Feed-through switch - wiring diagram. Connecting Legrand breakers

Getting into a room that is not distinguished by a high level of illumination, we immediately turn on the light. To carry out this manipulation, there is a special device - a switch. It would seem that could be easier? But with a careful study of this issue, it turns out that it also has its secrets.

This article provides detailed information about the circuit breakers of various types, their scope is indicated. You are also given the opportunity to familiarize yourself with their connection diagram. Having studied in detail all the material set forth below, you can easily install any type of switch in your home without any difficulty, the main thing is to observe all safety precautions.

circuit breaker wiring diagram

What are the switches

Switches (switches) are different: depending on the functionality, design, installation method, etc. This device must be made of high-impact material (usually plastic) of high quality, having a smooth surface. The switches should be installed in places that will be easily accessible. This device operates in circuits hidden as well as open wiring.

As for the design of the switches, it differs in variety. There are devices of the classical type. There are models that will add originality and zest to the interior of a certain room. The color spectrum of switches can satisfy the most demanding customer, so no problems with the combination of furniture, wallpaper and other interior items and a switch should arise. Some companies also manufacture switches with decorative interchangeable panels. After the device is mounted, it is possible to install various covers on it.

Switches can be conventional and walk-through; single, double and triple. In this article, we will talk about walk-through switches designed to be able to turn on one light group of two or more places. The following important topic will also be considered: "Through switch - wiring diagram of this device."

closing switch

Feedthrough switch

In conventional circuit breakers, a current circuit interruption occurs. In contrast, transition models have three contacts with a device that provides a switching process between them. A double pass switch has six such contacts.

The main advantage of the transition switch is that you have the ability to turn on and off the lighting from several places.

Feed-through switches are also called cross over, or redundant.

Scope of passage switches

double pass switch

There are four main areas in which through switches are used.

  1. The stairs. At the same time, they should be on the first and second floor: you can turn on the light on one of these floors, and then go up / down the stairs and turn off the same lighting, but with another pass-through switch.
  2. The bedrooms. In this case, one device is placed immediately at the entrance to the room, and the other - near the bed. This is very convenient, because to turn on the light before going to bed, you no longer have to get out of bed and go through the whole room.
  3. Corridors. In this case, the passage switch can be turned on at the beginning of the corridor and at its end.
  4. Summer cottages. Transition switches are used so that you can easily illuminate the yard and paths.

Feed-through switch: wiring diagram

The flowchart operation scheme resembles the switching of railroad track arrows, since it can be activated at any position of the keys, because they switch from one line to another.

circuit breaker circuit

So, a passage switch: the wiring diagram of this device is explained as follows. Two pass-through switches, one of which the phase enters, and from the second moves to the lamp, must be combined using a special wire or cable. But, as a rule, they are not directly connected, instead of which three wires are placed in each junction box , and two of them are connected together.

The circuit-breaker circuit diagram, to which, in addition, if necessary, can still connect a certain number of cables, in essence, does not change. The only difference is that the first two cables have only one input contact, and the output - two. And if you increase the number of cables, then, accordingly, you will have to increase the number of input and output contacts: two for each. This will ensure that they are used between the two lines in a cross manner.

Third pass switch

As for the third pass-through switch, first of all, you need to make sure that it has the ability to perform the functions of a cross switch - this should be checked at the time of purchase. The circuit diagram of such a switch can be described as follows: switching occurs, a third switch at the input connects the first contact to the second, located at the output, and vice versa, the second contact at the input - to the first at the output. To connect this loop-through device, you can simply connect it with a two-wire cable to two other loop-through switches. But more often than not, they take a four-core cable instead, lead it into a junction box, and already there they make an exception.

two-gang switch through passage circuit

By the same principle, a fourth can be added to the connection circuit breaker. Then it will be placed between the first / second and third switch.

Two-gang switch through passage

So, the passage switch, the connection diagram of this device, the principles of its functioning - this issue was considered. Now let’s dwell on one of the types of transition switch - double, which can also be called two-key.

Usually, two-key switches are placed in rooms where separate switching will be used, directed from different places of the two lighting lines. In the corridors, as well as in the vicinity of the stairs, a single pass-through device will be quite enough.

connection of two-key passage switches

The arrows must be on the keys in the double switch: they perform the function of indicating the direction of the key to turn off or on the lighting.

The structure of the two-gang switch through passage includes two single-key devices. They are combined in a single housing and work by switching contacts.

Two-way walk-through switch: wiring diagram

The device of the two-key passage switch means two independent groups of contacts. When you press the keys, they switch from the upper lines, which are in no way interconnected, to the lower ones, which, in turn, follow the second same switch.

So, we have two groups of contacts: the right (contacts No. 1 and 2) and the left (contacts No. 1 and 2). Then the circuit of the two-key passage switch can be explained as follows. The phase from the junction box of your house comes to pin No. 2 of the right switch. Further, the contacts of the same group are connected by a jumper, and from the left group, they are moved to two independent lamps. It should be noted that these two contacts should not intersect. Now these four cross contacts should connect in pairs.

Cross connection type

So, a two-gang switch through passage - the circuit of such a device is understandable. The task becomes a little more complicated if you decide to implement cross-connect.

To connect a cross-pass switch, you will need to combine it with four wires with each of the end. Usually, eight wires from the cross and six from each pass-through switch in one junction box are started for this. At the same time, one should not forget that it is necessary to place the power cable there - this is necessary in order to connect chandeliers or small lamps.

Carrying out such a connection of two-gang passage switches, you need to carefully monitor all your actions so as not to mix up pairs and not connect wires from different lines to the same connection. So the circuit will not work. It is advised in your mind to imagine that there is a connection of two independent from each other single-key walk-through switches that are combined with each other in one housing.

Legrand Feedthrough Switch

Legrand is a company that occupies one of the leading positions in the global market for the manufacture of electrical accessories. Switches are mandatory components of each product series of this French company. Legrand is famous for the variety of its devices, which have different shapes and colors. It should also be noted that the reliability and quality of the circuit breakers of this company will definitely not be doubted.

legrand switch

In order to roughly imagine what a passage model is in general, we give a characteristic of such a device as a Legrand Valena single-key passage switch:

  1. The current consumption is 16 A.
  2. Wire cross section - 2.5 mm 2 .
  3. Screwless contact clamps.
  4. Degree of moisture protection - IP 20.

Safety precautions when working with circuit breakers

Regardless of whether the switch is a one-key or two-key, white or black, Legrand company or not, but working with it is manipulations, first of all, with electricity, and it is known to be very dangerous. Therefore, we should not forget about the elementary safety rule: it is necessary to turn off the power supply in the room in which the process of their installation will be carried out. And it’s better to completely de-energize the whole house - it will be more reliable.

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