LCD "Apple Posad", Yaroslavl: overview, description, layout and reviews

"Apple Posad" is a modern urban project that combines maximum comfort and convenience. In this microdistrict, located in a quiet corner of Yaroslavl (the intersection of Dzerzhinsky Avenue and Tutaevsky Highway), all conditions are created so that a person can fully enjoy nature and relax from the noise of city bustle. There are no busy highways, and the residential complex itself is bordered by green areas - parks and squares. At the same time, the construction company thought over everything in such a way that the "Apple Posad" had a connection with urban civilization. The object is located near Leningradsky Prospekt and Dzerzhinsky Prospekt, which gives the right to burst into the rhythm of urban life after a quarter of an hour.


The implementation of the above project is carried out by the developer LLC PSP Express, which is part of the structure of a large construction complex of the KORTROS Group of Companies.

Apple Posad

This organization has an impeccable reputation, due to the fact that for more than a ten-year period of presence on the market, it has gained tremendous experience and positive feedback in its address. When engaged in the construction of housing, LLC PSP Express primarily monitors its quality.

Construction stages

The first stage in the district "Apple Posad" is ready for 100%. As a result, an array of semi-detached cottages (townhouses) was built, each of which is represented by two full floors and a separate attic. What is the uniqueness of the above object? The thing is that a potential buyer gets the opportunity to live in a country house, and in addition to this - a garden within the city.

The second phase of the Apple Posad project has not yet been fully completed. At the moment, 11 residential buildings ready to move in have already been built. They have already sold over 1800 apartments.

Apple-tree posad Yaroslavl

Under construction is building No. 23 with a capacity of more than 600 apartments. One way or another, but most of the residential complex is already inhabited and landscaped.

It is planned that the final project "Apple Posad" (Yaroslavl) will be ready by the fourth quarter of 2019.

Architectural concept

The architectural solution of the housing complex was based on advanced achievements of both domestic and foreign experts. The panel construction option was rejected initially. Although it is considered optimal in terms of speed of construction, it is not competitive in terms of comfort. In addition, there are drafts, dampness and high noise levels in panel houses, which does not add to their advantages.

Experts of PSP Express LLC decided that the Yablonev Posad residential complex will include several apartment variations, namely: tower single-entry houses, high-rise buildings with several entrances, small-sized housing for people who do not have large incomes.


Single-entry facilities have their own infrastructure on the ground floor. The houses consist of 15-17 floors.

Apple Posad apartments

The area of ​​"odnushki" here is approximately 42 square meters. m, "dvushka" - 65 square meters. m, and "treshki" - 88 "squares". The first floors of the houses are given for office and retail premises.

As for multi-access facilities, they include about 11-15 floors. However, the arsenal of planning decisions in them is wider. But here the area of ​​a one-room apartment in the "Yablonev Posad" (Yaroslavl) will reach about 32 "squares". Two-room "mansions" here have an area of ​​52 square meters. m, and three-room - 67 "squares".

And of course, in the residential complex houses with small-sized housing are provided. First of all, it is designed for those who save their already low budget. Naturally, the quadrature in such houses is limited in comparison with other types of housing. In particular, the area of ​​one-room apartments is approximately 28 "squares", two-room apartments - 45 "squares", and three-room apartments - 65 square meters. m

As already emphasized, in the Yablonev Posad residential complex, in which apartments are in high demand, townhouses are also offered for sale. The area of ​​bunk houses varies from 220 to 270 square meters. m. They are equipped with an attic floor and garages for two vehicles. And of course, a land plot is attached to the townhouse.

LCD Apple Posad

Today apartments for sale with a rough finish and turnkey finish are offered for sale. Such a choice makes it possible to organize the space at one’s own discretion, which is valuable for a huge number of buyers.

The windows of the apartments allow you to enjoy the picturesque view of the Volga River.

Entrance groups of houses have colorful decorations, and elevator corridors of the first tiers of buildings No. 12, 14 will be decorated with mosaic panels made in the style of "Apple Posad."

All objects of the residential complex are equipped with high-quality digital communications, thanks to which anyone can connect a telephone, television and the Internet.

Price policy

How much will the apartments in the Yablonev Posad residential complex (Yaroslavl) cost about?

The cost of "odnushka" area of ​​30 square meters. m reaches 1.5 million rubles. One bedroom apartment of 48 square meters. m is estimated at 2.2 million rubles. Three-room apartment of 75 square meters. m will cost about 3.4 million rubles.

Apartments in Yablonev Posad Yaroslavl

You can buy a house in Yablonev Posad not only for cash, but also on credit by applying for a mortgage in the following financial institutions: Sberbank, VTB-24, Bank of Moscow, Mosoblbank, Svyazbank, Uralsib, Raiffeisenbank, Rosbank, Rosinterentbank. In addition, an installment plan is offered to the client as an alternative to a mortgage.

Work management companies

Authoritative management companies are involved in solving all current problems, including management and maintenance processes, as well as organizational issues in the above housing complex. This is “House Service”, “Verkhnevolzhskaya Management Company”, “Alfa Group”.


From the point of view of infrastructure development, the Yablonev Posad residential complex favorably differs from its competitors. In the immediate vicinity of the object is a whole network of educational institutions for students. On the territory of the complex there are creative studios, circles and centers for the development of children. In addition, the Yablonev Posad residential complex is adjacent to a number of preschool institutions, and soon a kindergarten will appear on the territory of the residential complex.

Near the object there are several large supermarkets and shopping centers, including Pyaterochka, Magnit, Altair, Crystal, Salyut-plus.

On the territory of the "Apple Posad" there are playgrounds for children, for playing sports, as well as areas for games, including swings, carousels, pavilions.

LCD Apple Posad Yaroslavl

There are places where it is pleasant and beneficial for adults to spend leisure time. Near the residential complex are ideal places for walking: the embankment of the Volga River and Skobykinsky Grove.

It is very convenient to get from the city to the microdistrict and back. On Tutaevskoye Shosse and Leningradsky Prospekt, people can reach the center of Yaroslavl in just 20 minutes.


And yet, does it make sense to purchase housing in the "Apple Posad"? Opinions on this issue are generally positive. Many are impressed by the fact that the microdistrict is located in an environmentally friendly place, where it is green and there is no city noise. People are also satisfied with the quality of the housing offered. As a minus, potential buyers cite the fact that there are very few parking spaces on the territory of the complex. It is hoped that this problem will be resolved in the future.


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