How to strengthen immunity in old age?

With age, and this is normal, the thymus gland, the main organ that forms immunity at the cellular level, decreases. After 70-80 years, the immune defense is about 2% compared with the immunity of a teenager. How to strengthen immunity in old age so that the body can reflect the attacks of viruses and other dangerous aliens?

The third age has its own advantages. There is time to exercise your health and there is experience in order not to neglect the basic rules of a healthy lifestyle. Prevention of immune malfunctions in the elderly is, first of all, a balanced diet that will help the body renew itself. Vitamins are needed for the formation of antibodies, and the rate of energy metabolism depends on them. Therefore, it is impossible to prevent a deficiency of vitamins, using immunity strengthening products. For this, proteins and fats are needed. And they are often in short supply of the elderly . Carbohydrates - rolls, sugar, sweets must be reduced. Do not force the body to work in vain by processing useless products. Eat foods rich in selenium and zinc: fresh fish, fresh and pickled vegetables, bran bread. Immunity strengthening products are also nuts. They have a lot of vitamin E (most almonds), which is necessary for older people. You should also regularly use biokefir and honey.

So how to strengthen immunity in old age? Develop your own nutritional strategy with the help of your doctor and follow it. And taste habits will gradually change. Gerontologists also advise taking vitamin complexes, the composition of which should be agreed with the attending physician. Consultation is also necessary in order to prevent allergic reactions, which are even more common in old age. Vitamins should also be taken during seasonal epidemics of colds.

And in old age physical activity is necessary. Develop good habits. When do you like to walk in the fresh air more? Day or evening before bedtime? A daily walk is a must-have program. Sports enthusiasts do not need to campaign. The rest at least 15 minutes a day of exercise will give the effect of improving well-being and will quickly become a good habit.

It should be noted that negative emotions reduce immunity. Avoid clarifying relationships, experience troubles, at least as they occur. And create more enjoyable events for yourself - meet friends, visit theaters, listen to music. It is necessary for your body. How to strengthen the immunity, so necessary in old age? Catch the positive! This must be done purposefully. Sad - go to the cinema for a funny movie or for a performance in a circus. Do you like a Russian bath? You can afford it! Of course, without the records of staying in the steam room. Bath procedures are not only pleasant, but also help strengthen immunity with folk remedies. And try to communicate less with people who are too fond of complaining about life. Change the atmosphere at least once a year. If for some reason a trip to a sanatorium is not possible, just go for a vacation. New experiences will benefit your health.

Nothing undermines the immune system like sleep deprivation. How to strengthen the immune system? Make a good dream. Silence, coolness, darkness and peace of mind help this. You need to sleep at least eight hours a day, and older people too. - According to statistics, those who sleep less than 7 hours a day are 3 times more likely to get colds. The most useful hours of sleep are until midnight. Sleep will restore vitality and heal mental wounds. A constant bedtime, for example, at 22.00 will help the body develop a healthy habit, which will also help maintain immunity at the proper level.


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