Manicure tools. Scraper - what is it?

Scraping refers to the process of final finishing of surfaces, ensuring tightness and tightness. This method is used to treat metal surfaces. It is used by lithographers and sculptors. Also, a similar technology is used when processing a nail plate for manicure and pedicure.

Scraping Tools

Finishing of metal surfaces is carried out by special tools with scrapers. They have different designs. Scraper - what is it? This is a metal cutting tool made in the form of a rod with a cutting edge.

Scrapers for metal
The shape can be flat, trihedral and shaped. There are also several design solutions for the manufacture of this tool. Scrapers for metal can be solid or with an insert cutting part, manual or mechanical. They make scrapers made of carbon or alloy steel.

Scraper for manicure - what is it?

The ideal maintenance of nails is impossible without a manicure. Very often it is combined with a pedicure. These cosmetic procedures can be performed both in special salons and at home. But in either case, special tools will be needed. At home, use manicure sets.

Scraper what is it
They have several devices. Scissors, nippers and nail files are well-known tools. At the same time, other components of the manicure kit are ignored. For example, a scraper. What it is? This is a tool for cutting and processing the nail plate. Manicure knives - a miniature exquisite tool that differs from a metalwork tool. Scrapers must be present complete with other devices. Outwardly, they look like a small stick with a metal plate on the end.
Scraper what is it
There are many varieties of scrapers that differ in shape and size. The shape of the cutting blades has a different configuration. They can be flat, square, oval, semicircular. This tool is made of medical high alloy stainless steel. They can also be made of plastic or wood. More practical double-sided scraper. What it is? This is a tool with two work surfaces that have different functional purposes. The cutting edge is made in the form of a scapula, a pointed spear or hatchet.

How to use a scraper?

For the correct use of a manicure tool, you need to know its purpose. One type of scraper is a shovel. This kind of tool has several functional purposes. First of all, the cuticle can easily be moved with the spatula.

How to use a scraper
In addition, this type of scraper is used to remove a thin layer of skin growing on the nail plate. This procedure avoids the formation of barbs. It is also quite convenient to use the spatula to prepare the nail plate for the extension.

The next type of scraper is a tool whose cutting edge is made in the form of a miniature hatchet. It has a multifunctional application. The main purpose of the hatchet or scraper is to cleanse the free part and sides of the nail from the present contamination, as well as the removal of hardened dead cells. With this tool, the ingrown skin is removed, a beautiful shape of the nail plate is formed. When performing a pedicure, scrapers are indispensable for treating ingrown nails.

For modeling and correction of the nail plate, a scraper is used, the tip of which is made in the form of a spatula knife. This type of tool can be used to remove keratinization of the skin, as well as corns.

How to choose a scraper?

When buying a shovel or hatchet for manicure, you should pay attention to the material from which they are made. Durable and easy to use tools made of medical and stainless steel. Wood and plastic fixtures are rather fragile and impractical.

Scraper for manicure what is it
You should pay attention to how sharpened scraper. What it is? This is the state of the cutting edge. It is sharpening that makes a professional tool out of a scraper. It should be uniform, with no burrs. Preference is given to manual scrapers. The normal surface of the cutting edge will not scratch the palm.

Also pay attention to the pen. It should be comfortable and not slip in the hand.

When purchasing a shovel for processing cuticles, pay attention to the features of the structure of nails. Scrapers have a diverse configuration. When used at home, they are selected according to individual characteristics. The shape of the cuticle has a different structure. In accordance with this parameter, a tool is selected. A square or almond-shaped form is easier to handle with a device of the corresponding type. Prefer oval scrapers. This type of device is more versatile and is applicable for any configuration of nails.

Scrapers Operation Rules

Manicure tools require special care. After each use, all instruments are disinfected. But with improper processing, the cutting edges can darken, corrode. Liquid sterilizers such as Alaminol and Aktibor are recommended for disinfection. At home, skin antiseptics are used. There are also other types of instrument disinfection. In order not to spoil it, you should know what processing methods can be used for the purchased kit.

In addition to disinfection, metal scrapers require periodic sharpening of the cutting edge. This operation is carried out no more than once a year.


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