Create a garden scarecrow with your own hands - give yourself and your children a holiday!

A familiar picture, isn’t it: a house in the village, next to the house - a garden where any yummy grows. And a humanoid monster sticks out over the garden, having seen which, one cannot help but smile. Yes, you’re right - that’s it, the garden scarecrow.

Garden Scarecrow Design

It’s a little incomprehensible why it is needed right now: they say that the birds, our faithful friends and at the same time longing for a garden “freebie,” learned to distinguish where a living person is and where he made a garden scarecrow with his own hands. Others authoritatively declare: nonsense, the bird only knows how to recognize the silhouette of a person, and therefore still prefers to fly around the gardens protected by bogeys. Still others shrug: so what with the fact that the scarecrow “doesn’t work” anymore, but how beautiful it looks, how the landscape decorates!

DIY garden scarecrow

Let's try to do two things at the same time - to protect the garden and to decorate the territory. Only if you are planning to make a garden scarecrow with your own hands, be sure to take assistants and children's hands. Firstly, the kids will be indescribably delighted with the creative process. Secondly, they will not allow him to be taken seriously in an adult way and create a nightmare instead of a scarecrow . We just want to scare away the birds, and not bring our neighbor who accidentally looked through the fence to a heart attack, right?

Do not think that the most difficult thing in a scarecrow is creating a head. On the contrary. It is enough to make a small bag of white cotton fabric, stuff it with straw and tie it tightly, - that's all. Oil or acrylic paints will be used for face painting; the main thing is that they are not washed away by the rain. But the most important thing - on the face of the scarecrow should not be a crooked smirk, but a kind smile - never forget.

In general, the construction of a garden scarecrow is extremely simple. The base is a long pole, pointed on one side, and a horizontal bar nailed to its upper third, proportional to the arms. It is on the top of the pole and the head of the “scarecrow” is planted.

Garden Scarecrow Clothing

Clothing for a garden scarecrow is suitable for any that was in use. To make it more fun, you can additionally decorate it by stitching multi-colored "patches". To create volume, after you put on a shirt and pants on a cross, stuff them inside with a good straw. The edges of the clothes need to be tightly pulled together with a twine and tied. Well, if unnecessary gloves are found, the garden scarecrow with its own hands from gloves will wave under the gusts of wind. The same thing can be done with pants, if you do not fasten them tightly, but sew on to the shirt.

The process described above, of course, is the basis for creativity, which relies solely on the imagination of the “parents” of the scarecrow. Perhaps you want to make it more “human” - with a scarf around the “neck”, with funny clownish striped socks, with a vest over the shirt. Perhaps, instead of a rigidly fixed pole, there will be a rotating hinge, like a weather vane. Perhaps it will be possible to build into a scarecrow a wind rattle - it is her sound that is guaranteed to scare away birds from the garden ...

In any case, make sure that the day you create a garden scarecrow with your own hands is illuminated by the joy of creativity, children's laughter and the kind smile of your “scarecrow”.


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