Installing Joomla on a hosting is easy

Choosing and installing ready-made scripts (CMS), many users thus want to save on the creation of their site. However, often, nevertheless, questions arise about how to install Joomla on the hosting, and users are also interested in what needs to be entered and where.

Many hosting companies have functionality that makes it possible to install various scripts using the Fantastico DeLux program available only in CPanel, so it will be much easier and faster to download and install the Russian-language version of Joomla from the official site. In this case, there will not be any questions that so often arise when using non-Russian versions.

Installing Joomla on the hosting is carried out in several stages, but there is nothing complicated in it.

First you need to download the latest version of the script. To do this, you go to the official Joomla website and download the Russian version from there. Here you can find answers to your installation questions, as well as a solution to the most common problems.

Before you start downloading Joomla to your server, you need to find out if it meets such requirements as, for example, PHP 4.2.x, MySQL 3.2.x, Apache 1.13.19. These are basic features (weaker versions are not allowed). PHP must support MySQL, XML, and Zlib.

The further process called “installing Joomla on the hosting” is written on the example of the Russian version of Joomla 1.5.15, however, it is quite correct for newer versions.

The next step is to download the archive in the section called “File Manager” using the FTP client (or via CPanel). Then you need to unzip the archive on the server. To do this, check off your archive and click on the “Extract” button in the top menu, after which the archive can be deleted.

install joomla on hosting

To begin the process itself, designated as “installing Joomla on the hosting”, you need to open your site in a browser. Thus, an automatic transition to installation will be carried out. When the “Joomla Installation” window appears on the computer screen, you need to select the language that will be used during the installation of the program (that is, Russian), and then click on the “Next” button located in the upper right corner.

The next step in the installation is to check the system. At this stage, the window that appears should not have items marked in red. To eliminate them, you need to set permissions on some folders and files or make several modifications to the .htaccess or php.ini file. In case of the appearance of items marked in red, you must return to the official Joomla website and look for a solution to this problem there, or you can contact your hosting provider for help. If all is well, then click on the "Next" button.

After all this, there is a license agreement, which you should familiarize yourself with, and then, again, click the "Next" button.

how to install joomla on hosting

If up to this point, most users succeed, and installing the joomla on the hosting does not raise any questions, then from the next point, many will appear. You go into CPanel and open "MySQL Databases", after which you create a database and user account there. It is necessary to "link" the user with the database. After all this, continue the configuration by entering data in the appropriate fields.

When filling in the main fields, the following is written: site name, your e-mail, administrator password. You must also click on the “Install” button in the “Install demo signs” field.

installation of joomla on hosting

In order for the installation of Joomla on the hosting to be successful and safe, you must delete the "Installation" folder (since your site will not work in this case).


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