Gay flag: colors, photo

In this article we will try to consider as much as possible the gay flag. What is it usually called? Many call it rainbow. This is a multi-colored banner, consisting of a rainbow palette. In general, various variations of the flag are known, but all of them are based on a universal color change: red changes to orange, then we observe yellow, then green, blue, blue and purple. As a rule, this combination does not coincide with the generally accepted canons of heraldry.

Rainbow flag

Gay flag is known in various movements and cultures. Today, one of the most popular and familiar versions are: “Pride flag” (emblem of the organization of lesbians and gays), “Banner of the world” (symbol of the peace movement), the flag of the coalition of the indigenous peoples of America. The similarity of their design very often leads to confusion.

gay flag

In general, the gay flag is an international emblem of the formation of gays, lesbians, transgender people and bisexuals (LGBT communities), as well as activists who advocate for human rights in their respect. As a rule, the panel of this product consists of six stripes, the colors of which are placed according to the natural order of the rainbow from top to bottom.

The flag is used in gay pride processions and other public events. Very often it is placed on the buildings of LGBT organizations, "Gay-friendly" institutions, in gay neighborhoods and so on.


The gay flag is designed to reproduce unity in diversity, the joy and beauty of LGBT communities. He personifies the concept of gay pride and publicity. The author of the rainbow flag is the artist Gilbert Baker. He explains its meaning as follows: "The original idea of ​​the rainbow flag is called liberation.

gay movement flag

In fact, this is a chance to throw off the shackles, going beyond the framework created by fear and the desire to comply with standards, the right to declare their sexuality without shame and fear of retribution from the founders of ethical laws. "


Every revolution begins with the word “no”: no violence, no injustice, no oppression, no discrimination, no slavery, no being under the yoke of every minute fear. Yes, love. The flag of the gay movement has supported this idea for thirty years.

In general, the rainbow flag lives because it portrays us all in all our diversity and beauty. It is known that each such attribute is a symbol of an idea. The gay flag (its colors) is common sense and decisive action.


So, what a gay flag looks like is clear to us. We already know that the rainbow banner was developed by Gilbert Baker specifically for the gay parade, which was held in 1978 in San Francisco. At the same time, gay gay Harvey Milk was first elected to California as a member of the city's supervisory board.

In the same period, state conservatives launched a company aimed at introducing discriminatory amendments to the statute (the "Briggs Proposal").

gay flag colors

Gilbert Baker responded to the call of social activists of the gay movement to create the brightest symbol that would consolidate and personify the LGBT formation. The artist notes: “When I created the flag for the gay movement, there was no other international emblem for us, except for the pink triangle with which the Nazis marked gay men in concentration camps. Although this pink figure is a powerful symbol, it was still imposed on us. ”

It is known that Gilbert Baker with the activists painted and sewed two impressive muslin canvases with his own hands. The flag was first presented on June 25, 1978 during a gay pride parade, which brought together a record 250 thousand participants. This date is now celebrated as the Day of the Rainbow Banner.


At first the flag was made up of eight stripes. Baker assigned a certain value to each color:

  • Juicy pink represents sexuality.
  • Life is marked in red.
  • Health is associated with orange.
  • Yellow has always been sunny.
  • Green represents nature.
  • Magic or art are marked turquoise.
  • Strength of mind and spiritual origins are indigo.

There are several speculations why in the future the pink and then the turquoise strip disappeared from the flag. At the same time, blue appeared instead of indigo. They say that after the murder of an open gay man and politician Harvey Milk, which happened on November 27, 1978, protests were organized, thanks to which the popularity of the flag increased significantly.

what does a gay flag look like

It is known that the modification appeared due to technical and economic problems of gross production. Other sources claim that one of the stores, in order to satisfy the increased demand, began selling surplus flags of the Rainbow Girls structure, which did not have a pink stripe, from warehouses.

However, the elimination of the turquoise strip allegedly occurred at the time of preparation for the 1979 San Francisco Gay Pride Parade. It was then that the designers decided to “split” the flag in order to build a procession frame on both sides of the avenue. And for this, he had to have an even number of bands.


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