Egypt in September: weather. Weather, air temperature in Egypt in September

According to the law, each worker is entitled to a mandatory annual leave. And this is great! But only in most organizations there are many workers, and everyone wants to relax in the summer. From the first days of the new year, a real struggle has been unfolding in the personnel department: everyone is trying to win at least a couple of days of warmth that can be spent on the beach, and not in a stuffy office. In this tense situation, conflicts arise that last for months, ruin relationships in the team and adversely affect the work process as a whole.

Before entering into unnecessary disputes with colleagues, you should think carefully: is it not better to take a vacation in the fall to go to Egypt in September? The weather at this time is no worse than the summer, and thanks to the fresh Mediterranean wind, even forty-degree heat is easily tolerated. You will maintain excellent relations with colleagues and at the same time visit the famous resort at the most suitable time for this.

egypt in september weather

Climate features

Egypt pleases tourists with its beaches all year round. However, this does not mean that the temperature of water and air is always constant. In addition, weather conditions vary depending on the area of โ€‹โ€‹the country.

In general, the weather in Egypt is hot and dry. On the coast, the climate is subtropical. Humidity is almost always high. As you move inland, it gets hotter, the air drier, and the average daily temperature rises.

Seasonal swings are insignificant by Russian standards. The maximum temperature is reached in June, at which time the thermometer shows 38-40 degrees. The heat leaves Egypt in September. The weather is getting milder every day, and the country begins the velvet season. The coldest in January is about 15 degrees. But here this temperature is perceived a little differently, travelers at this time of year will certainly come in handy warm things.

weather in egypt september october

Refreshing wind

One of the main climatic features of Egypt are the wind. They blow all year round, creating a feeling of freshness and coolness even in the most intense heat. This is very good considering the temperature indicated in the weather forecast.

However, it is important for all guests of the country to remember that even the strongest wind does not weaken the effects of sunlight on the skin. For all visitors, the use of sunscreens is a must. This is especially important for tourists from the northern regions, whose skin is most prone to sunburn.

Weather in Egypt: September, October

The heat does not leave the country with the onset of autumn, and in early September the thermometer can still show 40 degrees and above, but only in the afternoon. Night temperature is much easier perceived by our compatriots. It ranges from 25-28 degrees.

In different regions of the country, indicators are slightly different. In Sharm el-Sheikh, Dahab and some other resorts of the Red Sea, the temperature is invariably higher than in other areas. The lower temperature will please tourists who come to Egypt, Hurghada. The weather in September is a bit more familiar here: in the afternoon 35, and at night 23-25 โ€‹โ€‹degrees.

We can say with confidence that the best time to visit the country is October. No less good is Egypt at the end of September. The weather at this time pleases with a favorable combination of water and air temperature, there are no strong winds and showers. And the temperature of sea water is kept at 27 degrees. Excellent conditions for recreation affect the cost of tourist packages, by the end of September, the price reaches its maximum.

egypt weather in september 2014

What will please Egypt in September

The weather in early autumn gives a lot of pleasant moments to the guests of Egypt. This time is not for nothing called the velvet season. There are still many tourists on the beaches of luxury hotels. But the number of children is noticeably reduced, which is directly related to the start of the new school year. The sea is warm, like in summer, the air pleases with a long-awaited drop in temperature, the best time comes to visit the most popular excursion among Europeans - motor safaris. At this time, there is still no night cold, and tourists do not need to stock up on warm clothes.

During the tour, it is proposed to rush through the desert on ATVs with excellent cross-country ability, as well as visit the authentic Bedouin village. Motosafari is especially popular in the afternoon, when it becomes possible to admire the extraordinary beauty of sunset in the desert.

egypt at the end of september weather

Forward to the pyramids

As for the most famous Egyptian attractions, the path to them in the autumn season will be difficult and very hot. The September temperature in Luxor reaches 39-40 degrees, and in Cairo - thirty-three. Relief occurs only at night. But still, it is strongly recommended that everyone who came to Egypt in September go to these cities. The weather may disappoint, but the negative will be smoothed out by interesting, large-scale events taking place in this historic area. The most famous of them: the festival of experimental theaters in Cairo, the international film festival in Alexandria, the Rally of the Pharaohs. The latter is simply not to be missed. This is a race on off-road vehicles, trucks, ATVs and other vehicles, ready to compete with off-road vehicles for off-road vehicles. Athletes-motorists start at the foot of the Giza pyramids and cover 3,000 km along the sands of western Sahara. Even from such a short description of this rally , it becomes clear what a difficult and dangerous path they have to go. Therefore, to cheer up the competitors, before the start of the race, they organize a grand celebration.

egypt hurghada september weather

Travel tip

And finally, information useful to everyone who is going to Egypt in the near future. The weather in September 2014 will not differ much from the above average indicators, therefore, to spend your vacation as comfortable as possible, you need to correctly plan your daily routine.

The main advice - as little as possible are in the sun. High temperatures and scorching sun rays threaten overheating and burns, so in the middle of the day, tourists are better off in a hotel, under air conditioning. To go to the beach only in the morning and in the evening.

Do not deny yourself the pleasure and certainly visit Egypt. You will be delighted with the beauty of this country and the hospitality of its inhabitants.


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