Little cottage: how to equip with your own hands? Interior design tips, photos

So often you want to escape from the bustle of the city in a quiet environment, closer to nature and immerse yourself in your thoughts. In this desire, traveling to the place where your favorite summer cottage is located helps many. How to equip such a house for the most comfortable and relaxing pastime can be found in this article.

General Expert Advice

A country house is a cozy, warm and comfortable place, being in which, a person should feel calm and confident.

The main advice of specialists who equip suburban dwellings is to avoid duplication of the designs of a city apartment and cottage. It must be remembered that a house outside the city should not remind you of everyday life and must be associated with relaxation.

Regardless of the number of rooms and the total area of ​​the country house, there must be a strict separation of the dwelling into working and relaxing areas, and of course, do not forget about the place for cooking and eating food.

Particularly careful and thoughtful interior design requires a small cottage. How to equip such a small house to visually expand its interior space? To achieve this, several design tricks for interior design will help.

cottage how to equip


Soft lighting is ideal for a country house. This type of light is more pleasing to the eye. For this purpose, you can use a lampshade for lamps, chandeliers and floor lamps.

But for the working area, such as an office or kitchen, the lighting should be bright. Pendant lights under kitchen cabinets or spotlights are ideal.

Wall decoration

The colors of the walls should be bright, natural. This can be wallpaper, natural matter with a print in a small flower or polka dots.

For the interior design of the walls of a small cottage, a wood lining or siding is also suitable, many people like to use coniferous types of wood for this purpose, which have good thermal insulation properties. It also saves well from the summer heat, in addition, your house will be filled with a pleasant coniferous aroma.


It is better not to overdo it with accessories and decorative elements when decorating a small summer house. Plants play well in country houses; options for annual flowers in pots are an ideal idea for diluting boring light monotony.

You can also dilute the bright country setting with bright spots in the form of small accessories and decorative items such as pillows, small figurines, vases and paintings. These elements will give additional comfort and complement the stylistic design. But the main thing here is a sense of proportion, too many small things create the illusion of cluttering.

how to equip a cottage


Many of our compatriots in a suburban area have a small cottage. How to equip such a house so that it was convenient and comfortable to be in it, using suitable furniture, will be described below.

Equipping a small cottage, you should abandon the plastic, shiny metal furniture, which does not cope with the task of adding comfort and expanding space.

But wooden and wicker furniture will give additional comfort and bring home interior closer to nature. But here, too, there are several nuances: firstly, the furniture should be practical, and secondly, simple. Examples include a closet, chest, or chest of drawers. As for upholstered furniture, a blanket thrown at it from natural material will add a homely atmosphere. Also, pillows and wraps do well for this purpose.

A small house on the site can be made roomy and practical, but for this you need to try a little and show all your imagination and creativity.

how to arrange a summer cottage photo

As for the size of the furniture, the standard is usually not suitable for the interior of such premises, since it turns out to be large and takes up a lot of useful space. It is better to make it to order from the master or try to become one yourself.

Bedroom in a small cottage

Depending on the size of the house, the bedroom can be a separate room located on the veranda or in the attic, and the option of a combined bedroom with a living room is also possible.

A bed in such a room should be without extra space, a single or a half-bed will be perfect. A good option is an attic bed (at the top there is a bed, below is a chest of drawers, a wardrobe or a working area), a convertible bed, a hammock bed or a bunk bed (especially loved by middle-aged children).

How to equip a cottage so that all the necessary furniture can fit there, and still there is a place for free movement?

A good solution is folding and extendable furniture, such as tables, beds, chairs, which are very wide variety in retail stores, as well as on the websites of furniture factories.

Furniture should be placed as close to the wall as possible. First of all, this applies to sofas and beds, which must be placed close to the wall, while leaving only one approach to the bedroom.

how to equip a cottage with your own hands

Even the smallest summer cottage can be made as spacious as possible, the main thing is to think over everything and arrange the furniture correctly.

Multifunctionality of furniture will also help save space. For example, one table can serve as a writing, dining and working table.

You can put dishes, decorative decorations, and flowers at the same time on the rack.

In the closet you can store both things and work equipment.

How to equip a kitchen in a small cottage?

The first rule when decorating rooms with a small area is the multifunctionality of furniture and light shades in the interior.

how to equip a kitchen in the country

As for the kitchen set itself, it should be natural, pastel or classic light shades (beige, milk, blue, coffee, light yellow).

Often, designers suggest using transparent or mirrored facades for hanging kitchen cabinets that perform the function of expanding the area.

The presence of pull-out, draw-out, transformer boxes that are able to increase the useful area of ​​the room is welcome.

It is good if the kitchen table has sliding shelves (you can put kitchen cutlery in them).

The countertop can also be retractable or smoothly flowing from the windowsill to the table.

Also, as an option to save space, there is a table in the form of a bar, a round or a folding table.

Swivel, extendable and sliding mechanisms in the corner parts of the kitchen set help to make rational use of cabinets.

Built-in appliances also make space more free.

It is recommended to place a kitchen set with the letters P or G, which saves space and gives convenience and close accessibility to everything necessary for cooking.

how to equip a small cottage

Stylistic interior design of a small cottage

Many owners of suburban real estate are wondering about how to equip the cottage with their own hands. This can be done, but this process will take a lot of time and effort, however, it will be cheaper than the services of builders and designers.

To help in this matter, you can use the free tips of professional masters, view photos and read several useful articles on how to equip a summer house. Photos of such ideas and tips can be seen in this article.

If you set out to equip a small cottage in one of the design styles, then you need to know which of them are not suitable for small rooms in the interior design.

This is primarily a classic, oriental and country. These areas in the interior require large areas, and the classics also require considerable material investments.

The most suitable design for a small cottage is the Provence style (or French village). It is characterized by muted colors, natural materials, elegant and at the same time simple furniture.

Directions such as minimalism or hi-tech are also welcomed by designers, but the owner always chooses the style of the room.


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