How to make a do-it-yourself car for a doll

Barbie is the dream of many girls. For this girl’s favorite, you can buy a lot of accessories: cars, houses, furniture, items of clothing, etc. Loving parents can stop only one thing - their impressive price. Therefore, many of them begin to think about any acceptable solution. And then they decide to make these items with their own hands. Therefore, this material, in which we will consider how to make for a doll a car may be useful to parents.

how to make a car for a doll

List of required materials

Before starting work, it is better to check the availability of the necessary materials in advance. This list is not rare, everything can be found in home supplies. After all, it is important that the machine made by oneself does not turn out to be costly in time and price. So, you can not do without:

  • Shoe box (a pet will sit in it).
  • Thick cardboard.
  • Colored cardboard.
  • Colored paper (need pink and black).
  • Double-sided tape.
  • Glue.
  • Transparent plastic (a toy box is suitable for cutting a small piece).
  • Brilliant decorations (these will be the headlights).
  • Wooden skewers.

do-it-yourself car

Getting to the car

Having checked whether all the materials are in place, it is quite possible to proceed directly to the creation of puppet vehicles. We start by drawing a template for doorways. To prepare it, you should take into account the length of Barbie's legs: it reaches about eighteen centimeters.

The next step is to attach the template to the sides of the shoe box. Then you need to circle it. Having incised the sides along the contour horizontally, you need to bend the wings that turned out inward. This is the future seat mount. We take colored paper for gluing the box on all sides. In the place where the blank was made for seating, the paper must be cut to the corners, with all the necessary accuracy, bend into the box and glue it.

how to make a car out of the box for dolls

How to make a car for a doll

We take color and dense cardboard. We need them to cut circles. Their number should be equal to four, and the radius - three centimeters. Having done this, glue the cardboard together. You can guess that the wheels of our car are almost ready. Only the holes in them are missing. The latter can be done with a needle and then expanded with wooden skewers.

Do-it-yourself machine will be done soon. Next in line is the hood and trunk. We make them from color cardboard by cutting the same blanks. The stock of the order of one centimeter will allow you to easily paste cardboard to the skeleton of the machine. You need to remember about the cuts in the corners of these parts, they will allow them to bend well. We proceed to gluing the first part, the hood. We hope that it is quite clear how to make a car out of the box for the dolls.

After making holes in the bottom of the box, you need to insert skewers there. Similarly to the first part, glue the second (this is the trunk). Now you need colored paper for gluing the hood and trunk. A piece of plastic glued together and black cardboard will become the windshield of the machine.

We understand further how to make a car for a doll. Black cardboard will go for the manufacture of seats and bumpers. To make a seat, we move a thick cardboard closer to us. A strip of thick cardboard glued to the car, on which a black strip is glued, is our seat. Double-sided tape is needed to glue the top of the hood and windshield. Do not forget about the bumper, headlights, seat strips in black. After gluing the wheels and cutting the skewers, a small part should remain. This will allow the wheels to hold firmly and not fall off. A button, wire or black cardboard are the materials that make up the perfect steering wheel.

how to make a car for barbie dolls

Fire truck for barbie

Knowing how to make a car for a doll, you can complicate your work and work hard to make a real fire engine. The easiest way to make it will be to print a spread sheet and glue it in the right places.

If someone found it difficult to answer the question about how to make a car for barbie dolls, then he can be calm. Having put not so much effort and time, you can make yourself any accessory you like. Created together with the child, such a machine will give him double joy.


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