Dehumidifier for compressor. Its functions and DIY

A dehumidifier for the compressor is a filter element. It is installed either in the design of the unit itself, or located on the pipeline. Its main task is to ensure stable operation of the equipment.

Dehumidifier for compressor

The principle of operation of the dehumidifier

The device is called a pre-filter. It works on this principle. Air masses enter the working space of the equipment by rotating the blades or other moving elements. Liquid vapors and solid particles present in them settle on the inner walls. To prevent these substances from entering the outgoing compressed air, they pass through the filter.

If the equipment does not have a dehumidifier for the compressor, this will lead to defects in the paint. Air bubbles may appear on the treated surface, adhesion of the paintwork agent will deteriorate.

Filter functions

The device serves to clean the air masses entering the equipment from such elements:

  • sand;
  • rust;
  • dust
  • fine particles of rubber;
  • water.

Oils used for normal operation of the equipment can also enter the air system. The filter can stop them. It will clean the air masses of these impurities.

Note. Such a filter device can be purchased at a specialized store. You can also make a dehumidifier for the compressor yourself.

There are a large number of technologies for this.

How to make a dehumidifier for a compressor yourself

DIY dehumidifier for compressor

You can make such a filter device at home. There are several ways. You can make a dehumidifier for the compressor yourself from the following devices:

  • receiver
  • silica gel;
  • receiver from the refrigerator.

All of the methods are easy to execute.

Dehumidifier for compressor from receiver

A propane tank is required, which is previously cleaned of gas residues. It is installed vertically, while the crane should be from the bottom. In the upper part of the receiver, the inlet fitting is welded horizontally.

Important. It is necessary to weld not in the center of the cylinder, but slightly with an offset to the side. So air vortices will form along the inner walls of the working space.

A metal pipe acts as an outlet pipe. Its length inside the working space should be 2/3 of the length of the receiver. The pipe is welded from above in the center of the cylinder. To ensure an effective exit of air masses, it is filled with chips from a lathe.

how to make a dehumidifier for a compressor

Silica Gel Desiccant

This substance can be purchased at any hardware store. Silica gel must be poured into a collapsible container. It evaporates moisture. It is welded in the interior of the container.

For proper and high-quality purification of air masses, they must pass through the entire layer of silica gel. In this case, the air inlet and outlet in the equipment are placed in opposite directions.

There is another way to make silica gel dehumidifier. To do this, you need a filter from the pneumatic system of trucks. It already contains silica gel. Therefore, it is necessary to make its slight revision. Perform it through turning and milling. The filter is fixed in the interior of the equipment.

how to make a dehumidifier for a compressor yourself

How to make a dehumidifier from a receiver for a refrigerator

This method is considered the simplest and most effective. To make a filter device, you need a working refrigeration unit. It is connected to a compressor. First, it is necessary to ensure the tightness of the refrigerator chambers. Doors solder. A drain valve is also installed in the equipment. With its help, condensate will be discharged.

General recommendations

When choosing a method of manufacturing a moisture separating device, it is necessary to take into account the power of the compressor unit. With a high pressure of air masses, some filters cannot clean them properly. This will damage the main equipment.

It is necessary to monitor the operation of the equipment. With its intensive use, regular cleaning of the dehumidifier is required. For this, the device is removed from the equipment and washed with running water. This will help get rid of particulate matter.


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