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International Processes is a journal about the global political, economic and social features of the present. Based on the analysis of the situation in different parts of the world, the authors of the publications draw relevant conclusions and generalizations, which allow us to compose a picture of the global situation in these areas. The results of such studies make it possible to perceive each specific problem of the politics and economy of a country not as a separate precedent, but as part of a larger phenomenon.

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Colonial policy

For example, the presence of the military forces of the United States of America in Asian countries and on the territory of other states is analyzed in one of the articles of the journal "International Processes" precisely from this point of view. The current US policy towards the so-called third world countries, according to the authors, is not an innovation of the past few decades. The intervention of America in the internal politics of Asian and other states is a legacy that the States have received from European empires, taking over their rich experience in managing subordinate territories. The authors of an article on the colonial tendencies in the politics of modern states write that America was, if not direct, but still the heir to the British Empire, the collapse of which, as you know, occurred in the twentieth century.

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US military bases are now located in many states that were previously part of the British Empire. Therefore, the authors of the material in the journal International Processes call Washington’s policy “not colonial imperialism”. From the experience of the great powers of the past, the USA gleaned a desire to expand its sphere of influence. This is exactly what the authors of the article on imperialism in the modern world explain the active influence of America on the political situation of those states that were not part of the British Empire.

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The fact that Washington took such a course in international relations a long time ago is evidenced by many declassified documents of the 40-50s of the last century.


All sections of the scientific journal for publishing articles can be divided into three categories. The first includes materials that are informative in nature. That is, in them the situation in the politics and economics of individual states is described without any significant comments. Such publications, as a rule, are absent or the analysis element is minimized.

An example of such a publication is the material under the heading "Military Power in World Politics." This article provides data on the costs of various countries for the development of the military industry. These statistics are considered to confirm or refute the validity of the assertion made by some Western political scientists that after the end of the Cold War, military force no longer plays a major role in the confrontation between countries that occupy opposing positions in political conflicts. The authors of this publication concluded that currently the leading world powers spend more money on the defense sector than it was in the Cold War era. This can only be explained by the fact that military force remains the main trump card of countries that are political rivals.

Reduction of wars

The authors of the publication in the journal "International Processes" cite the following data. After the end of the long confrontation between the Soviet Union and the United States of America, the number of interethnic armed conflicts has really decreased many times over. But this does not prove the thesis of a decrease in the influence of military power in resolving conflicts between states. Wars between citizens of the same state, as before, cannot be called a rare occurrence.

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A large percentage of such conflicts can be seen as hidden, indirect armed clashes between countries. This also includes some terrorist acts, the number of which in recent decades has not only not decreased, but increased many times over.

War also belongs to this category, in which each of the adversaries is supported by a certain number of allied states. Such solutions to conflicts with the use of weapons can be called a hidden confrontation between parties that are not "open" enemies.

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Based on these data, the authors of an article in the journal "International Processes" draw a logical conclusion that weapons in modern politics have not lost their significance and remain the main means by which countries try to defend their interests, expand their sphere of influence, and so on. Further.

Foreign Press Review

The publication referred to in the article is one of the modern scientific journals, on the pages of which you can find a review of the foreign press. The authors of this journal are only interested in publications by colleagues from other countries that are devoted to the topic of international political and economic processes, as well as Western experts' assessment of the situation in our country.

So, in one of the materials presented in the World Processes issue, published in 2017, an overview of the book by American scientists S. Haggard and P. M. Gotland on nuclear weapons in North Korea is given. A distinctive feature of this work of political scientists is the desire not only to analyze the threat posed to the world society by increasing the number of nuclear weapons, and to find ways to counter this, but also to search for a peaceful solution to the situation. To do this, scientists analyze the political and economic situation in the Korean People's Democratic Republic. US political scientists are considering leverage over North Korea.

leader of north korea

The two main options for such an influence on the government of this country are trade and economic sanctions against it and the involvement of the DPRK in closer trade relations. In other words, the authors of this book analyze the effectiveness of the "carrot and stick" in order to identify the most effective of these means. According to political scientists who wrote this article in International Processes, both methods are not ideal. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, with the introduction of trade sanctions, that is, the limitation of economic ties between the United States of America and the People’s Republic of Korea, the latter will undoubtedly have other trading partners. This will significantly reduce the effectiveness of the measure of political influence. Secondly, the highly developed agriculture of the DPRK allows this country to minimize the purchase of goods from America. And thirdly, the authoritarian system prevailing in this country allows the government to lay all the consequences of sanctions on the population. These circumstances force the United States to influence not only North Korea, but also its political allies and economic partners.

International level

The magazine is part of Scopus. This is the name of the electronic database, which includes information about scientific articles, books, master's and doctoral dissertations and similar materials. It also includes information on scientific conferences in 2018 and past years. This electronic resource allows you to track how many times a scientific work has been cited by other authors. This helps to assess the relevance of the publication. You can also learn about the most popular recent research topics at Scopus. Visitors to this site are also given the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the most reputable online media engaged in the publication of scientific articles. Such information is of great interest to people engaged in academic research. Scopus also contains information about print media. The decision to include a magazine or other source in the database is made by a special commission. The selection of publications is carried out according to the following criteria.

The work should relate to the field of exact or humanities.

For scientific articles, master's and doctoral dissertations, a brief overview note in English is required. The electronic and printed materials included in the database themselves can be written in any language.

The same requirements apply to the publication of the results of scientific conferences in 2018 and all previous years.

The fact that the journal "International Relations" is included in this database, which, according to experts, will become the largest of all similar ones in the coming years, speaks about the quality of the materials published in it.

Publishing policy

On the official website of the publication, you can familiarize yourself with the principles that guide its editors in their activities. First of all, the magazine’s employees are committed to combating such negative manifestations as plagiarism, authors' attribution of the results of other people's studies, and so on. The editors warn of strict measures that will be taken in relation to texts and their authors found to be plagiarized and other inappropriate manifestations.

One of the most common and effective methods of dealing with them is the removal from print and removal of such articles from the website. Such a serious approach to the process of publishing scientific materials has made this journal one of the most popular publications in Russia devoted to economic and political issues. That is why this media interested the representatives of the world scientific community and was included in the Scopus and other reputable databases.

Royalty free basis

Employees of the journal "International Processes" in an article on editorial ethics posted on the website of the publication, declare that all materials in this media are published exclusively at no cost. This implies that the journal does not charge authors. The editors also say that they are ready to stop any attempt to bribe employees of the organization. The necessary measures are taken to reduce the likelihood of such actions. For example, information about authors of articles and reviews remains confidential. The magazine requires this attitude from all its employees. Authors of articles and reviews should adhere to such principles.

The management and the editors of International Processes declare their readiness to cooperate with other mass media whose interests relate to the same sphere: politics and economics of international level.

More information on the subject of the publication

The editors of this scientific journal, for the publication of articles, are of the opinion that the theory of international relations as a sphere of knowledge concerning all states of the world should be universal. Nevertheless, individual national schools that view these processes through the prism of national cultures have the right to exist.

How it all began?

The first issue of the magazine was published in 2002. He became the first publication in Russia publishing materials on the topic of international relations. The main goal of this publication is to analyze the situation in the world economy and world politics with the aim of obtaining a global picture reflecting these processes. Thanks to such a systematization of the necessary information, it becomes possible to determine the role of Russia in these processes.

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Only seeing the big picture can we evaluate the policies pursued by our country.

Created at the very beginning of the 21st century, by 2010 it was one of the three most cited national publications on politics and economics.


The editorial board of the journal includes about two dozen specialists. It is headed by Professor Alexei Demosthenovich Bogaturov. He has been engaged in scientific research in this field for over forty years. The topics of several of his dissertations relate to trade and economic relations between two superpowers: Russia and the United States. Professor Bogaturov also studied and analyzed the characteristics of the Japanese economy.

Alexey Demosthenovich has many years of teaching experience at leading universities in Russia and the USA, speaks English, German and Japanese. In addition to scientific activities in the field of international relations, this scientist has experience in practical activities in this field. His questionnaire on the website of the journal "International Processes" indicates that his work experience as a consultant in international politics is about five years. In this capacity, he worked both in state institutions and with individual politicians.


The impact factor of the journal "International Processes" helps to understand how much the published information is in demand today. What is he like? In 2017, it was 0.454. What do these numbers mean? Impact factor is an assessment of the quality of materials published in a particular media outlet. The calculation mechanism was developed in the sixties of the twentieth century. How is the impact factor calculated?

It is determined by data taken over the past three years. The number of cases of scientific citation of journal articles is divided by the number of published materials. These calculations do not take into account articles in the form of reviews, biographies, as well as lists of media employees. In other words, for calculating the impact factor, only those publications that are devoted to actual scientific problems are important. Experts say: the impact factor, which was obtained by analyzing the results of the activities of the journal "International Processes", can be considered quite high.


This article provided basic information about the journal International Processes. This publication is not the first year has been a handbook of specialists in the field of foreign policy, as well as economists. It is published four times a year as a print media and in electronic format. Many of his issues, as well as individual articles can be found on the official website of the publication. Understanding current global political and economic processes that have taken place today and have taken place in the past is the task that the editorial board sets itself. The results of their activities help politicians and diplomats. But this magazine is read not only by professionals in the field of international relations. It is interesting to everyone who cares about the problems of our time and the role of our country in solving it. The high quality of published materials is evidenced by a high percentage of citation, and the provisions on editorial policy. Journalists oppose plagiarism and other negative phenomena encountered in the press.


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