How to recapture the braid correctly

Despite the fact that recently new modern mowers and trimmers have appeared, many still use conventional hand braids. Indeed, in order to simply remove the grass under the trees and along the fence, it is completely useless to spend money on newfangled products. The simplest grandfather braid on the handle will be enough. However, this tool also needs some care.

how to recapture a braid
Over time, the blade becomes dull, mowing becomes quite difficult. Of course, you can grind it with a bar. But a sustainable result in this case is difficult to obtain. After an hour and a half, he will again require sharpening. Therefore, many gardeners and gardeners often have the question of how to recapture the braid. The case is quite simple technically, but very time-consuming and requires accuracy. With the wrong approach, the tool can simply mess up. Therefore, usually in this case, turn to a specialist. However, if you are confident in your abilities, you can try to do it yourself.

First of all, you will need to cook the tools. You will need an old file, an ordinary stump or a block of wood and a hammer. The handle is removed from the first tool and the adjacent part of the blade is cut so that five centimeters remain. The edge of the piece will need to grind. Ultimately, he must take the shape of a semicircle in profile. This is necessary in order to beat off the braid and give the blade the desired shape. The heel of the hammer is ground down until it becomes absolutely flat. You cannot use an ordinary tool.

So how to recapture the braid? A prepared piece of file is driven into a block of wood. To fix it better, you can use a nut. If desired, you can use a small anvil.

recapture the scythe
But in this case, you need a special hammer. Next, the blade is removed from the braid. To do this, knock out the mounting ring. Sometimes it is screwed onto a nut. In this case, the latter is, of course, previously unscrewed. Then the wedge is removed, as a result of which the simple structure is disassembled into parts.

To understand how to beat off a braid professionally, you need to look at its blade. Ultimately, it should have a small indentation along the edge. For this, the corresponding profile was given to the file profile. The blade is placed on the driven file edge, absolutely horizontally and begin to gently tap on it with a hammer. Action area

how to beat off the braid
it should not exceed two millimeters. For convenience, a block of the same size as the anvil can be placed under the opposite end of the blade. Experts advise: it is better to hit several times, but carefully, than once, but hard. It is necessary to beat by slightly pulling the hammer along with the metal onto itself. From time to time it needs to be moistened. The result should be a thin and very sharp edge.

Thus, the blade is machined along its entire length. As a result, the edge cannot be absolutely even, such as, say, with a knife. Small chipping marks are always present. In the end, something like a micropila comes out, which cuts the grass very well. Thus, the answer to the question of how to recapture the braid is understandable. The edge should not just be beaten off, but drawn off. On the reverse side, the desired groove is obtained. Everything needs to be done very carefully.

Then the blade is put back on the handle, a wedge is inserted and all this is fixed with a ring. The tool is ready to go. We hope that now you are more or less clear on how to recapture the braid.


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