How to hang modular paintings on the wall with Velcro?

Since ancient times, everyone has been trying by any means to decorate their home. Ancient people painted patterns on the walls of caves. Our ancestors used wall paintings. Now itโ€™s fashionable to hang beautiful paintings and posters, pick up colorful wallpapers, paint the walls with decorative putties. All this is done by a person with one purpose - to decorate his home, as his ancestors did many centuries ago. Every year, designers find new solutions. In recent years, new unusual paintings have appeared on sale - modular.

What are modular paintings?

The image in modular paintings is divided into several parts. Each subsequent part of the picture is a continuation of the previous one. The paintings are located on the wall at a distance of 2 to 4 cm, depending on the size of the image. The more details of the module, the greater the distance must be left between its parts. Their number also varies. There are paintings consisting of 2, 3, 4, 5 or more parts.

how to hang modular paintings on the wall

Modular paintings are now fashionable, in which the central part is larger. If there are more than 3 elements, then the arrangement can be different: stepwise, diamond-shaped, in free order.

Types of modular images

Artists and designers beat modular paintings in many ways. Pictures are made of wood, plastic, photo paper. They are in the framework, but most often without them. The image is located on the sides of the subframe for the picture, so that, despite the fact that the parts are at a certain distance, the integrity of the image is felt. The drawing applied to the boards usually carries the image of natural elements, such as animals, flowers, trees. Such modules look very stylish in rooms decorated with natural building materials.

how to hang modular paintings on the wall

In ordinary apartments or houses with painted walls, photographs with various prints will aesthetically look. It can be urban and architectural sights, modern painting. For any style of design of the apartment, you can pick up a similar picture. There is also a wide variety of methods on how to hang modular paintings on the wall. You need to choose fasteners based on the wall material and the weight of each module segment.

Installation of a modular picture

Before you hang modular paintings on the wall, it is recommended that the parts are placed in the correct order on the floor. In this position, it will already be seen how the image and color scheme fit into the interior of the room, whether it suits furniture, sofa upholstery. Before starting the installation, you must use a building level to draw an even line on the wall. The picture should be at a distance of about 1.5 m from the floor so that the image is located opposite the human eye.

how to hang modular pictures on the wall photo

If the parts are on the same level, then the line needs to be stretched across the entire image length. With the diverse placement of the segments, you need to mark out all the details. The next step will be the choice of how to hang modular paintings on the wall. Photos and prints are best hung on the walls without wallpaper. On a smooth painted wall, you can install the picture with nails or dowels. For this type of installation, a hole for putting on a nail is provided on the back of the modules. This method is used when modular paintings have frames. You must first carefully consider how to hang modular paintings on the wall in the frame.

how to hang modular paintings on the wall with Velcro

There is a slight caveat. The frame itself has a certain thickness, so the distance between the modules is reduced. In any case, before evaluating the future appearance of the combined elements, they must first be laid out on the floor. Then it becomes clear at what distance you need to hang the segments. If itโ€™s a pity to hollow the wall or the owners often like to change the interior of the room, itโ€™s better not to wall the holes, but to use other methods: using liquid nails, double-sided tape, a smart latch, Velcro, spider hooks.

Proper wall mount

Before starting the installation of the picture, you need to inspect the quality of the wall. If the wall is smooth, even, for example, painted, concrete, plasterboard, then it is convenient to use double-sided tape or Velcro. But there is one drawback. Before you hang modular paintings on the wall, you need to evaluate their weight. It is not recommended to mount a heavy picture in this way, since a fall due to the severity of the canvas is possible. If the segment is light, then you can safely use this method.

how to hang modular paintings on a wall in a frame

Double-sided tape is cut into small pieces, about 1-1.5 cm, and glued on the back of the part at a distance of 5-10 cm. Then you need to remove the adhesive tape and carefully, along the planned line, lean against the wall. For the strength of gluing, it is advisable to hold for several minutes, pressing the panel against the wall with your hands. The same thing needs to be done with each segment.

Wall mount with Velcro

Let's look at how to hang modular paintings on the wall with Velcro. For this installation method you will need: Velcro tape, glue. Velcro can be freely bought at sewing accessories stores. They consist of two parts. Before you hang modular paintings on the wall, Velcro need to be divided into 2 layers. One is glued to a segment of the painting, the other layer is attached to the wall itself with glue.

modular picture

First you need to mark the wall, drawing exactly the top line of the picture and the line on which you need to stick the Velcro. On the element itself, you also need to correctly measure the distance so that at the moment of connecting the layers of Velcro on the wall, there is no shift. In this case, the image will be skewed.

How to hang modular paintings on the wall

The perception and harmonious combination with the surrounding interior of the room depends on the correct location of the picture. It is necessary to consider the size of the room. A vertical pattern visually increases the height of the ceiling and walls, and a horizontal pattern expands the space.

Also, when choosing a place, the direction of light in the room is taken into account. With an excess of sunlight , the picture will prematurely age and fade. If the picture is painted with oil paints, then you need to check if there will be glare from artificial lighting. This will interfere with the perception of the picture.

When installing the picture, you need to consider the amount and volume of furniture in the room. If the clutter is large, then the picture needs to be selected in a small size. If there is a lot of space in the room, then the picture is more massive, consisting of more segments.


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