmware documentation arises in almost every office. Therefore, anyone who deals with papers should know how to staple documents correctly. But before you learn this, you need to familiarize yourself with all the norms and requirements for this process, which we will consider today.

how to stitch documents

What tools should be prepared?

Having learned how to stitch documents, we need to prepare simple objects, such as a needle, an awl, several turns of thread and stationery glue. This set is quite enough to stitch office papers with high quality.

What do you need to remember?

Before stitching documents (a photo of this process can be seen below), you need to learn a few specific rules. Firstly, the paper is processed in 3 punctures. Secondly, the distance between these holes should be approximately 3 centimeters. Knowing these simple rules, you can easily prepare any documentation without the help of colleagues. So how to stitch documents? First you need to make three holes in the papers with an awl and a needle. It should be noted that the document is punctured in the middle of the free field. This is done for free reading and turning over the case. All openings are located strictly vertically, there should not be any inclinations.

how to stitch documents

Using a special sewing needle and thread series LS-210, process the document to the desired state. If you do not have LS-210, you can use the usual thread that is inserted into the sewing machine. However, it is necessary to fold it several times, since due to its small thickness it can break. After you managed to stitch the documents once, repeat this process to be sure of the reliability of the fasteners.

If you use bank twine, skip its ends from the center hole to the last. Do not forget to leave the free end of the thread about 5-7 centimeters long. Cut the rest with scissors. Tie the remaining ends in a knot.

In some cases, you will need to additionally seal documents and stick small paper of size 3 by 5 cm onto the assembly. You can use ordinary stationery glue as the material . The paper lays on the surface so that the knot and threads are partially covered. The ends of the latter should be left free.

When the adhesive has dried, reassure the paper with a seal and a signature. The latter, as a rule, is put by the head or authorized person. The seal itself is also located on the label with the signature.

How to stitch documents for an accounting report?

Such papers are most often stored for more than 10 years, therefore, according to the rules should be processed in 5 holes.

how to stitch photo documents
Everything else is done in the same way as in the previous moments. The only thing that the knot of accounting documents is pasted on tissue paper. It is also stamped on it. Tissue paper is used to make the bundle clearly visible underneath, so do not use materials that are too thick when flashing.


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