Tomas Hubschman - the legend of Donetsk “Miner”

Tomas Hübschman is one of the most famous players in the star team Mircea Lucescu, who won the UEFA Cup in 2009. The Czech legionnaire is a defensive midfielder, for many Shakhtar rivals both in the Ukrainian championship and in European club tournaments, it was an impassable wall.

Player’s childhood and youth

Tomas Hubschman was born on September 4, 1981 in the capital of Czechoslovakia, Prague. He liked football right away. As soon as he began to walk, he was already inseparable from the ball. The family was very fond of this sport, so immediately began to instill such an attitude and little Tomas. At the age of five, Hubschman began to study in the section of the leader of Czech football - Prague “Sparta”. As we can see, such an early start to systematic training brought results in the future.

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Of course, in parallel with visiting the football section, Tomasz Hübschman went to one of the capital's schools. In the early years, sports did not interfere with studies, but then problems began in some subjects. When the teachers realized that Tomasch has a good football talent, which he can realize at the highest level, they began to sympathize with his shortcomings in academic subjects.

Career start

In 1999, Czech blond played for the first time at a professional adult level. Unfortunately, such an important start in the player’s life did not take place as part of Sparta. After being in the youth squad, Tomas moved to the Sweet club from the city of Elin. As it turned out, not for long. The managers of the capital's club did not cease to watch their pupil. After 6 matches for the “Sweet”, Tomas is again in Prague. The real popularity came to the player after he ran the 2000/2001 season on loan for "Jablonec 1997". Returning from the lease, Hubshman continued the struggle for a place in the first team and won it. In the 2003/2004 season, when his Sparta played in the quarter finals of the European Cup, he was already a solid player in the main squad of the Czech champion. So spent the first part of his career, Tomasz Hübschman. The footballer played 81 matches for Sparta.

Tomas Hubschman biography

Shakhtar and Mircea Lucescu

As Lucescu noted in his last interview as the head coach of Donetsk Shakhtar, over 12 years of his work in the club, 5-6 teams have changed. Some performers appeared in the team, sharply progressed and went on promotion to leading European clubs (for example, Elano Bloomer in Manchester City). People like Tomasz Hubschman, Fernandinho, Dario Srna gave Shakhtar club their whole soul. Yes, at the moment, Hubschman and Fernandinho are no longer part of the long-suffering Donbass club, but if a person gave the team 10 years, then this says a lot.

In recent years, Tomash was not the main player in the starting lineup, he often went for replacements, but this did not diminish his role in the team. Somehow before the match of the Champions League group stage with Barcelona, ​​when Hubschman was less likely to take the base, an argument broke out among experts over the oporniks who would be better able to cope with Barcelona tiki-such. Many experts believed that Hubschman in such a match would look more reliable than the Brazilians.

For 10 years, Tomas Hubschman (min. Biography above) has played 268 matches in the Pitmen, scoring 9 goals.

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The personal life and modernity of the blond

Together with his wife Yana, the former player of Shakhtar and the Czech national team brings up two children - son Tomas and daughter Mikaela. Now Hubshman again stands for “Jablonec.” He is 34 years old. Of course, he is now playing not at the highest level. Age is already slowly taking its toll, so Tomasz no longer claims to be a member of the leading clubs, but simply enjoys playing and more frequent close communication with his family. After all, it is clear that in mining times it was rarely possible to spend a lot of time with his beloved wife and children.

Tomas Hubschman, as a player, entered his name in the history of Donetsk Shakhtar in gold letters, because his merit in the Istanbul victory in 2009 is very great.


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