DIY fountains for giving: interesting ideas and reviews

Garden fountain can be a real decoration for a personal plot. In summer, you can arrange a place for rest near it. Reviews of the owners of such compositions suggest that the murmur of water calms, sets up for rest. There are many design options for a fountain for a summer residence. Popular types of design, as well as the technology of its creation will be discussed later.

Features of the object of landscape design

The fountain for a summer residence can have the most different look. However, regardless of its design and configuration, it will allow not only to create a beautiful design of a personal plot, but also to increase humidity. This is extremely favorable for plants that are in the garden and flower beds next to such an element of landscape design.

Small fountain in the country

When choosing the design and appearance of the fountain, you need to correlate it with the general style of the exterior of the house. It is not necessary to use expensive materials. The construction of a small fountain will not hit the family budget. Even improvised materials that are on the site can be used in the process of arrangement.

Creating a beautiful fountain will depend on the right choice of pump. Proper water supply will create interesting, original images. Water can not just beat up, but flow over a cascade system. You can also think of various decorative elements. Everyone can create a fountain with their own hands. According to reviews, this is not so difficult.


To create a suitable structure, you need to consider the ideas of fountains in the country. With your own hands to create a similar design in this case will be easier. Based on one of the popular types of fountains, you can refine the project. This will create an original design. There are several most popular types of construction.

Fountain for a summer residence

A popular variety is the cascade fountain. In this case, single atomizers are combined. In this case, the level of flow of the jet will be different. Also, many owners of cottages like jet fountains. Their design provides for a pipe with a special nozzle. A large pressure from one narrow nozzle flies up and is divided into many drops.

Another interesting option is the bell fountain. There are two parallel discs at the end of the pipe. Between them water is supplied. This allows you to create a kind of bell. If the discs are angled, this type of fountain will be called the Tulip. It also resembles the shape of a flower.

The design in the form of a ring looks beautiful. Holes for water are evenly made on its surface. It is served under pressure, allowing you to create a beautiful image.

Location Guidelines

A large or small fountain in the country should be correctly placed on the site. It is important to consider the overall style of the exterior design. The fountain should complement the existing style. You also need to evaluate the degree of slope of the soil on the site. The best place to create a fountain is a lowland. This will qualitatively saturate the air with moisture.

Polyresin fountain for a summer residence

It is not recommended to equip such an object in an open area. Direct sunlight will fall into the water. This will lead to flowering of the liquid, the development of bacteria and fungi in it. Also, do not build a fountain near large trees. Their roots can destroy a similar structure over time.

Also, the close proximity of bushes and trees will contribute to the entry of leaves into the water, clogging of the fountain with seeds, fluff, and fruits of these plants. This will cause a malfunction in the water supply system. Nozzles and communications may become dirty. Also, do not install a fountain near the house or other outbuildings. In a gusty wind, water droplets will fall on their surface. In this case, a fungus may appear on the walls.

The ideal place for the installation of the fountain is an open area viewed from the house.

Type of construction

The fountain for the pond in the country can have a different type of design. If you are going to build it yourself, you need to know several nuances of this process. The fountain can be open or using a circulation pump. The choice of materials must be approached especially responsibly.

Street fountain for a summer residence

In an open fountain, the structure is designed so that fluid is supplied to the nozzles. In this case, jets appear due to the difference in water level. This type of fountain will require the construction of a small capacity. It must be installed higher than the nozzle level. The capacity must be raised from it by 50-100 cm. In order for such a fountain to function correctly, you need to control the amount of water in the system. Her pressure depends on it. Such a fountain requires periodic cleaning, as the water will be contaminated with dust, various debris.

If the circulation pump will be used in the design, the device must be immersed to the bottom. Water will be continuously supplied to the system. This option allows you to create a beautiful fountain with good water pressure. Moreover, this design will be more practical, will require less attention when servicing.


It is recommended to equip a street fountain for a summer residence with a pump. This equipment must be carefully selected. Two types of pumps are used for this. They can be submersible or surface type. The first option involves installation directly in the water. Through a special filter, this device delivers fluid to the nozzle under the desired pressure.

Installation of submersible pumps is carried out on a hill. Otherwise, the filter will clog quickly, it will need to be cleaned more often. The advantages of this pump are its reasonable cost and easy installation. It works almost silently, as it has compact dimensions.

Surface pumps must be mounted next to the fountain. They suck water through a hose and then feed it through a filter to the nozzle. Caring for this equipment is easy. It is distinguished by reliability and a long service life. However, this pump also has disadvantages. Its cost will be significantly higher than that of submersible varieties. At the same time, it is quite difficult to mount and makes noise during operation. When installing the pump, you need to consider wiring the power line.

How to choose a pump?

Considering how to make a fountain in the country, you need to pay attention to the features of pumping equipment. You need to choose it correctly. For each type of fountain, you must purchase a suitable pump.

DIY fountain in the country

First of all, you should pay attention to the performance of the unit. It delivers water at a certain rate, which is measured in liters per hour. For a large fountain, you need a powerful pump that can lift water to a great height. If the design is tiny, you should choose the most low-power varieties of pumps. This information must be viewed in the data sheet.

It is also important to pay attention to the amount of electricity consumed by the pump. Equipment with a high rating of rated power can be operated around the clock without interruption. If you plan to create a mini-fountain on the site, you will need equipment that will be powered by a 24 V network.

Also, when choosing a pump, you need to determine the height of the water rise. This indicator is calculated in accordance with the design features of the fountain.

Style selection

Expensive and cheap fountains for summer cottages can be made in different styles. Today, when arranging the landscape of a personal plot, the eco-direction is popular. However, other varieties of design do occur.

Illuminated fountain for a summer residence

If the site was decorated in a rustic, ethnic style, you need to install traditional structures. The fountain can be supplemented with various wooden products, small sheds and other traditional crafts. The decor in the form of a wooden wheel, a mill, etc., will look good.

If the classic style was chosen as the main style in the design of the site, you can supplement the fountain with various special elements. This, for example, can be statues, columns, decoration of the bowl with stucco molding and so on.

Natural design looks spectacular. At the same time, it can be varied in different colors that will delight the eye near a small reservoir with a fountain. Various waterfalls, decorative stones will give an image of harmony and completeness.

Reviews about the features of installation

Do-it-yourself fountain in the country house can be mounted from different materials. According to the reviews of the owners of private houses, this is not difficult. First you need to create a design project. At the same time, objects standing next to the future fountain (trees, buildings, communications, etc.) should be applied to the site diagram. This will allow you to choose the right place for construction.

The fountain for giving cheap

It is necessary to provide on the plan the supply of water, electricity to this object. After that, you can proceed to installation. If the fountain is miniature, you will not have to dig a pit. Just in the chosen place on the site, a bowl with a fountain is installed. In most cases, you will have to dig a pit. Its dimensions should be several centimeters larger than the bowl.

In the elevated area of ​​the prepared pit, you need to dig a small gutter. Its depth and width should be only about 10 cm. A layer of sand should be poured at the bottom of the pit and trough. Its thickness should be at least 15 cm. This is necessary to create additional protection for the bowl from possible damage and deformation. The sand pillow is qualitatively leveled.

Bowl mounting

To make a fountain for a summer residence inexpensive, you need to use various improvised materials that are at hand. For example, to create a fountain bowl, an old acrylic bathtub, which is no longer used by the owners of the site, can come up. If there is nothing suitable in the house, you will have to buy a special container.

On sale a large selection of bowls for the fountain. The choice depends on the preferences of the owners of the plot. The capacity must be installed on the prepared sand cushion. Her position is monitored using a building level.

After installing the bowl, you need to pour sand into the voids. It is tampered with quality. The edges of the container should rise 5-7 cm above the soil level. The position of the bowl is once again checked using the building level. Only when this work is completed in full, can you install the appropriate equipment and fill the tank with water.

Installation of pumping equipment

It is recommended to equip the fountain for giving when using the pump. He will supply water with a hose. The choice of fountain type depends on the taste preferences of the owners of the house. Installation is carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

Submersible pumps are best suited for such designs. If the jet does not hit a height of more than 1 m, you will need to install low-voltage equipment. In other cases, you need to choose powerful pumps that will be powered by a domestic network.

The most difficult to install a surface pump. In this case, it will be necessary to correctly connect the supply and return sections of the water supply. It will be necessary to strictly follow the instructions of the manufacturer of such equipment. There are no clear requirements for the location of such a pump. This is affected by the type of design design, as well as the layout of the site.

Fountain decoration

After the bowl is installed and the necessary equipment is connected, you need to complete the finish. If the fountain was made of an acrylic bathtub, a special plastic bowl, it must be additionally finished with a layer of waterproofing. For this, it is worth purchasing a special polymer material. Its size should correspond to the inner surface of the bowl.

A layer of waterproofing is lined on the inner surface of the bowl. It must be additionally fixed with the appropriate adhesive. Along the perimeter, you can lay out a frame of natural stone. After that, it will be possible to draw water into the tank.

Expert Advice

One of the good options would be to equip a fountain from a polystone for a summer residence. This material looks like a natural stone, but it is artificial. A bowl of it will look beautiful, fit into different styles of interior. Finishing for this material is not required. You can immediately pour water into such a bowl.

Fountain decor

To design the composition, you can use different techniques. Since electricity for the pump will be connected to the fountain, different lighting effects can be created. For this, diode lamps are used. An illuminated fountain also looks spectacular. For a summer residence, this element of landscape design will become a center for rest and relaxation. The murmur of water will calm, allowing you to relax physically and mentally from the bustle of the city.

Having considered how to create a fountain for a summer residence, you can make such a design yourself.


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