Round baths: design features, materials for construction and advantages

Lovers to take a steam bath today are increasingly choosing round-shaped baths. It should be noted that this form is not new at all. Since ancient times, it has been customary for many nations to make round baths that look like a barrel or in the shape of a dome.

round baths

What is a barrel bath?

Such types of paired are characterized not only by the method of steam formation, but also by the option of receiving directly the procedures. If in Finnish saunas and Russian baths dipping in cold water or dousing is used, then in the Japanese bathhouse ofuro rubbing with fabrics occurs. Naturally, times are changing, because in modern baths for washing, as a rule, they install a shower.

Features of the round baths

A round barrel bath has several important advantages:

  • The original design. Despite the fact that baths are most often built on the outskirts of the site, this attractive design will become its decoration.
  • Compact size.
  • To build such a bath is much cheaper, unlike the classic design.
  • The steam room heats up quickly. For half an hour, the room can warm up to 95 degrees Celsius.

round bath barrel

As a rule, the layout of such baths has a dressing room, a locker room, a washroom and a steam room itself. The improved version can have a cozy and spacious lounge, where there is a pool and even equipped terrace, which in warm weather also serves as a place to spend time.

Some owners build baths round so comfortable and spacious that they can even be used as guest houses. Of course, the cost of this project is much more than a simple design.

Design a bath barrel

If you want to make a bath-barrel project yourself, then you need to consider some factors:

  • High-quality waterproofing.
  • Good thermal insulation.
  • Effective ventilation system.
  • The device of the furnace (most often install cast-iron structures).
  • Drain system.
  • Ancillary equipment.
  • Lighting.

do-it-yourself round baths

Material for the bath

Regarding building materials, waterproof wood species are most often used. For the construction of a bath barrel, oak or aspen is perfect. These wood species do not contain tar and do not emit an unpleasant odor. Separately, mention should be made of cedar. The healing properties of this wood were known in antiquity. Round baths made of such material increase metabolic processes in the body, positively affect the musculoskeletal system.

Softwoods are also used as a building material, but here it must be taken into account that when heated, such wood releases toxins and carcinogens, since it contains heavy resins. For interior decoration, it is better to use aspen or linden.

round baths

Dome bath

This building is made in the form of a hemisphere, where in the middle is a round stove. Due to this, the steam goes up, then evenly settles on the dome and gradually descends down the center. Then it falls on the surface of the furnace and again goes up. Thus, the steam circulates all the time, forming a “donut”, the feelings from this movement of the steam are simply indescribable.

This design has the following advantages:

  • Steam does not completely fill the steam room, in contrast to the traditional design, when the steam must be dispersed with a broom.
  • Round baths are much warmer, which means that the healing effect is better.
  • Such a steam room cools much longer and requires much less wood for heating.
  • The constant movement of steam makes it possible to relax better.
  • Domes do not scatter lighting and heat radiation.
  • Natural air circulation creates a uniform temperature in the steam room.

round bath barrel

The design itself comes out light, so the creation of a powerful foundation is not required. Naturally, it is very difficult to build such round baths with your own hands, without much experience, but there are already finished products on the market that can be mounted independently, following the instructions.


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