French gel polish - indestructible beauty of your hands!

For thousands of years, women have used an incredible amount of tricks to emphasize the shape of lips, eyes, nails, and soften the skin. The real climax of the development of decorative cosmetics is the time of Ancient Egypt. The fact that women, the favorites of the pharaohs, even then knew a lot of ways to care for their appearance, is confirmed by ancient drawings, objects, bas-reliefs. Today, the art of being beautiful has become easy and affordable for each of us. Manicure is a basic attribute of the beauty of every woman. French gel polish lasts a long time and absolutely does not harm the natural nail plate. How to prepare for the procedure, how to apply the coating correctly, as well as other valuable tips you will read below.


French gel polish

Applying gel polish jacket requires a good manicure, because this coating is durable (lasts about four weeks). If you have never done this procedure and are afraid, then you can move the pterygium and cuticle, grind it with a buff at the base of the nail until they disappear completely. Despite the frequent claims that under the varnish-gel French, the surface of the nails should not be processed, I would like to note that if this is not done, and your nail plate usually flakes, then the coating will begin to disappear with the scales of the nail over time.


So, for applying nail polish you will need:

  • liquid for removing the sticky layer (about 190 rubles);
  • degreaser (about 280 rubles);
  • finish biogel (about 410 rubles);
  • base shellac uv base coat (about 1000 rubles for 7.3 ml);
  • Shellac Gel Polish (850 rubles);
  • orange stick (18 rubles per package);
  • brush (30 rubles).

After making a basic manicure and giving the nails the desired shape, thoroughly degrease the surface. If this is done poorly, then the French gel polish rolls down, and you do not carry the coating for weeks. Now you can start applying the base shellac uv base coat with a very thin layer. Why thin? Firstly, it can bubble up, and secondly, the base is not so important. You need to apply to all nails at once and cure in the lamp for about 10 seconds.

French gel polish
Next, apply a thin layer of Shellac Gel Polish camouflage and polymerize for 20 seconds. Then apply another layer and send it again under the lamp. You can add mica, then the lacquer-gel jacket will acquire a special charm. It must be applied with a soft brush after the first camouflage layer. Gently distributing it over the nail plate, polymerize for 5 seconds. Apply a second camouflage coat. Now you can start drawing a β€œsmile” (white edge). You need to paint in two steps. If you apply white varnish in one layer, then after polymerization it may look heterogeneous or blister. Each layer must be dried under a lamp for 20 seconds. At the end of the nails, cover with a finish (biogel) each separately. For 3 minutes we polymerize a plate of nails, after which we erase the sticky layer with liquid. You can attach rhinestones or stickers, then the manicure will look more elegant.

French gel polish. Some Application Tips

applying gel polish

After degreasing and in the process, nails should not be touched. Be sure to ensure that the working material does not get on the skin around the nail plate. If this happens, carefully remove it with an orange stick. As you coat the nails with gel polish , do not forget to seal each of the nail plates. Be irresistible!


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