Why do we need exercises with a weight of 16 kg

As practice has shown, kettlebell and is currently very popular. It is used as an aggravating projectile for pumping up muscles. Approximately a quarter of visitors to sports facilities use weights in their workouts. This figure is not so small, especially if you pay attention to a huge number of different simulators.

Exercises with a weight of 16 kg
One of the advantages that a set of exercises with a kettlebell has is the speed and effectiveness in building muscle mass. In addition, the athlete will develop endurance. Also, exercises with a weight strengthen the wrists and joints of the hands. In order to start training, you should choose a weight that is optimal for you by weight. In order not to get injured, you should not tear yourself. It is better to gradually increase the mass of the shell, starting with the smallest. In addition, before you begin to exercise, you should warm up well.

Exercises with a weight of 16 kg should be selected based on goals. To build muscle mass, it is necessary to gradually increase the weight of the projectile. But this does not mean that after a few classes with a sixteen-kilogram weight, you should immediately jump to a 24-kilogram shell. Do not increase the load so sharply, as injuries are possible. In order to reduce the likelihood of their occurrence, it is necessary to study the correct technique.

Kettlebell 16 kg
It is very important to breathe correctly during the exercise with a 16 kg kettlebell. Breathing can not only save strength, but also increase endurance. At the time when the projectile is raised, it is necessary to exhale air with power. When lowering, on the contrary, you need to take a breath. Such a scheme will help to lift weights.

Exercises with a weight of 16 kg should be performed according to a certain schedule. Classes must be held three times a week. Moreover, the implementation of training should begin a few hours before eating. In addition, if you prefer to train in the evenings, then begin to perform a set of exercises about two hours before bedtime.

All exercises with a weight of 16 kg should be divided into subgroups. Each subgroup must be completed on a specific day.

A set of exercises with a weight

For example, on Monday, you train your biceps, triceps, trapezius, neck and leg muscles. On Wednesday, oblique muscles of the abdomen and back should be trained, as well as legs and deltas. On Friday, you should pump the deltas, trapezoid and chest, as well as pump biceps, back and abs. This is a brief overview of how to approach exercises using 16 kg weights. Classes must be carried out in several approaches, each of which will have ten to twelve repetitions per arm.

If you approach this with all responsibility and will be engaged regularly, then the result will not be long in coming. In addition, if you have weights, then you can do it at home. But it must be borne in mind that without increasing weight, it will be very difficult to gain muscle mass. But with the right approach, good results can be achieved. Good luck in your studies!

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