Tarot cards Lenormand: meaning and interpretation, layouts

The tarot cards of Maria Lenormand are very different from other fortune-telling cards. France’s most famous fortuneteller, who was called Black Maria because she accurately predicted death, used the usual deck of playing cards. On the cards only one understandable notes and signs were made to her. The deck was developed after the death of the fortuneteller by its followers, it is popular today. The value of the Lenormand tarot cards, the principles of the interpretation of the deck and the layouts are considered in the article.

the meaning of tarot cards lenorman

Deck rules

Before disassembling the values ​​of the Lenormand tarot cards, consider the basic rules of work that are universal for any deck.

  1. Perhaps the most important rule: do not sit down to work with cards while intoxicated. Handle cards with respect. These are the vehicles between you and the higher powers.
  2. The tarot cards of Maria Lenormand do not require much effort, but you should not pick them up if you feel sick or are ill.
  3. Formulate the question clearly and clearly.
  4. Do not ask the same question many times. The accuracy of the obtained prediction is reduced.
  5. Your condition should be as indifferent as possible. Be prepared to accept not even the most pleasant truth. Take the situation as if from the outside.
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Prediction interpretation terms

The values ​​of the Lenormand tarot cards and the timing of the predictions are individual, depending on the selected scenario. So, for example, if a alignment was made on the reconciliation of the parties, then the fortuneteller in the 9th position determines the timing for the near future. For example, three days. When dealing with three cards, you can make a three-month period, where each of the cards will show a month. It is not advisable to view the distant future for a period of six months or more. Events may simply not have time to form in the right way for the fortuneteller. The interpretation will be incorrect. Incorrect interpretation can lead to an incorrect decision.

Deck uniqueness

What is the difference between the Lenormand tarot cards, the layouts and their interpretation? Firstly, the storyline. Each card describes one central hero. The image of the classic tarot, such as that of Ryder White, is often blurred. So, for example, to read the Emperor’s tarot card, you need to take into account the direct and inverted meaning, pay attention to the very personality of the Emperor. Some lassos are much more secretive. For example, Seven of Swords. Here it is important to take into account the symbolic meaning, and the pattern, color prevailing on the map and the very meaning of the suit of Swords. Secondly: there is no division into suits, Senior and Minor Arcana. For the convenience of the user, illustrations are given - an analogue of the card in the playing deck, but when working, the deck is perceived as a whole.

The value of Lenormand tarot cards is much easier to read. So, for example, the Ring card speaks for itself. As well as the map of the Heart, Dogs, Houses. A more detailed interpretation of the Lenormand tarot cards will be given below. We draw your attention to another feature. In these cards, unlike the classical tarot, direct and inverted interpretations are not used. Cards are read only directly, and their meaning is revealed on the basis of neighboring cards.

Tarot lenorman combination of cards


It's time to make out the meaning and interpretation of the Lenormand tarot cards. There are 36 cards in total in the deck. At the top of the sheet is an analogue card from the playing deck.

1RiderThe horseman means the road, the trip. News that will come from afar. If you and your partner are far apart, it can show the distance between you.
2CloverClover - card of little luck. This may be a win in the lottery, or a call from a loved one, a small increase in salary, the ability to correct a predicament, make peace.
3ShipRoad trip.
4HouseParental home, family hearth, warmth, homeland.
5TreeSustainability, stability, patrimonial force, family.
6CloudsClouds mean some doubts, circumstances that may overshadow the plans.
7SnakeIn many fortune-telling on Lenormand tarot cards, this card is interpreted as treason. But such an interpretation is one-sided. It all depends on the subject of the layout. For example, for a man, the Snake card can mean a girl, usually a brown-haired woman who is fond of esotericism or magic and has a sharp mind.
8CoffinThe meaning of the tarot card Lenormand Coffin does not always mean death on a physical level. It can mean a turning point in a person’s life, followed by a new one. This card can be compared to the lasso of Death of the classic tarot deck.
9BouquetYouth, attractiveness, a sign of attention from a man.
10ScytheHarvesting, summing up. The combination of the Lenormand Scythe tarot card with Pisces is literally "mowing money."
elevenBroomQuarrel scandal, gap.
12OwlsIf the card is located on the dark side - doubts and fears, gossip. If light - wisdom, a philosophical view of what is happening, calm. The ability of partners to negotiate with each other and find solutions to problems.
thirteenChildFor couples means baby. For a couple in a relationship - sincerity of communication, openness, honesty.
14A foxDeception, cunning, understatement.
fifteenBearConfidence, strength, the desire to protect. It can mean some kind of official, an influential person.
16StarsInspiration, creative plans, hopes. If the alignment concerns money, it means a lack of cash.
17StorkThe value of the tarot card Lenorman Stork is associated with care, family, the desire of partners to help each other, warmth in relationships.
18DogFidelity, devotion, family.
19TowerFor business dealings, it may indicate a government agency, such as a university. Sometimes denotes a conclusion in the truest sense of the word. In a relationship, the meaning of the tarot card Lenormand Tower is changing. It indicates the coldness of the relationship and the time when the partner is closed and withdrawn.
20A parkFun time with friends, holiday.
21MountainAn obstacle, overcoming which, a person will be able to reach a different standard of living.
22ForkIn the tarot cards of Maria Lenormand, the fork symbolizes choice. This may be the choice of a profession, or a path in life. For love hands shows a rival.
23RatsDoubts, fears, that which, as it were, "nibbles" a person from within.
25RingEngagement, wedding, agreement on trust.
26BookThe interpretation of the tarot card Lenormand The book depends on the subject of the layout. If he is business - the Book means receiving new information, training. For personal relationships, she reveals a secret that the partner would like to hide.
27LetterNews, letter.
28MonsieurSignifier card for a man.
29thLadySignature card of a woman.
thirtyLiliesPurity of thoughts, sincerity of feelings, sexual attraction, passion.
32MoonDoubts, fears, alcohol or other addiction.
33KeyClarification of relationships, disclosure of secrets.
34FishDepth of feelings, fulfillment of desires, sincerity. For financial situations - a successful project, making a profit.
35AnchorReliability, stability, sometimes - a halt in business.
36CrossTests, difficulties. In combination with the Sun - the onset of a white band in life after failure.
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Numerology and fortune telling

Marie Lenormand often used numerology for her predictions. The same principle has been preserved in the created deck. In some layouts, you need to calculate the additional value of the positions. Then two or more values ​​are added, depending on the specifics of the layout. So, for example, the card of the Bear and the Ship (15 and 3) in total gives 18 - this is the card of the Dog. If the number is more than 36, then this value must be subtracted from the amount received. If, for example, the result is 50, then 50-36 = 14, that is, the card of the Fox.

maria lenorman tarot cards

Three card layout

Lenormand tarot cards can be laid out just like the classics. For example, on three cards. Make a question, lay out three cards and read the answer. Do not forget to calculate the numerological value if in doubt. So, for example, the girl is worried about the question of whether she can make peace with the guy. Let the following cards fall:

  1. Monsieur.
  2. Letter.
  3. Heart.

In the near future, a girl should expect news from a man. Perhaps he will write or call. The Heart Map shows that relationships will be restored. Here the answer is clear.


Proven and reliable fortune-telling on Tarot cards Lenormand will show if the partners have the opportunity to restore relations after a quarrel. Three rows of three cards are laid out in a row, the last tenth card shows the total and is laid out under the eighth card. Interpretation of positions:

  1. The reason for the quarrel.
  2. Does the partner love you.
  3. What is missing in the relationship.
  4. Is money a source of trouble?
  5. Sexual compatibility of partners.
  6. Responsibility of a partner in a relationship.
  7. Dependencies.
  8. Is mutual suppression present in the relationship.
  9. Near future.
  10. Total.
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Layout on Lenorman "Choice"

Every person has to make a choice. Sometimes simple, sometimes not very. Combining the cards of the Lenormand tarot cards will help you to see all the consequences. First, the signifier is laid out, which can be pulled out in order, and you can choose intuitively by drawing out a random card. Then, on four sides, 4 cards are laid out in a square:

  1. If I make a choice 1 - top left.
  2. If I make a choice 2 - in the upper right.
  3. If I do not make a choice 1 - bottom left.
  4. If I don’t make a choice 2 - bottom right.
  5. If necessary, each side can be supplemented with two more cards.

"How he treats me?"

Performed in 10 cards. First, signifier cards are laid out. If a woman guesses, then Monsieur should be on the right, and on the left - the Lady. For a man - the opposite. Then the cards are laid out in three piles of three cards each. Interpretation:

  • 1 pile - events that are currently happening in the life of a partner;
  • 2 stack - his feelings;
  • 3 stack - intentions.
  • the last card is advice to the fortuneteller how to behave.

"Will we be together?"

This fortune telling on Lenormand cards is very simple and is suitable for those who just picked up the cards. It is carried out as follows:

  • Make an image of a person, mix the deck.
  • Fold the cards into 2 piles.
  • View the resulting stacks. If in one of them there is a Heart, a Ring of a Lady and Monsieur together - the relationship will end with the family, if not - the relationship will most likely break up. Civil marriage is possible if the Lady, Monsieur and the Heart are in one pile. If Dame and Monsieur are in different decks - the couple will not be together for a long time.

"Bitter truth"

Guessing on the Tarot cards Lenormand "The Bitter Truth" will show the situation in the relationship, so to speak, without illusions. It decomposes like this:

  • the first card is on the left;
  • the second is on the right;
  • the third is between them;
  • the fourth is under the first;
  • the fifth - under the second.
  • sixth - under the third in the center.


  • the left column is how the fortuneteller sees the situation and what he wants;
  • right - as it really is;
  • in the center - the result;
  • For each column, the numerological value is calculated separately.

The alignment of treason

The layouts of the Lenormand tarot cards clearly show information. The betrayal of the betrayal will tell you if the partner has someone other than you. It decomposes like this:

  • Shuffle the cards, remove and remove the first card from the deck.
  • Then pull out the seventh card, placing it at the bottom left of the top card.
  • The next card is the 14th. She lies in the center of the middle row.
  • Lay out the 22nd card. She will be on the right, close the bottom row.
  • Put the lowest card from the deck last.

The result should be a cross, but only with three cards in the middle row.


  • the top card is the essence of the issue and are there any prerequisites to think about treason
  • three cards of the middle row - the situation at this point in time.
  • the bottom card is an addition to the prediction.

Cards indicate treason:

  • Book.
  • A fox.
  • Snake.
  • Fork.

If the Cross or the Book fell at the beginning, interrupt the fortune-telling.

tarot cards lenorman interpretation

For beginners, the Lenormand tarot cards are ideal. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, the values ​​of the cards are intuitive, do not require memorization. The deck itself is very pleasing to the eye. Secondly, the layouts include a small number of cards and are very simple. And the third most important reason - the Lenormand tarot cards do not require a lot of effort, but at the same time remain quite strong.

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